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The guys from the land of the 'hand of the god' goal had a goal fest against Serbia and Montenegro. 6 goals in a world cup match that too from one side, that doesn't happen everyday. And mind you, Serbia was not at all a weak team. Full marks to Argentina for such a classy and clinical display that made the Serbians mute speactators. Still, its not the number of goals that matters, its the way in which it was scored that really made me jump up from my seat and applaud them. The 2nd goal scored by Cambiasso would easily become the goal of this world cup or maybe one among the top 3 of alltime. I would rather attribute that goal to each of the 9 men who participated in that wonderful display of passing. Would u believe it- 24 passes....o's a list of how it went....


If viewed from the air, this whole passage of play would've looked something like Raja Ravi Varma's brushes running along in a canvas. U never know what it would look like in the end...and the finished thing would be the most extraordinary looking thing in thw world....Yes, this one was....comparable to the painting of Shakunthala......a grand salute to the team that did it for us, the soccer fans of the world....

Teves scored a goal of sheer individual brilliance. Messi proved his worth by setting up a goal and scoring one, all in 16 minutes...Is he, the next Maradona in the making, as the Diego would have us believe? And oh...god...I 4got the God of Argentina, who was in the stands, dancing up and down with joy, like a kid. I consider him as the single biggest inspiration behind this Argentine performance. DIEGO MARADONA.....any footballer will be charged up, when u see him rooting for u and chanting for you in the stands, more so if he is an Argentine. Maradona is an exception among those former champions, who sit in the special gallery in coats and suits. He sat there[sorry...danced out there] with the other fans ,wearing the Argentine jersey with pride.....Hats off to u....MARADONAAAA....

But, i still have doubt whether Argentinians have peaked a little too early in the world cup. lets ..wait and see....
NB- Inspite of whatever is written here, am still a Brazil supporter and strongly believe that they are gonna win the cup.....

Courtesy- The mathrubhoomi newspaper for the list of the players involved in that wonderful 2nd goal.

I dedicate this post to the Argentine fans worldwide, who are in a rocking mood right now...hope that mood remains till they meet Brazil in the final.....

with luv, ur crusader Praveen

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good post da :-)
i did like that goal very much. Felt much like a manchester united goal. All the buildup and passing. Well MAN UTD players dont do the tricks. So it was MAN UTD goal + Some Trickery.

I didnt c the entire match - EXAMS. But to win so convincingly, they shud have played really well.

About you still being with Brazil. Thats something very rare. Most football fans flock towards the successful side. No wonder we can see many Chelsea fans in our college. Me too with Brazil and England.

Tonight's match will provide either the grand-masters of world football or the dark horses of the tournament. In the end, yellow will win :D Lets hope its brazil.

9:39 AM

Thanks for that post. :) We know that u r the numero uno die-hard Brazil supporter until u've even changed ur name from Praveen SR to Praveen Brazil! hehehe.

10:11 AM

wtever happens, a true fan should always be with the team he loves....I've grown up loving the Brazil brand of soccer....and it'll be lik tht till the end....
and yeah...the chelsea team got so many fans bcos of the factor u mentioned....
Hope Brazil will strike back with vengeance today....and also hope we could seee the old ronaldoo backkkkkk

so argentine fan....r u happy nowww

12:37 PM

Hey man...nice post made by u...well,afterall,Football is the true winner here!!And Diego...well,he is a real source of inspiration!!One with a high passion not only 4 the game but 4 his nation!!Hats off 2 u man!!

4:01 PM

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