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Raising the bar i this true? this possible? am left shaking my head for the last many hours after watching what turned out to be one of the greatest matches ever in world cricket. First, it was the turn of the Australians under the marauding Ricky Ponting to surprise me. They became the first team to cross 400 and piled up 434 runs in 50 overs. And, this was too much for me, since I was waiting to see the Aussies being defeated. So i went out to watch a cultural fest. There, my friends were constantly giving me updates on the match using their mobiles. When the South Africans scored heavily in the initial overs, we thought it will all die out soon and they won't cross 350.

But that was just the start of a long line of surprises. Then I heard that the score is 200 in just 24 overs. they gonna reach 400. and after sometime 282 in 30 overs...well, this was enough 4 me...I just couldn't keep myself from watching this monumental match. And the program coming up at the cultural fest was the Fashion show. But the lure of cricket proved more powerful than watching a few pretty gals. A friend was asking..''hey, where are u going..U came here just 2 watch those gals''...I said..''let them go to hell..i just cannot miss this''....So I rushed to my bike and my adrenaline was pumping...enough 4 me to blaze through the night traffic. Now the speedometer is reading 105kmph..Hey thats a previous best was 100...well, today is day of i thought of craeting a personal record as well...and atlast, its homeee...

Now its 30 required of 18 balls with 3 wickets remaining...oh my goodness...Proteas is rockingg... then the 9th wicket fell in the last over with 2 runs required..But today the usually unlucky proteas were not gonna losee...this was thei day..Boucher made sure that there wouldn't be any more hiccups with a straight clean hit for 4. And the Wanderers stadium erupted with scenes of joy, of victory..tears were rolling down some of the people in the crowd...

The match saw the record of most number of sixes...something close to 25, i think. A special mention should be made of Ricky Ponting and Herschelle Gibbs for 2 of the best displays of attacking batsmanship ever. They were jointly awarded the man of the match. But, Ponting sportingly declined to receive it and said that Gibbs deserved it more. So, a fitting finale to the most exciting one day match ever.

So, now 438 is the benchmark score in one day cricket. During the early 90s, a score of 300 was a rarity. At the end of the 90s, 300 was not anymore a safe score for a team batting first. Now, its all changed. The influence of 20-20 cricket is there to see in the way one days and test matches(to an extent), are played nowadays....So its now time for the Indian batting powerhouses Sachin, Sehwag and Dhoni to have a go at this new target...maybe, one day 500 will become a gettable score....Until the, its Proteas all the way...
with love and disbelief, your crusader Praveen


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Hey....I got tagged again..Meenu is the culprit this time too. Well, this time its about the things i hate...So after giving it a fair amount of thought, I came up with a list...This one has all those usual suspects already mentioned by others plus my own personal favs...
so...cum on ..lets have a hate rideeeee

1. This one is obvious to reader's of this blog and those who know me...Mr.George W Bush- the killer machine. No need to mention the reasons for the reasons my hatred..If u specifically want a reason, chkout my previous posts.

2. Copycat Musicians....getting inspired is ok....but blatantly lifting a song and claiming as ones own is the worst thing to do...Thts wat ppl like Anu Malik, M. Jayachandran are good at.

3. All those corrupt politicians...No more comments...

4. Corrupt Judges of various Indian courts. These days most of the rulings of the court are favouring the culprits who have money power and muscle power.

5. Those people who don't really mean the words they speak.

6. Sitting alone and idle. I always like to be hanging out with friends. When am alone, my guitar and music system gives me company.

7. People who try to raise communal spirits and cause fights in the world...

8. Communists of India, who hamper development and give the good old idea of communism a bad name.

9. Life without Music, guitar and computer.

10. Campus politics. What is needed is a common union of all students, not owing allegiance to any political party.

11. Sitting all the 6 hours a day at colllege. I have a tendency to bunk atleast 2 hours a day. This can go upto 5 or 6 on some particular days....especially on Fridays

12. and last but not the least...Getting tagged by Meenu...he heee just kiddingg...

now my job is to find some other ppl to tag...Meenu has already cut 2 names from my here's the rest
Venkata Narayanan

With lotz of hate, your crusader Praveen


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Today is one of the darkest days in the history of free India. The day when George.W.Bush, the ultimate killing machine sets foot on the Indian soil. And our respected Prime Minister himself, is going to receive this war criminal at the airport. What more ignominy can come to our beloved India.

The last few weeks saw the Indian government submitting meekly to the whims and fancies of the US. The IAEA vote against Iran is a case in point. The US ambassador Mulfords's statements had threatening overtones. He even reprimanded Budhadev Dasgupta. Even after such unforgivable and preposterous behaviour, the Indian govt din't care to send him packing to US. And now the gang leader himself is coming to give his servant some company.

When is the Indian govt gonna understand that the US has never been a reliable ally for 3rd world countries...whenever it has shown signs of some alliance with 3rd world countries, its for their own gains. And the US have ditched these countries after using them for their gains. Sometimes, they have even attacked these countries. What happened with Iraq is an example. They supplied Saddam with all the arms and made him go to war. Now they are trailing him for committing war crimes. Also, its not a secret that Bin Laden was close to the Bush family. Now he's their enemy no.1. So, that day maynot be far away when the US is up in arms against India.

So, shortly , the message to Bush is here...The Indian govt may roll out the red carpet for U.. but for the people of India and true lovers of the country U are the most unwelcome man. BUSH...U R A CRIMINAL...GET OUT OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY....WE ARE PRAYING FOR THE AIRFORCE 1 TO CRASH AT SOME UNKNOWN FOREST OUTSIDE OUR COUNTRY...WE DON'T WANT EVEN YOUR DEAD BODY IN OUR HOLY LAND...U FILTHY WAR CRIMINAL.... no....i don't want to put the rest in this blog......*****************

chkout my anti bush and anti war 1st post in this blog...
What do u think...plz comment...
also chkout y is bush stupid
your crusader, Praveen