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The election results are out. Most of the results were on expected lines. And yes, my 1st vote has gone waste. Well, am not worried a bit. So lets look at what's special about the results this time around.

Kerala...The media is going gaga over the change that is sweeping all over the state. They are celebrating the change of guard in the state. But, actually i couldn't see any change. Its the same story repeating itself every 10 years. Beacuse, any wayside prophet worth his salt would know that, if it is LDF this time around, then it would be UDF next time. The most heartening news for me was the complete failure of DICK[yes..i prefer not to use tht bracket for K]. Muraleedharan's statement before the election that dick would decide the future of Kerala politics was given apt reply by the people of kerala. yes, DICK and Mr.K sucked big time. Then, another of the men i hated lost-Mr. Kunjalikutty...the man who's followers wrecked havoc at the karipur airport and replaced the national flag of our country with their stupid party flag. Now, its Achudanandhan all the way...the perennial fighter...the betrayed leader...the octagenarian loved by even small kids[the amazing sales of kids t shirts bearing his picture serves testimony to that]. Now, what remains to be seen is whether the red brigade lives upto the expectation of the people...yes, the same false hope we repeat every 5 years.

Tamilnadu...the land where one bag of rice or a punch dialogue from a superstar may win you an election. Sorry, this time around Television was the big winner. And the sun shone really bright over DMK and its allies. Jayalalithaa and her legion of sycophants are still puzzled that their rice program hasn't worked. Maybe, the voters thought that they could sell the TV and buy a tonne of rice if ever the need arises. For, the time being lets have some enteratinment. And it was fun watching JAYA TV today. After it became almost clear that, they were gonna lose, there came a shower of ads. Then there was news. Headlines were like...'Jaya wins by a whopping margin of 25000'....'Karunanidhi won only by a margin of 8000'....'AIDMK wins 8 seats in Chennai'...all this when the main news was DMK's amazing victory. Wonder what all they would show in the coming days. Then, Actor Napolean tasted defeat. I was surprised that an actor could lose an election in TN. oh, then I got the reason. He has done so many villain roles. And the people taught him a lesson for his villainy. Napolean sir, be careful next time u choose your roles. expected red army swept WB. Budhadheb Bhattacharya, the man who is changing the face of Bengal was the main factor. This is the Left front's seventh straight term at office. The previous victories, at the time of Jyoti basu, were marred with accusations of poll rigging and booth capture. But this time there are no such problems. Budhadeb's development oriented politics went well with the public. At the same time, he didn't forget about the agriculture sector. Thats the secret of his victory. Then there are 2 more ....Assam and Pondicherry. I don't have much knowledge of the politics there. So, am not goin into that.

Before I stop, lets go to Raibareilly. Sonia Gandhi won there by a record margin. What more can I say other than raising my middle finger at the lakhs of sycophants who voted for this bloody foreigner. 25 years down the line, u'll see Rahul Gandhi's son winning the election by a huge margin. The Indian voter's obsession with the members of the Nehru family will continue......who knows, the next winner from raebareilly could be sonia's dog.

with love, Your crusader Praveen
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i agree with u bout the situation in kerala. politicians suck anyhow. but think twice about sonia's victory. just do a lil homework to see if she tended to the peoples needs there r not.

1:42 AM

I raise my middle finger to the rai bareilly thing and another finger for the bloody marxists...

11:39 PM

Keralam. The choice was wisely taken.
Before the polls took place, the united front had a slight hope that they will make it into this time, though the margin wud be around 75. But instead, the setback was really great, the bigwigs suffering the most.

It was VS who steered the LDF straight to victory. If he had been left out, the plight would have been worse for the left front. There is a hope, atleast I do have, in VS, that he will NOT be a typical leader. If he gets a chance to the royal throne and completes five years there, mark my words, the conventions would be shattered next time keralam goes to the booths.

The socially unaware suckers can raise their fingers and accept the chains that still havent left us. Remember, politics is for you. You have to be in it, else it will suck you in. The latter would be a pathetic choice. Take the blue pill and try to be a li'l bit conscious about politics and social life around you.
[Hey, am I writing another blog entry here? Anyways, really nice blog pravin, I had read this earlier but never knew you ran this, hats off to you, Pravin, keep writing. btw, dont feel bad abt your 1st vote, better luck next time ;)]

1:29 AM

yup, expected lines it were. the exit polls were "more" than almost right.

i prefer not to use the bracket for DICK too. K SUCKs!!! & M too.
i was darn sure Kunjali wud nt get thru coz of all d stuff he'd done. just hate his voice. purr.

PoliTicks in TN is absurd. or shud i say, d politicks as it's happening in india on d whole wid all it's exceptions is moronically absurd.
Parties get formed like crazy, factions separate out. form newer ones. moult & remoult. crappy all d way!

still diggin at d nehru grave. he hee. luv'd foto you gave me. in a sense, this is hierarchal politicks at its worst.

... rahul's son ...hmm
& ...sonia's dog. LOL.

anyways, luv'd ya post, praveen!

11:27 PM

Now, its Achudanandhan all the way...the perennial fighter...the ""betrayed"" leader... THIS IS WHAT U HAVE WRITTEN IN UR POST.I WANT YOU TO CORRECT THE STATEMENT.[THE WORD].

Regards Prasanth.

and also i would like to advice u one thinh that u maynot like, i probabl think so..Blogs are highly explosive..Handle with care..please Make sure that opening ur heart full, disclosing ur true felings maynt harm you..There are real life experiences i have read abt i am saying.Take this advice i the manner u like...
byee Crusader...

"stylish in ur writtings, and
feelings emerge while
reading that"


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