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Hey....I got tagged again..Meenu is the culprit this time too. Well, this time its about the things i hate...So after giving it a fair amount of thought, I came up with a list...This one has all those usual suspects already mentioned by others plus my own personal favs...
so...cum on ..lets have a hate rideeeee

1. This one is obvious to reader's of this blog and those who know me...Mr.George W Bush- the killer machine. No need to mention the reasons for the reasons my hatred..If u specifically want a reason, chkout my previous posts.

2. Copycat Musicians....getting inspired is ok....but blatantly lifting a song and claiming as ones own is the worst thing to do...Thts wat ppl like Anu Malik, M. Jayachandran are good at.

3. All those corrupt politicians...No more comments...

4. Corrupt Judges of various Indian courts. These days most of the rulings of the court are favouring the culprits who have money power and muscle power.

5. Those people who don't really mean the words they speak.

6. Sitting alone and idle. I always like to be hanging out with friends. When am alone, my guitar and music system gives me company.

7. People who try to raise communal spirits and cause fights in the world...

8. Communists of India, who hamper development and give the good old idea of communism a bad name.

9. Life without Music, guitar and computer.

10. Campus politics. What is needed is a common union of all students, not owing allegiance to any political party.

11. Sitting all the 6 hours a day at colllege. I have a tendency to bunk atleast 2 hours a day. This can go upto 5 or 6 on some particular days....especially on Fridays

12. and last but not the least...Getting tagged by Meenu...he heee just kiddingg...

now my job is to find some other ppl to tag...Meenu has already cut 2 names from my here's the rest
Venkata Narayanan

With lotz of hate, your crusader Praveen

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