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I've been conferred with an award- The Butterfly Award for the coolest blogger by Richa as well as Kartz. Thanks a lot to both of you. Its a pleasant surprise and also gave me something to fill up in the blog at this time of a bad writer's block.

I've to pass this award on to my favourite bloggers. Now the rules for passing on this award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Link the bloggers whom you wanted to share this award to.

I would like to give this award to all those whom I had previously given the Brilliant blog award.
To that list I would like to add some more names.

1. Usha Pisharody- The english teacher who's making waves in blogosphere with her amazing poetry. And recently she has started writing prose in a separate blog too. More than that she helps me a lot in proof reading my blog and pointing out the mistakes.

2. Chriz- The chronic writer as well as the chronic comedian. He enthralled us all with his awesome witticism. Be it his Marilyn Monroe act or his videos featuring those kids, he has never ceased to entertain.

3. Aayushi- Writings of real depth coming from a young heart.

4. The Army Guy- A really different blogger out there. A battle hardened army guy with his take on life in the battlefield. I wouldn't miss this for even a bullet.

5. Tara - A budding photographer and future film maker.

6. PJ - This is not your normal PJ. This is Priya Joyce, who always brings a smile to everyone's face with some cute real life experiences.

7. Sashu- A blog I started to read quite recently. Checkout some shockingly good poems as well as writeups on both her blogs.

8. Nivedita- Started reading this blog just 2 days back. And the first one I read 'Consistency, thy name is woman', had me hooked that I went on to read some of her old posts also. A really good one there.

Thats enough for now. Congrats to all winners

your crusader Praveen

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:D Congo!

12:21 AM

Award illengilum, you're THE COOLEST!! Ever!! That's F-O-R-E-V-E-R! :-)

For the Butterfly Man, ente dedication! :-D

Open this Up!

6:53 AM

Woah!! Thank you for the honour!!! Totally unexpected and immensely invigorating...!!!

Now, I'd like to see the expression on my younger one's face!!! :D!!!

I know I'm gushing, but this is well... very very exciting!!! :D :D!


8:03 AM

Ooops!!! In that heady rush of emotion - of vanity :D -, I forgot something very Important!!!


You deserve it!!!

8:16 AM

hey thanx for the words ..loved them...I got the award frm kartz..tooo

will put it in ma slide soon...

btw wen r u gonna comment on ma post?

8:33 AM

:) Done the deed too!!!

9:09 AM

wow thts nice
congrats Mr. Cool Blogger :)

12:07 PM

congos :)

12:34 PM

Thank you so much! For the award and for those beautiful words, and for showing that faith in me! Am glad! :)

7:26 PM

Thank you so much! For the award and for those beautiful words, and for showing that faith in me! Am glad! :)

7:27 PM


11:41 PM

thanks to all:)

and a special thanks to Akhil for all those beautiful snaps..

7:19 PM

:) You have been tagged!

12:10 AM

aww,sweet, thanks so much :D
ive always found it hard to be nice to people whom i don't know (the ones who i know are no better off) but its nice to see that some people are not so freakily rigid like me
as for your malayalam blog, i had the patience to read only 6 lines, not that your writing is bad or anything, just that it takes me 1 hour per word. but hey im learning!
my grandad was all excited about someone actually carrying on a mallu blog. he under this weird delusion that the "Youth" is culturally confused (like me)

7:50 PM

will take it up..feminism...o god..am framed!

Its ok to be rigid sometimes...and its ok to break that rigidity sometimes:D

am honoured that u showed my malayalm blog to ur grand dad.. and I dont think u r culturally confused:D

12:02 AM

my congratulations to the ice cool blogger....cheers!

11:31 AM

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