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Arjun Singh and OBCingh
Yes, its now official. The central govt. has decided to implement the quotas in July 2007. And, for the 1st time all those dumb ass politicians had a single opinion on an issue. Even those who, at the back of their mind, may have wished to support the anti-reservationists didn't do so fearing a backlash in the elections. How I wished the politicians had shown the same unity in some developmental issue. This rarely seen unity points to another truly sad fact. There is not even a single politician in India who would stand by his ideologies and principles and who is brave enough to speak out what he thinks is right. They always see any issue with an eye on elections and votes.
This power hungry politics is clearly visible in men like Arjun Singh. When I saw his interview on CNN IBN last week, I felt like going out there and shoot him to hell. He was not answer convincingly the scorching queries Karan Thapar put forward. Whenever he was strangled with difficult questions, he kept on repeating, ‘‘its for the parliament to decide’’. It was as if he wanted to wash his hands clean after creating all these problems. And he came across as a person who doesn’t have much knowledge of what actually is happening with the present quota system. Whichever arguments or reports were against him were dismissed as hyped or cooked up stories aimed at tarnishing his image. He simply refused to see the other side of reservations, the ugly side which speaks of shattered dreams of meritorious students. His stand cannot be termed as adamant, as this word has a positive sense sometimes. His is the shameless opinion of a wronged politician who always wants to hang on to power at any cost and by any dirty means. He always wants the spotlight to be turned on him.

Now, coming to Nehru’s comments on reservation. In a letter dated 27th June 1961, addressed to the CMs of the states, Nehru says, ‘‘I dislike any kind of reservation. If we go in for any kind of reservations of communal and caste basis, we will swamp the bright and able people and remain second rate or third rate. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost. This way lies not only folly, but also disaster.’’ Though am not a big fan of Nehru’s brand of politics, I agree wholeheartedly to this comment. The Modern day[No No, India is still not a modern society according to Mr. Arjun OBCing] politicians should take a leaf out of Nehru’s book and come out strongly against this injustice. More than half the seats reserved to SC/STs in Delhi University and IITs are still vacant. And Arjun bhai doesn’t even know the percentage of OBCs in India. All he knows is that he will give them 27 percent reservation, even if there are not enough OBCs in India to make up that number. Also there were reports on how for a few 100 rupees, a forward caste person could become an OBC in a day. All this shows that quotas are a futile exercise being thrust upon us under the veil of words such as ‘Social justice’ and ‘oppression of a 100years’. This will only hurl India to underdevelopment and inefficiency.

Now coming to Kerala, my own beloved native state, the God’s own country. The so-called highly educated and enlightened people of Kerala were conspicuous by their silence. The Junior doctor’s association of Kerala refused to support the anti-reservationists. The students organisations, supposed to be champions of student’s cause, were also silent. These are the same guys who will hit the streets and destroy public property at the slightest provocation. The same guys who resorted to widespread protests against a minister(its another matter that the minister is kerala’s biggest sucker), after hearing the words of a lady(or is she a pro), who changes here opinions everyday along with her innerwear(Now don’t tell me she doesn’t change that). After all, what does a sex scandal got to do with a student organisation. Neither was the lady a student nor the culprit an education minister. The student organisations should raise their voice for issues that concern the students. If not, what is the meaning of campus politics. Maybe that’s why am still a neutral guy, not owing allegiance to any party, after 3 years in college.

The need of the hour in Kerala is an organisation on the lines of youth for equality. A Kerala chapter of the organisation would be a good idea. OK, the 1st member is here.....lets do it.....plz think abt it and tell your friends about it....such a highly educated society like ours should n’t keep quiet on this....SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.....
Also, could somebody tell me where are the livestrong arm bands manufactured. An anti reservation band or youth for equality band would be a good idea. They could make money and we could spread the message....readers plz respond and spread this message...LETS FIGHTTTT
with love, your crusader Praveen

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One way out for this government which got into the reservation mess is to start one IIT. one IIM, one AIIMS and name them RIIT,RIIM,RAIIMS and you know R stands for RESERVED. Only these 3 institutions will get students and that too all reserved I mean 100%. All other institutions will be freed from Reservation Chakar Vyug. Further, Government must ensure that faculty and staff in these RIIT, RIIM and RAIIMS are strictly from Reserved Category drawn from SC ST Backward, Other Backward and whatever vote Bank government deems fit. If required Government can start special companies called RXYZ which will exclusively go for placement to RIIT,RIIM and RAIIMS and recruit them.

The above solution will appease both the pro quota and anti quota segments. Whoever told Knowledge is Power Supreme is Wrong and whoever says Caste is Power supreme is Right.

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the thing which hurt me the most is the way those idiots at students center is keeping if they dont know what is happening out there!!nice sujjestion made by camelpost...OH man,i feel so caged!!wanting 2 do something,but not being able 2 do!!

7:03 PM

Screw them to hell...this country is going to dogs...I won't be surprised if a genocide occurs over a period of time... :-(

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@camelpost, tht was a gr8 proposal u made.....really thr shud be such R institutions to save the future of India's meritorious youth.....

me too got tht caged feeling....just want to jump out and tear those politicians apart.....

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its true that ppl in kerala do echo the fact that they need an organisation of the sort of yfe in kerala ...our protests need to be heard and the platform needed for that has to be built ...political outfits down in kerala arent for that ...not for students which they clearly demonstrated by this..
please do contact me at


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that wasnt meant as a blog but i wanted to contacted u asap..
i m doing my b-tech(eee sem 4) at nit calicut...
what are u doin?? please reply to my mail id asap...

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do contact immediately for immediate action to be taken in this regard


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i tried to send mail to jamesbond007mj but it dint work said of some automated mail delivery failure....anyways do reply

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My Reservations blog.-It's a bit controversial :)

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