The nadir of mind  

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There's a high tide of unrest
Sometimes I feel like a pest
Having lost all the bloody zest
For a life that was a fest

I flew where my heart took me
I lived by what it told me
Never thought it would fail me
And leave me like a film with no reel

Negativity pervades all my thoughts
rowing in my mind like a shadowy boat
Am in a prison of my own creation
where breaking free is out of question.

I know, only I can make it or break it.
Its time to stop my mind's spoilsport.
I can't go any deeper and drown
Its time to come into my own.

Depression is a state of mind where you see negativity all around. You will lose interest in everything and you try to keep to yourself. You will talk less and keeps on thinking. Mostly this thinking will be around the same things and you wont make any progress in that too. You will find it hard to sleep. You wont understand when others advice you to see the positive side. You will feel you are useless. You will think death is near. And, more than that you'll never know that you have such a problem.

Its not to make you sad that I told all this. I was just referring to a psychological disorder that can affect anybody. Am telling this because I've seen it happening real close to me. And, I tell you its one of the worst possible states that one can get into. Suddenly, you see one of the most positive persons ever talking negatively. It affects the person as well as those around him/her. The reason can be something as big as the death of someone close or it can be as trivial as work pressure. But, once it affects you, you are in for a really bad time. The only way you can help the patient is by constantly interacting with him. You should try to distract his mind by engaging him in other activities. Also, never stop talking. Proper care from those around the person can bring him back to normalcy. Its not the end of the world. There's always a better tomorrow.

Even if you are afflicted with a serious disease, you can remain cheerful if you have a positive mind. But this one first kills that positive mind itself. I pray with all my heart to God to never ever make anyone in this state. So, always stay positive. Never let a single negative thought into your mind. It can grow as big as to swallow you completely.

PS- I started to write this about an year back. Wrote the first 8 lines then. But wanted to end this positively. And I got those last 4 lines today.

Unrelated PS- Anyone going to the Fuel Great Indian Rock Fest morrow(Friday Nov 7) at Palace grounds, Bangalore? The Norwegian black metal bands Satyricon and Sahg are gonna rock the crowd along with prominent Indian bands like Slingshot, extinct refelections etc. Be there.


your crusader Praveen

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All of what is written here, is real! I know, both from having doses of it, at irregular intervals, :), and having been with people who are going through it!

Pertinent post, Praveen. Liked the way you went about it, the explanation, and the personal touch in the way one could handle it! Activity and interaction are the keys to coming out of depression!

10:54 PM

great one dude.. and a close up picture atlast.. good now

10:55 PM

Surprise!! You are TAGGED!!!

11:26 PM

A truly touching post..also because I myself have experienced such a situation in my I know how deadly it is.As u said let's pray that noone gets into this traumatic state of mind.

11:37 PM

I lost a close friend due to depression. He hung himself on the ceiling fan when he was working in Chennai. The pain still remains...

12:58 AM

You are tagged!:-D

2:51 AM

I used to have long bouts of it, but somehow not anymore. I've found my peace. :-D

Nice song in the beginning! :-)

6:21 AM

depression is really worse than any of the fatal diseases...
I have seen one of my friends in it..its hell...Negativity is at its brink...

niice post

6:41 AM

Good one dude...truly touching...

Was planning to attend GIR, but have to leave for Kerala today..darn!

10:51 AM

Greta post!

**I know, only I can make it or break it.

I believe in that too.

Depression is very real and can happen to any of us. My close friend Dan was suffering from it but no one knew. One day he surprised us all...he killed himself.

Awareness is imp. I think ur doing a great job here. I've written many posts on it in my 4yrs of Blogging.


10:57 AM

the verse is lovely..
n cheer up!!
i am not sayin to forget everything tht is depressing, but wat i have learned over the yrs is things are always anti. to sustain, u have to be stronger..

1:34 PM

Wow Praveen
U write luvly poems..tht farmer poetry was as amazing :)

My relative was diagnosed with depression. But hes in a better state tday…
I agree interaction helps a lot..

1:57 PM


T'was good!

10:38 PM

where did my comment go..and ishe thomman tagged you before!!you were tagged.

10:42 PM

hehe..everybody has small doses of it sometimes..:D
thnks 4 those nice words

close up;)...for a change

will take that up soon


thts a real shocker

will take the tag soon..:D..thomman also tagged me..
BTW, aa comment evdeyum was waiting to get approved

good to knwo tht u r at peace

yes..its the worst

too bad u missed the GIR..satyricon was awesome..though sahg was not tht good.

you'll know how bad it is only when it happens to someone close..and the thing u mentioned is real horrible.

hey, I was never depressed..I wrote this to let people know more about it..thts all..

good thing he's recovered now..
and thnks 4 the nice words:)


1:04 AM

**GREAT post

I mean! sorry abt the typos..I type in a hurry haha!

yes twas a horrible day for us..


10:49 AM


This is a very welll written post. I liked the poetic lines at the beginning! Especially, "I know, only I can make it or break it.
Its time to stop my mind's spoilsport.
I can't go any deeper and drown
Its time to come into my own."

I'm glad that you decided to end these lines on a positive note!

May the force be with you!



11:25 AM

nice posting..
loved those lines.

9:16 PM

Well said! This topic is very sensitive, and something I've experienced myself, although not in a major way.

After the board results, I was completely heart broken. Everything that happened in the world seemed wrong to me, all people were my enemies. That was a tough time to row through. But I think I managed, because of the support of my family, my very good friends, and most importantly, my blog and my very dear blogging friends.

Somewhere, I still felt needed, that my opinion mattered to some and that people still cared about my existence. The most important thing during this time is to have support, someone who would listen patiently, and who would take care.

Yes, even I hope, no one gets into this, and even if they do, they are able to cope with it fast. God bless them all. :)

9:18 PM

Thought provoking... True. Getting out of a depression is never easy.

Yes, it is always good to maintain a positive outlook. Hope was the only good thing that came out of Pandora's box and as I mentioned in one of my posts, "Hope is a good thing; may be not the best of things. But all good things never die."

Loved the poem and the title...


12:38 AM

Yes, Without the positive ending, thr's no purpose for this poem..If it had ended depressively, it wud've only served to make more ppl depressed...what they need is a ray of hope and a belief in oneself..


Its good that blogging helped you in such a big way in your personal life..Hope you'll stay happy for the rest of your life.

@Kartz fav line from the 'shawshank redemption'...thnks

2:46 AM

Depression is probably one of the worst things ever.
I've seen friends who have gone through it.. who have come out of it, some who haven't realized that it's depression and some who have gone into self destruction too..
not a good thing.. yes, interaction and even therapy helps.

1:12 PM

this onez such a honest post praveen! juz pulled me in :) n yes, indeed depression is one state of mind, that could be reverted, wi proper care...thou in some cases, medication gets to be necessary!

a truly honest honest concern juz shines in this one! touched, and loved the write up!

good goin :)

8:31 PM

yes, many ppl dont even realise its depression..

thnks for dropping in..

thnks 4 those words...really worth taking the pains to write this post..and thanks for dropping in

12:11 AM

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