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Arjun Singh and OBCingh
Yes, its now official. The central govt. has decided to implement the quotas in July 2007. And, for the 1st time all those dumb ass politicians had a single opinion on an issue. Even those who, at the back of their mind, may have wished to support the anti-reservationists didn't do so fearing a backlash in the elections. How I wished the politicians had shown the same unity in some developmental issue. This rarely seen unity points to another truly sad fact. There is not even a single politician in India who would stand by his ideologies and principles and who is brave enough to speak out what he thinks is right. They always see any issue with an eye on elections and votes.
This power hungry politics is clearly visible in men like Arjun Singh. When I saw his interview on CNN IBN last week, I felt like going out there and shoot him to hell. He was not answer convincingly the scorching queries Karan Thapar put forward. Whenever he was strangled with difficult questions, he kept on repeating, ‘‘its for the parliament to decide’’. It was as if he wanted to wash his hands clean after creating all these problems. And he came across as a person who doesn’t have much knowledge of what actually is happening with the present quota system. Whichever arguments or reports were against him were dismissed as hyped or cooked up stories aimed at tarnishing his image. He simply refused to see the other side of reservations, the ugly side which speaks of shattered dreams of meritorious students. His stand cannot be termed as adamant, as this word has a positive sense sometimes. His is the shameless opinion of a wronged politician who always wants to hang on to power at any cost and by any dirty means. He always wants the spotlight to be turned on him.

Now, coming to Nehru’s comments on reservation. In a letter dated 27th June 1961, addressed to the CMs of the states, Nehru says, ‘‘I dislike any kind of reservation. If we go in for any kind of reservations of communal and caste basis, we will swamp the bright and able people and remain second rate or third rate. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost. This way lies not only folly, but also disaster.’’ Though am not a big fan of Nehru’s brand of politics, I agree wholeheartedly to this comment. The Modern day[No No, India is still not a modern society according to Mr. Arjun OBCing] politicians should take a leaf out of Nehru’s book and come out strongly against this injustice. More than half the seats reserved to SC/STs in Delhi University and IITs are still vacant. And Arjun bhai doesn’t even know the percentage of OBCs in India. All he knows is that he will give them 27 percent reservation, even if there are not enough OBCs in India to make up that number. Also there were reports on how for a few 100 rupees, a forward caste person could become an OBC in a day. All this shows that quotas are a futile exercise being thrust upon us under the veil of words such as ‘Social justice’ and ‘oppression of a 100years’. This will only hurl India to underdevelopment and inefficiency.

Now coming to Kerala, my own beloved native state, the God’s own country. The so-called highly educated and enlightened people of Kerala were conspicuous by their silence. The Junior doctor’s association of Kerala refused to support the anti-reservationists. The students organisations, supposed to be champions of student’s cause, were also silent. These are the same guys who will hit the streets and destroy public property at the slightest provocation. The same guys who resorted to widespread protests against a minister(its another matter that the minister is kerala’s biggest sucker), after hearing the words of a lady(or is she a pro), who changes here opinions everyday along with her innerwear(Now don’t tell me she doesn’t change that). After all, what does a sex scandal got to do with a student organisation. Neither was the lady a student nor the culprit an education minister. The student organisations should raise their voice for issues that concern the students. If not, what is the meaning of campus politics. Maybe that’s why am still a neutral guy, not owing allegiance to any party, after 3 years in college.

The need of the hour in Kerala is an organisation on the lines of youth for equality. A Kerala chapter of the organisation would be a good idea. OK, the 1st member is here.....lets do it.....plz think abt it and tell your friends about it....such a highly educated society like ours should n’t keep quiet on this....SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.....
Also, could somebody tell me where are the livestrong arm bands manufactured. An anti reservation band or youth for equality band would be a good idea. They could make money and we could spread the message....readers plz respond and spread this message...LETS FIGHTTTT
with love, your crusader Praveen


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Some days back, one of my friends was asking, ''hey crusader, u still haven't commented about the quota issue thats raging on in the country''. Now am not gonna postpone it. Because, this is a time when the protests for and against reservation has reached its peak.

We've been having quotas since the time we got independence. And what was said then was that this system would be continued until the day when the backward classes are able to stand on par with the forward class. But even after 58 odd years, the condition have not changed much, although the percentage of quota has since gone up. Also, the backward class has since then expanded to include some more exotic classes. It is in this scenario that Arjun Singh decided to include OBCs too under reservation and deprive the forward class of the already decreasing number of seats. And what was in his mind was clear. This is a nice way to show his power in the UPA. Because, none of the other ministers or MPs would dare to make a public statement against reservation. They could do so only at their own peril. He's just following the footsteps of another Singh, V.P.Singh of 'Mandal' fame, in playing this petty vote bank politics. Arjun Singh wanted to divide India's youth based on caste. But barring a few who support these quotas, a large number of the OBCs themselves are against this.

Arjun Singh was happy that his calculations were going right, as none of the ministers protested against the quota proposal.But the youth of India were not to be kept quiet. Initially, the doctors and medical students from AIIMS started the protests. An organisation called 'Youth for Equality' led the protests. Most of them were peaceful. But the police resorted to violent means and beat them up. Thats what sparked widepread agitations against reservation. Students cutting across professions has joined this fight against injustice. There were many candle lit protests and India Gate marches. These kind of novel protests were seen first after the verdict in the Jessica Lal case. That was the time when a movie called 'Rang De Basanti' released and inspired a whole nation of cine-goers, especially the GenX. The catchphrase 'a generation awakens' has now really come true. This is the 1st time that such a large scale get together of youth have become a reality. Watching the images of this protests on TV, you can see close parallels with the movie. Movies inspiring changes in society is not a new thing. When Swades released, it did give rise to some sort of reverse brain drain on a small scale. I've read some mails in certain forums of Indians working abroad, expressing their wish to work for India. And some of them did return back to the motherland. This change in attitude is also seen in the IIM recruitments. There were so many fresh graduates who refused job offers from foreign companies instead prefering to work here. Some of them expressed their desire to join the IAS and there are many others working in the rural villages striving hard for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

Coming back to the subject, if this reservation policy is implemented, the total reservation will go upto 49.5 percent. And mind you this is going to be done in IITs and IIMs, which is meant to polish out India's best brains. These are the ones who are to contribute in taking the nation forward to the big league. If the reservation is going to be implemented, so many undeserving candidates would get into these premier institutions. Its for sure that they would struggle in this highly competitive environment. They would even find it hard to passout of the institution. The need of the hour is revamping the primary education system with prominence given to the backward classes. We should equip them to reach their dreams rather than put them into more hardships in the name of fulfilling their dream. If they are given special training from the lowest level, they will surely be able to compete with others. The new proposal by the government is to increase the number of seats in the institutions in proportion to the increase in quotas, so the forward classes are not affected. But, still the 49.5 percent is to be taken from this number, which is unfair. And, where is the infrastructure to support such an increase in number?What the Government should do is to scrap the whole reservation thing, which has not taken India anywhere and which surely will not, in the future.This is impractical, u may all argue. But any Government which has the courage to take such a decision would be guaranteed of getting all my votes until death. Its another matter that after taking such a decision, the next election would see the party being wiped out from the face of Indian politics.

Now, Rang De Basanti has inspired all these protests. Some students at Allahabad even performed last rites on Arjun Singh's effigy. The protestors being beaten up reminds me of the 'Khoon Chala' song. All this has happened. Now am waiting for one last thing from the movie to happen. I wonder what the consequences of the next few words would be. Hopefully , not something like what happened to Rockus. Beacuse what I want to see is the killing of the minister by the youngsters, happening in real life. After all this deal of being awakened by the movie, this is one thing that is remaining to happen. Not one, but all those suckers who betrayed the country and the countrymen should be given this ultimate punishment .....HAIL RDB.....DOWN WITH THE QUOTAS......LET ALL INDIANS JOIN TOGETHER IN THIS FIGHT

NB- Some of my comments on this post may appear irrational to the readers. Yes, u r right. This post was written at a time when emotions were ruling over rationality inside me. So, reader discretion is requested. But, I won't find fault with any reader, who in a small period of indiscretion decides to carryout one of the wishes i expressed in this post.....
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with love, your crusader Praveen


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The election results are out. Most of the results were on expected lines. And yes, my 1st vote has gone waste. Well, am not worried a bit. So lets look at what's special about the results this time around.

Kerala...The media is going gaga over the change that is sweeping all over the state. They are celebrating the change of guard in the state. But, actually i couldn't see any change. Its the same story repeating itself every 10 years. Beacuse, any wayside prophet worth his salt would know that, if it is LDF this time around, then it would be UDF next time. The most heartening news for me was the complete failure of DICK[yes..i prefer not to use tht bracket for K]. Muraleedharan's statement before the election that dick would decide the future of Kerala politics was given apt reply by the people of kerala. yes, DICK and Mr.K sucked big time. Then, another of the men i hated lost-Mr. Kunjalikutty...the man who's followers wrecked havoc at the karipur airport and replaced the national flag of our country with their stupid party flag. Now, its Achudanandhan all the way...the perennial fighter...the betrayed leader...the octagenarian loved by even small kids[the amazing sales of kids t shirts bearing his picture serves testimony to that]. Now, what remains to be seen is whether the red brigade lives upto the expectation of the people...yes, the same false hope we repeat every 5 years.

Tamilnadu...the land where one bag of rice or a punch dialogue from a superstar may win you an election. Sorry, this time around Television was the big winner. And the sun shone really bright over DMK and its allies. Jayalalithaa and her legion of sycophants are still puzzled that their rice program hasn't worked. Maybe, the voters thought that they could sell the TV and buy a tonne of rice if ever the need arises. For, the time being lets have some enteratinment. And it was fun watching JAYA TV today. After it became almost clear that, they were gonna lose, there came a shower of ads. Then there was news. Headlines were like...'Jaya wins by a whopping margin of 25000'....'Karunanidhi won only by a margin of 8000'....'AIDMK wins 8 seats in Chennai'...all this when the main news was DMK's amazing victory. Wonder what all they would show in the coming days. Then, Actor Napolean tasted defeat. I was surprised that an actor could lose an election in TN. oh, then I got the reason. He has done so many villain roles. And the people taught him a lesson for his villainy. Napolean sir, be careful next time u choose your roles. expected red army swept WB. Budhadheb Bhattacharya, the man who is changing the face of Bengal was the main factor. This is the Left front's seventh straight term at office. The previous victories, at the time of Jyoti basu, were marred with accusations of poll rigging and booth capture. But this time there are no such problems. Budhadeb's development oriented politics went well with the public. At the same time, he didn't forget about the agriculture sector. Thats the secret of his victory. Then there are 2 more ....Assam and Pondicherry. I don't have much knowledge of the politics there. So, am not goin into that.

Before I stop, lets go to Raibareilly. Sonia Gandhi won there by a record margin. What more can I say other than raising my middle finger at the lakhs of sycophants who voted for this bloody foreigner. 25 years down the line, u'll see Rahul Gandhi's son winning the election by a huge margin. The Indian voter's obsession with the members of the Nehru family will continue......who knows, the next winner from raebareilly could be sonia's dog.

with love, Your crusader Praveen
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