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Today....oh.....what should i words are enough to describe this day...a dream of 14 years fulfilled...Never thought it would be fulfilled this soon...When I was in 2nd standard, Roja released..That was the first cassette i brought..then i dreamed of meeting this man..and i've lived with this dream for 14 years with his music providing me solace every moment....and without any warning the D Day arrived today...10th June 2006....a day to remember forever in my life...the day i met my biggest idol...the day i met the man whose music, i've grown up with...the day i met the musical genius A.R.RAHMAN.

Before going into the details let me thank the wonderful person who made this possible...and that is my dear sister Swapna...She was the one who called me at the time when ARR was here. She said ''boy, run run''.and i did just that.The moment i got the call, i rushed outside to my bike...before kickstarting, I called up some of my friends and told this great news and as it turned out, most of my friends didn't believe me and sat at home. They thought ..''ha, this guy is being fooled by some prankster. Let him go out there and be a fool''. But i was sure that my sister won't play that kind of prank with me. Stil I had my own doubts. So with my mind clouded with doubts, I kicked on the bike and started my journey. Sometimes heart rulz over the head..this was one of those moments as i sped through the heavy city traffic at 105 kmph. Atlast i reached the ultimate destination..Kanakakkunu Palace. There was a big flex board in front with pic of ARR and singer Srinivas announcing the launch of a music album. Now i was confident that ARR was inside, still i doubted whether he had left already.

When I reached infront of the palace, I saw a mercedes...sure...he's inside...So I got in...Lots of ppl were standing there. The function was almost over by then. Still I pushed through them and ......ohhh gooodness....there he's....i closed my eyes and opened again,just to make sure that i wasn't dreaming. Yes, it was him with that inimitable smile. I couldn't see anything else between him and me..Mind u, there were some very big singers and film stars sitting there. I would surely have given a second look to them on any other day. Maybe i would have pesteres them for autographs..But, not this day...When my idol is there in front of me....I thought of ways to get close to him...i went near the backstage waiting for the function to get over. I got a pen from a press photographer and stood there. The main function got over and next was the screening of the video and the guests were preparing to get down from the dias to the front row...This was my chance..I ran into the stage and pushed aside the man standing close to ARR[i later realised that it was the popular malayalam actor Jayaram] and got closeee to my idol. First thing I did was to touch him, just to check if this was a real man. Then I shook his hand. He still had that pleasant smile.Lots of people got there by then.The policemen swung into action and drew everyone away and made way for ARR to sit on the front row. Thank god...they din't see me standing there beside the big speaker set. I walked to his seat and gave pen and a piece of paper, which my little cousin had torn from his copy book and had given me as i left home. ARR scribbled ''luv ARR'' on it, but it was hard to make out. By then the policeman had grabbed my shirt and pulled me out. Still, I was happy. I got the autograph...

Then, the function got over. A.R.R was escorted to the outside of the palace and the fans and the police were running after him. Soon he was surrounded by an army of pressmen and policemen, outside the palace. There was no way I could've got near him now. lemme try a trick. I took out my mobile phone from my pocket and held it up and began shouting '''' at the policemen. This gave them the impression that am a press reporter[he hee...meee] wanting to record an interview with ARR. They gave me way and there I was now again standing close to ARR, the 3rd time this day. i dreamingggggggg. Now it was time for the pressman Praveen to ask questions. The guys there were asking some question in Hindi like ''agla project kya hai''. Now I shooted my question, ''Sir, When r u gonna do a concert in Kerala?''..He smiled and said..''I Don't Know''...Then I said..''Sir, there are many die hard fans out here ,as u can see, who would love to see you livee....sir, pls do it for us''....he again smiled and said...''I'll try''. Now he was walking to his car...there were autograph hunters running behind him. Me too ran close behind him. As he reached his car and opened the door, someone called out ''Bolo A.R.Rahman Ki Jai''..We tooo joined him ..''Bolo A.R.Rahman Ki Jai''....He smiled and got in....The door closed. Lotz of guys were trying to catch a glimpse through the closed windows. Some guys clicked pictures of him. The sad thing for me was that I din't have a camera with me then. Still, I was happy for having met him....Now his car sarted to roll...and we all waved him goodbye..He too waved back....Then the Benz disappeared out of sight. I stood there for a few seconds looking at the road through which the car just went. And I could sense drops of tear in both my eyes. The first time in my life, I cried out of happiness...the happiness of having fulfilled a dream that i've been nursing from the day I heard Roja...the day I, for the 1st time truly loved a song....the day from which my life with A.R.Rahman's soul stirring started.....again i scribble the date heree......10/06/06......and in my heart.....No day can be better than still shaking my head wondering if all of this was a great dream.....
thanking my chechi again.....
i dedicate this post to the millions of A.R.Rahman fans who dream about meeting him someday...Hope all their wishes come true...
with tons of happiness and disbelief, your crusader Praveen

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nice day for you ! i share the same zeal for rehman but alas i have never met .Trust me evem though i know the world is goping ga ga over himesh reshamiyya i feel that himesh has no sense of music compared to rehman . i truly feel foir the last para of urs rehman ki jai !

8:22 AM

Congrats man ...yes ...this truly is a great day for any Rahman fan ....

I know how that feels ...since I had this experience around 4 months back ...

hv fun ...


9:07 AM

Congrats man ...yes ...this truly is a great day for any Rahman fan ....

I know how that feels ...since I had this experience around 4 months back ...

hv fun ...


9:08 AM

gr8 thing to happen ..congrats...

again this signifies the fact that "Truth is stranger than fiction"

consider this incident in ur life as a story..u may find it very strange...very hard to blv..

btw...aliya..chilavu venam :D

11:43 AM

gr8..loved the "press press" thingy..;)..keep posting..:)

12:33 PM

yeah, the greatest day of my life too ...OMG
have written it down in my heart -
10 june '06.
i shud ve reached there a li'l earlier, ah okay anyways ... saw him! & got soo close, at last, ... feeling soo gud abt it!

[thanks for telling me abt it & calling me up >:D< , pressman jabrii]

will post abt it after i get back from exam-crap.

1:27 PM

great post the end of it even i felt sooooooooo happy for u.i dunno what to write...just tht i am soo happy for u,i really mean it.and y dint swapaachi go for it?i told her friday itself:(

5:30 PM

coool man.

7:56 PM

My dear aniya....
congrats again ..

@ Kartoos da i came to know abt it even b4 u told me But i m scared of crowd u know.

9:18 PM

That's SOOO awesome!! Awesome day for a rahmaniac as big as you :)

10:00 PM

U lucky damn man...Oh...I can feel wht it was in ur heart...Congrats man...congrats..anyway,next time,if u get info me 2 will you??just scrap me...any way,u r a lucky damn guy...Man,I am jelous of u!!

10:10 PM

Glad for you inform me when SOAD is in town! :P

10:39 PM

Man, when I read your post, I feel like crying :-) Excellent post and I am happy for you that you finally met this man. I had chance to meet him but the crowd was too much :-)

God Bless.

12:31 AM

Man, I am really happy for you that you had your wish fulfilled. When I read your article, my eyes becomes wet. I had the opportunity to meet this man but unfortuntely i could not because of a large crowd.

God Bless

12:32 AM

hi crusader....
thts a nice blog...
congratulations for ur dream come true...
but please lower the speed of that bike in traffic...
it sounds unbelievable....
congratulations for chechi also who informed u at the apt time...

11:28 AM

Congrats Crusader !
You did it !

You had written the whole thing without missing any of your emotions ! Great !

& Pls dont race throught the road at 105 Kmph !! :-)

12:02 AM

@ur friend
lets not compare arr with other MDs...he's in a league of his own....and lets not bash the others as senseless...let them do what they know....

whr did u meet arr

chilavu tharaam...he he...nokkattee

waiting for ur post...

if u knew abt it, then y din't u cum

thnku chechi...again

am a poor guy...don't be jealous of me....
nxt time i'll call u....gimme ur mobile no....and u shud believe me wen i call u.....unlike the ppl i called tht day

sure..i'll inform u when STONEAGE plays SOAD...he hee.....vannekkanam

at tht time, no speed was too high 4 me......

next time i'll try not to raceee

12:51 PM

hey congrats!!!! man...u r sooo lucky.... really happy 4 u...
ur blog was awesome!!..was really moved readin it.. i can understand how magical tht moment would hav been for u.. i too wish tht sme day i would meet our IDOL.. or atleast jus get a glimse of him...

wish u gud luck fo ur future..

2:34 AM

Congrats on meeting the man himself! Well done on reaching one of your life goals! :-)

All the best

1:46 AM

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