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Pappu, me , jk with the tickets

Last week can be termed as one of the most rocking one of my life..After having two days of pure fun at NIT Calicut's Raagam '07, we headed straight to Banglore to watch the concert of our watch the uncrowned kings of heavy metal in action.. to watch none other than IRON MAIDEN... It was a sort of get together of the who's who of the Trivandrum headbangers club.. let me compile a list of the metalheads from TVM who attended the show.. first of all, the 'Rage' band..Nithin chettan, mithun chettan, abi chettan, pramod chettan...then, Raja, Nikhil, JK, Pappu and Kishore chettan from K.OS...Govindan chettan from old 'transmigration', Vivek, Chippu and Alex from 'Soulburn', metal fans bhasi chettan, sono chettan, subin chettan, Rohan, sreejith and finally rohith and me representing 'Stoneage'..
take a look at the lighting equipments

with the superfans from Germany

Me and k.os guys set out to the palace grounds at morning 10am itself. Even the autorickshaw drivers in banglore seemed to know 'iron maiden' and they easily recognised that we were heading to the concert venue. As we reached there, lots of young guys and gals were already pouring in. The site of IRON MAIDEN LIVE on the arch leading to the ground really pumped up my spirits. We walked in and was greeted by the awesome sight of a sea of black shirts outside the grounds and most of the shirts had the words 'iron maiden' written on it. Some weirdo guys and gals with equally weird haircuts and dressups were roaming around there. Many of them carried beer cans. As expected, some were busy smoking the 'stuff'. It was only 11am now. The gates won't open in another 4 hours. And the guys who were having our tickets were still to arrive. We sat around there savouring the multi cultural, multi lingual but still united rock crowd who had gathered there. Am sure there were atleast a dozen people representing each state in India.

As we sat around there munching some water melon, a van carrying police men passed by. And the agressive crowd raised up their middle finger in unison and sang some slogans which cannot be written here. Already, big queues were gathering in front of both the 900rs and 1500rs entry points. Atlast at 2, all the guys arrived. We posed for pics holding the tickets in our hands. Then, we queued up for the final push to the stadium. The impatient crowd were banging on the metal panels and chanting 'maiden , maiden'...and finally the gates opened at 2 30 pm...The ticket guy checked our tickets and was collecting it back. I was not ready to part with that prized possession. I showed it to him and ran away with it. I could hear him calling from my back but i dint turn back. We all ran straight to the front. And all of us went mad because we were so close to the stage. The first 30 minutes were really mad as lots of pushing and swearing were happening. We were struck by the sheer elegance of the stage. The number of lighting equipments dangling from the top were just mind blowing. After many rounds of slogan shouting, the crowd settled down. As we roamed around there, we met 3 superfans of maiden from Germany. They had the SPF[Superfan] badges and lots of Maiden stuff on their dresses. According to them, there are only 40 people all around the world with this special pass. These people follow the band wherever they go. We spend sometime talking with them. As we walked around, we could see smoke enveloping the whole stadium. Cigarettes and the 'other stuff' were being smoked freely all around.

The proceedings started around 5 30 pm with this year's campus rock idol winners F**k The Name[FTN] taking the centrestage. And the poor guys were not given the full output, which was preserved to be unleashed during the maiden show. So, inspite of being really good, they were booed down. Lots of F words were heard from all around. This day would rank as the one in which i heard the maxmum number of F words. After FTN, Parikrama came on stage. Their popularity out here was guaged by the loud cheers that greeted them. They played 8 of their original songs of which my favorite was 'but it rained'. The violinist and the lead guitarist stole the show. The vocalist made some unnecessary remarks at the end which were really in bad taste. He used the F word to describe the critics of the band. That was going a little too far. Then, it was time for Lauren Harris, daughter of Steve Harris, and her girl band to perform. Less said about the show, the better. Barring the old spirited lady behind the drums, it was a load of crap, the biggest crap being the Zakk wylde imitating guitarist.

OK, now enough is enough..sorry to all the maiden fans out here for boring you with such a long intro. The Edd Fest '07 really started at 10 minutes past 8 'O' Clock. There was no warning. There was this rumour going over many months that the show is scheduled at 12 am. So we never expected this to happen so fast. All through the opening shows of FTN, Parikrama and Lauren, we were looking behind the stage to catch a glimpse of the maiden guys and we were successful a couple of times. We were waiting impatiently for their arrival on stage..And they did arrive! Like an unannounced storm, they came on stage sending the whole crowd into frenzy. All of us were still screaming out of disbelief. The thought that am watching Iron Maiden in flesh and blood, right before my eyes, sent a chill down my spines. Dickinson was in full form as he sang 'Different world' from the new album ''A matter of life and death''. The album artwork that was dispalyed in the background was awesome. The lighting was innovative. Next up, they played some more songs from the new album..'Brighter than a thousand suns', 'For the greater good of god', ''these colours don't run'' and 'the reincarnation of benjamin breeg'. Nicko McBrain was thumping behind the mammoth drumkit and he could be seen only from the screen. The rest of them were their energetic self, setting the stage ablaze. Bruce Dickinson's voice was still the old air raid siren sound, with no evident changes. Seems like guitarists never age..All of them, Janick Gers, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray looked less than 30 years of age. But truth is that the band itself is more than 30 years old.

More surprises were in store for us. The biggest of them came during the song ''Iron Maiden''. We saw something rising up from behind the stage. Oh god..It was a full scale model of a military tank. First, it was side view. Then it turned with the big barrel facing the audience. The whole stadium roared. Then came the song ''evil that men do''. This time, it was eddy himself, who surprised us. The mammoth eddy walked in and probed the audience with a binocular. After some spirited calls of ''scream for me banglore'' from Bruce, came the icing on the Maiden cake. ''Hallowed be thy name''. I felt the song was being played from a CD player. That was the perfection with which they reproduced it on stage. For that matter, they played almost all songs like that. And, almost everyone was singing along that Bruce's voice was drowned. This song was the signal that the concert was coming to an end. Bruce was so impressed by the crowd, who sang almost every song with him, that he said the following words..''You've waited 17 years for Maiden, but u don't have to wait even 17 months for the next one''.. So, another Indian concert is on the cards soon. At the end, they all turned their back to the audience for a snap with us in the background. Am sure that will rank alongside some of the other iconic Iron Maiden posters. They threw down drum sticks, wrist bands and guitar picks down into the audience. Though we were all standing in the front row, none among us were fortunate enough to get a piece of the memorabilia.
Eddie arrives

Goodbye Banglore

We didn't know what hit us. And before we could find out, it was all over. We didn't want it to end so fast. But it was all over by the time we realised its Maiden playing in front of us. Now, that is Maiden magic for you. Its not for nothing that they been ruling the Metal Kingdom for the past 30 years... The audience kept on chanting 'Maiden, Maiden'. Most of us were relucatant to leave even after Maiden left. We hung around near the stage trying to catch a glimpse of the Maiden guys and all we got to see were the sound guys. They were all really fast in dismantling the huge amount of concert equipment that they had set up there on stage. Atlast, the policemen drew us away. As we walked back, we were still shaking our head. Now, as I write this, almost one week after the show, am still shaking my head. Am wondering when will it all sink in..the truth that I watched Iron Maiden live...up flesh and blood..from the front row..... Until then, its 'MAIDEN MAIDEN'....chant alongggg...all u members of the Maiden army...

for the complete photo album checkout...

your crusader Praveen


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THE WHORE POST...reloaded...

After my last post about Mataji Nirmala devi showing disrespect to our national flag, i received many mails from certain believers that the pictures are fabricated and that I have no right to say such words against a blessed spiritual leader. They even bombarded my mailbox with un utterable insults. For them, here is the proof... right from the bloody mouth of the offender...rather one of her followers... Nirmala Devi's Sahaja Yoga has offically apologised for showing disrespect to the national flag, in an email addressed to asian news international. Here are the important parts of the email..

"Possibly, at an Independence Day function held abroad, some foreigner Sahaja Yogi brought our (National) Flag and without meaning any disrespect, kept it on the ground. The flag was respectfully removed immediately on being noticed.Shri Mataji NirmalaDevi asks us all to respect National Flags of all countries. This unintended but the serious mistake is greatly regretted. Not even the slightest disrespect to our National Flag will ever be tolerated. To all those whose feelings have been hurt by this wholly unintended and unfortunate error, we express the assurance that we fully share their anguish and we extend our deeply felt and sincerest regrets and unqualified apologies," stated Rajendra Kumar, a Trustee.

what a believable story!!! if at all this is right, then how come in the 2 pictures that i posted, the national flag is at 2 different positions in the floor...1st time a little away from her feet..and then 2nd time, wrapping her feet!! If they had removed it as soon as the so called 'ignorant' foreigner placed the flag at her feet, how could the flag occupy 2 positions on the floor...maybe, its also part of the rare gift that she possesses...
anyway, this apology is nothing more than a damage control excercise from the part of the sahajayoga trust after severe bakclash in the form of forwarded mesages and pictures... But i dont think they will succeed in that. Maybe, their blind followers will believe this cooked up story. Or guys like mr.anonymous, who commented in strong language in response to my last post...morrow, i maybe again bombarded with insult messages... but , i just dont care...the only sad thing is that there r still people who believe in such all those people, i dedicate these twin posts..kill the whore...and...the whore reloaded....

your crusader Praveen


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Kill this spiritual whore!!!

Sorry for the really disgusting title. But I couldn't help it after watching this pics forwarded to me by a friend. This lady's name is Mataji Nirmala Devi, well known spiritual leader and founder of Sahajayoga. Here is a lady who calls herself a spiritual leader showering blessings on our national flag, WITH HER FEET. Somebody please give me an axe. Let me cut off her legs. Her followers think that by doing so, she'll bring prosperity to our country. Pity on these blind men too. Her followers should be punished first for allowing such a thing to take place. The images of our national flag lying on a lady's feet really made me mad. Ours is a country which hasn't bowed even to the mighty british queen and what we see here is a group of men surrendering our country's pride on a lady's feet. Moreover, she's no normal lady, she's a whore, albeit of the spiritual kind.

Am a person who doesn't respect godmen or women. Thats why, I always use the F word whenever I mention the name of men like Sai baba. My mind cannot accept a living man or woman as God. I always visualises the face of a criminal whenever I see the saffron robes of these swamis and swaminis. But there are exceptions, I agree. God is an imaginary concept which helps us to lead our life along a rightful path. So, when people call some men who performs certain magic tricks as God, I find it absurd. In the last decade or so, the obsession with living gods is on the rise in India. Recently, I saw shocking visuals of a Swami blessing a new born child. And what a way to bless!! The guy was standing on top of the poor child,which was lying on the ground. The uneducated parents were rejoicing because their child got blessings from the 'blessed' soul. The child was later admitted to a hospital. If u think these kind of blind faith is because of illiteracy in the rural areas, then u got it wrong. The urban elite are also devotees of some of these 'living gods' .
Now, back to the topic. After watching those pics, I searched the net to know a little more about this lady. She was a youth leader in India's sturggle for independence. I respect her for that. But that doesn't give her the license to wrap her feet with our national flag. No soul ,living or dead, has the right to do that,not even our own father of the nation. Lets have a look at some of the 'facts' as given in her homepage..

1. ''Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - the revered Mother who was born with her complete Self Realization and knew from a very young age that she had a unique gift which had to be made available to all mankind.''

My comment- oh..she got a unique gift, which she wants to share with 'man' kind. Now, u might have understood why i called her a whore..

2.''Shri Mataji was born with a complete understanding of the human nervous system and its energetic counterparts. ''

My comment-hmm...great...what kind of a child is that...we've heard of children born with silver spoon in their mouth. I guess she drew the diagram of the nervous ssystem when she was just 1 month old.

3.''Shortly before India achieved independence she married Sir. C.P. Srivastava, one of India's most dedicated civil servant officers, who was knighted by the Queen of England. In India it is believed that the wife brings luck to her husband - this is most certainly the case for Sir. C.P. Srivastava. He rose in government ranks very quickly though he was an absolutely honest person.''

My comment- So, indirectly they r conveying that being honest prevents u from rising up the ranks..well, that is somewhat true. But how did this guy rise up the order....oh, forgot that our lady has got a unique gift.

4.''She was also aware of the problems encountered by the earlier spiritual personalities who came on this earth like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and others when they prophesized the truth directly to the people.''

My comment- Look, whom all she compares herself with!!

5. ''As she was pondering on the many faceted problems confronting human beings, on the 5th of May, 1970, on a lonely beach of Nargol (about 150 km from Mumbai) a divine spiritual experience filled her whole being and suddenly she found an answer to her question. She discovered a historical process of en-masse Self Realisation through which thousands of people could get this connection to their Spirit and thereby their inner transformation.''

No comments..Just laughing like hell here....

6. '' Shri Mataji made this experiment of awakening the spiritual power of every human being, named the Kundalini, and was amazed at the results. She tried it first on people near to her and noticed they were transformed physically, mentally and spiritually. Slowly she found out that only this process had the potential solution for all human problems''

My Comment- this is nothing more than mere hypnoticism.

Ok..enough of her 'facts'. As i searched more, I came across another collection of real facts. Its from a group of people called skeptics, who oppose Mata Nirmala. A few notable facts from that site...

''Some years back she had visited Tivandrum, the capital of Kerala for propagating her Sahaja Yoga and at the press conference she tried to work on the Kundalini of the journalists. She gave them some hypnotic suggestions and exercise to lead them to hypnosis for them to experience the awakening of Kundalini. The journalists complained that they did not experience anything. Then she came near to each one of them and moved her fingers on their body questioning whether they were not experiencing the crawling sensation through their spine climbing up to the head. They replied that they felt nothing except the sexual urge as she was playing on their erotic zones. She had to cancel her programmes in Kerala and leave immediately.
Though earlier she had claimed that her Yoga works enmasse and spontaneously she contradicts it by saying it can work only on genuine seekers. Skeptics are genuine seekers after truth but her Yoga works only on people who have unquestioning faith in her.

She says that Kundalini exists only in human beings! Sexual energy is there in every living organism for the purpose of procreation. The conclusion that it exists only in human beings is because only human beings can be hypnotised. To give suggestions to lead a person to self hypnosis, language is necessary and language is monopoly of human beings.''

So, this sums up the real story behind this woman...and i guess it fully justifies my title too.. Now, we gotta act against this lady. By touching the flag with her filthy feet, she was slamming her foot on each one of our faces. Would u just turn and walk away after being subjected to such a disgrace? We've to spread these pictures as far and wide as possible and let the authorities know about this. Am sure there will be her devotees among them too. But, we gotta do this. She should be shot dead for such an offense. Also, all activities of her organisation should be brought to a grinding halt. We've to act up because our nation's pride is at stake...
come on Indians..Dikhado..
spread these pics to all u know...hope one day these pics reach the right hands, which r capable of taking some action....hoping 4 tht...

with anger,
your crusader Praveen