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Today is one of the darkest days in the history of free India. The day when George.W.Bush, the ultimate killing machine sets foot on the Indian soil. And our respected Prime Minister himself, is going to receive this war criminal at the airport. What more ignominy can come to our beloved India.

The last few weeks saw the Indian government submitting meekly to the whims and fancies of the US. The IAEA vote against Iran is a case in point. The US ambassador Mulfords's statements had threatening overtones. He even reprimanded Budhadev Dasgupta. Even after such unforgivable and preposterous behaviour, the Indian govt din't care to send him packing to US. And now the gang leader himself is coming to give his servant some company.

When is the Indian govt gonna understand that the US has never been a reliable ally for 3rd world countries...whenever it has shown signs of some alliance with 3rd world countries, its for their own gains. And the US have ditched these countries after using them for their gains. Sometimes, they have even attacked these countries. What happened with Iraq is an example. They supplied Saddam with all the arms and made him go to war. Now they are trailing him for committing war crimes. Also, its not a secret that Bin Laden was close to the Bush family. Now he's their enemy no.1. So, that day maynot be far away when the US is up in arms against India.

So, shortly , the message to Bush is here...The Indian govt may roll out the red carpet for U.. but for the people of India and true lovers of the country U are the most unwelcome man. BUSH...U R A CRIMINAL...GET OUT OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY....WE ARE PRAYING FOR THE AIRFORCE 1 TO CRASH AT SOME UNKNOWN FOREST OUTSIDE OUR COUNTRY...WE DON'T WANT EVEN YOUR DEAD BODY IN OUR HOLY LAND...U FILTHY WAR CRIMINAL.... no....i don't want to put the rest in this blog......*****************

chkout my anti bush and anti war 1st post in this blog...
What do u think...plz comment...
also chkout y is bush stupid
your crusader, Praveen

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The I Love Bush poem was much better:)

5:23 AM

There are several ppl who agree with you...infact every Indian I know agrees with you, including me. Why then do we have polls that say that Bush is our friend. I read this via Google.

11:26 PM

You know what? I agree with his views abt outsourcing of jobs. Being an economist I get why he would support outsourcing. I mean, any layperson could get that. If you have a comparative advantage in something you export it, and if you have a disadvantage in it you import. Labor is cheaper in India, make use of it. Inadvertently, they are improving our standard of living. When the cost of labor becomes the same as that in the USA, then maybe they'll target yet another labor intensive nation to get their dirty work done.

It's weird that they can be so two-faced abt things. I know someone who is a staunch Bush-supporter, who gets mad when he calls any company for tech-support and gets an Indian. He does NOT like the fact that 'American' jobs are going to Indians. Let it be known that some Americans who've answered my calls have the 'African-American' accent, and believe me it is HARD to understand them. Getting back to this guy, he wants all the perks that Bush applies to the richer section of the USA(obviously he's one of this sect), but does not want outsourcing. I think if Kerry had come into power, that would have been more detrimental for India. The war in Iraq might have been avoided, but oh well! there are +ves and -ves to every regime. This one is more targeted toward monetary issues, cos when push comes to shove, oil is considered black gold for a reason.

3:53 AM

@ sushma
well...on the outsourcing front, i agree with u..Bush is more gud 4 India than Kerry...and i don't think the cost of labour here in India will ever reach the level in USA..So,outsouring jobs to India will always be there, unless the next regime decides against it...

so...u r an economist?
whr r u working.

11:15 AM

Well I have a Bachelors and 2 Masters degrees in Economics. I'm not working. I'm still in the process of getting my third degree. Hence my calling myself an economist.

11:08 PM

Welcome to the Dark Ages, ladies and gentlemen, when men are men and women are....stoned for revealing their ankles, flogged for educating themselves and publicaly whipped for leaving their house without a male escort. Sounds like a bad Monty Python skit? And when someone like Bush tries to kick their as* the so called jackas*es come to spitt venom.

Oops, did we fail to mention the destruction of statues of Buddha from the 3rd Century - "Because God is one God and these statues are there to be worshipped and that is wrong" according to the Taliban's Head Whacko, Mullah Omar (who, strange enough, possesses an uncanny resemblance to 'Meathead' of TV's "All in the Family"). Yeah, right, there hasn't been a Buddhist in Afghanistan for 1200 years. Nice try though.

According to reports from Afghani soldiers, they shot the Buddha in the groin first. Such class, Mullah! Was that another interpretation of Islam or just perverse case of penis envy? How whacked can you be?

Dont you guys remember when Indian airlines flight was highjacked it was the taliban who aided those terorist by not allowing India to land anti terrorist squad.

10:09 AM

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