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Prove that N=S

U might be thinking the crusader has gone crazy, after reading this title. But, I couldn't help saying this after coming to know about one of the decisions taken by the UN some weeks back. They decided to declare the US invasion of Iraq as a fight against terrorism. The whole world knows what actually happened in Iraq. The search for a non- existent WMD and the bloody attack that followed are one of the worst happenings in human history. Even the villian Mr. Bush himself admitted his folly. In that scenario such a declaration coming from an organisation boasting of 191 member countries, is absurd to say the least. The UN has got a tradition of bending its back to US interests. But this is just going too far. Do we need such an organisation, when it becomes hard to differentiate between the US national policy and the UN policy? And what are the other 190 members doing there?Are the oblivious to what is happening inside UN?I don't have much knowledge of what are the actual processes that goes into it before a decision is made, but still I wonder why none of these countries reacted to this news. This is what made me write the titile of this post because the line that divided UN from US has now blurred more than at anytime in history. So now the equation is UN=US...obviously,N=S..afterall a nation is sometimes referred to as a state, so what difference does it make.

In this scenario, Shashi Tharoor's candidacy to the post of UN Secretary General assumes very much importance. If he is elected he has to either bend his back to the demands of US or shoulder the blame that he's at UN just for the sake of India. Also, his candidacy puts a question mark over a permanent membership for India in the UN. But, now who cares for a permanent membership in an organisation slowly on the path of extinction.......
with love, your crusader Praveen

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