The Elysian fields-I  

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This is my first attempt at story writing...Read on..

It is a particularly cold evening today. Being alone in a big house in such a weather would've been impossible for me some years back. My amma had a hard time consoling me in those thundery dark nights when I used to howl like a new born. Being alone also means I have nothing much to do. So most of my time is spend in conversing with nature. Looking at the white lillies swaying in the garden and gently reflecting the moonlight filled my heart with some unknown sense of happiness. But that is short lived as my gaze falls on those eyes looking at me from the worn out photograph on the wall. The flower garland on the photograph needs to be changed tomorrow.

My mind races back to the day on which that garland was put on that portrait for the first time, 20 years back. Sam was a cute boy of just 5 years then. Though he clung on to my fingertips all the time, he always used to cry wanting to see his daddy. He was very proud of his daddy. I once overheard him asking his classmate-

"What is your father doing?"
"He's an engineer. He builds our nation. And whats your father doing"

"My father is a soldier. He protects our nation"

I was struck by such high sounding words from my little son and his friend. But, the way he said that showed how much he respected his daddy and his profession. I don't know if am right to call that a profession. Its a life. Me and Sam used to walk 15 minutes to the nearby STD booth once in a week to hear Jay's voice. He used to prepare for this phone call from the morning itself. He could be seen sitting in that swing hanging from the Mahagony tree in the courtyard. But he would be motionless and staring at a distance, probably preparing questions to ask his dad in the
evening. He reserved his best dress for those days, as if his daddy could see it from miles away. It always filled my heart to see my boy smiling to himself all day. Even while walking to the STD booth, the usually chirpy Sam wouldn't utter a word. Once I dialled the number, he would get impatient tugging at my saree to give him the phone. I would barely get 5 minutes to talk to Jay. Then, it would start between father and son..

"Daddy, Is it cold there? Are you doing well"
"Yes. My dear. Your warm voice makes all the cold run away."
"Daddy, Daddy, How many enemies did you kill this week?"

Controlling his laughter, Jay would tell Sam- "10"
The more the number, the more happier Sam was.

Such questions went on for about 10 minutes until I snatched away the phone from him, which used to lead to a lengthy protest from Sam's side. Jay's holidays were a cause of celebration at home. On the morning of his arrival, Sam would get up early and would sit near the door with his eyes firmly set on the big gate. Even if there was some small sound near the gate, he would run towards it expecting his daddy. And, when the big moment arrives, its pure heaven. Sam would run and jump straight to his daddy's hands giving him the world's biggest hug. Jay's first day at home is spent in such expressions of love. The serious talking would start from second day only. The weeks he spent at home usually flew by in a matter of minutes. And most of the times, he would get the call to get back to duty urgently. Then, the blissful holiday has to be cut short. As cliched as it may sound, I have to say, "for a soldier, country comes first".

to be continued..
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really good...cant wait to read the next part:D

12:26 AM

i second Kartoos
awaiting sequel :)

2:53 AM

hmmm soldier dad..tat's indeed a noble profession wud luv to read its second part...

6:43 AM

wow... :)
waiting for the 2nd part

9:30 AM

Fine the next part soon!

10:19 AM

good start..waiting for next...

11:40 AM

good start..waiting for next...

11:40 AM

good story dude.... :-)

7:02 PM

A touching post, for the anticipation it creates. You've set the ambiance well. Looking forward to reading the next part[s]!

8:08 PM

Welcome aboard the story-write bandwagon... :) And it couldn't have started better! Waiting for the sequel(s)...


1:15 AM


Thanks a lot for the encouragement:)
this will keep me going

1:44 AM

Gud one dude..u r an all-rounder, I should say :D

3:08 AM

Hey I cant believe with a guy of your age , you can create such an interesting tale... :)
your narration and plot is really good btw...

4:08 PM

@Nandana & afaque

10:46 PM

@ praveen,
Nice blogging!Thanks for your comments.
A good start praveen, keep going:-)Was confused when I opened your blog, dont know where to start and what to read... Have started with your first story... Gimme sometime to read the rest of your posts..Kudos!

4:07 AM

nice 2 see u here..absolutely loved your blog..


12:14 AM

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