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Its not often that u get to see films as sweet and simple as the Singaporean film 'Homerun'. The film is in chinese language. Its an adaptation of Majid Majidi's Iranian classic 'Children of Heaven'. Am still in search of the Majidi original. Most of the critics have not given a favourable review for 'Homerun'. Its because of the simple fact that its compared to the original. The story revolves around a brother and sister, their shoes and their friends.

Chew Kiat Kun(Shawn Lee) takes his sister Seow Fang's(Megan Zheng) shoes to repair but he loses it. They keep it a secret as their family is suffering from poverty and there's no money to buy new shoes. She can't go to school without wearing shoes. To get around this problem, they devise a plan. She'll wear his shoes to school in the morning and then run back home in the afternoon, when he can wear it and go to school. Kun's shoes are too big for Seow. She has a hard time in school wearing it and then running back home. This also creates problems for Kun as he's late at school. At school, Kun and his friends get football shoes in exchange for doing homework to their wealthy mate Beng soon and his friends. But, because of some petty quarrels, they split and there are no more shoes to play football. Once Kun and Seow find out their shoes in the legs of one of her classmate. But when they find out that her father is a poor blind man, they decide not to ask for the shoes. Its at this bleak juncture that a Primary school cross country competition is announced. And the third prize is a pair of shoes. AM stopping the story here. See the little that is left for yourself.

'Homerun' is a touching account of sibling love, friendship and poverty. The scenes between the brother and sister are just too cute. Seeing it, I wished I had such a sweet adorable little sister. One funny thing I noticed was the headmaster who was played by a Keralite. I found this out from his looks and that unmistakable malayali accent. Am still wondering how this guy ended up in this film. His name is listed in IMDB as Sivaji Raja. Coming to the direction, though Jack Neo has overdid the emotion part in some of the scenes, you won't feel it that way most of the times mainly because of the kids. The scenes involving Kun and his friends are just fabulous and make you wanna go back to school. The last dialogue from Beng soon to Kun is my fav- "I never knew what it is like without a shoe." Guys, try to get the original 'Children of heaven'. If you are unsuccessful, go for this. And if anybody has the original, please do let me know.

PS- 'Children of Heaven' is being remade in Hindi with our own TZP wunderkid Darsheel Safary. The role of his sister is still not filled up. [Cute little girls out here can apply] Am waiting to watch this movie.

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That film man it was so very nice..subtle details touched...very niice..specially the very last scene...beautiful...

Am happy tat its gonna be made in hindi..

6:59 AM

wow man, the story line is sotouching.. will try to get this one...

9:30 AM

that was a nice review u wrote there... I would like to see this film soon... :)

10:24 AM

'Children of Heaven' was aired in Star movies lots of times. Next time I will let u know....

12:32 PM

children movies arw awesome.. children of heaven is a masterpiece.... havent seen this singaporean flick .. will watch it.. TZP made me cry too..

1:40 PM

Its beautiful..I got a chance 2 catch the English version on Zee Studio...v touching..

esp the scene wen the brother cries his heart out to participate in the race

1:42 PM

Ive been searching for the original too! Good to see someone actually appreciating the movies I like.
About your story, erm, which I'm guessing was a short story gone long, it got me into the Kar Chale Hum Fida mood (film :Hakeekat)
It's sad that people have to give their lives for the security of a country. If i had my way I wouldn't let people become soldiers at all. Ha, then whose going to fight the war? the pseudo intellectuals who actually cause it? But i don't have my way, sadly.
oh btw, mallus are everywhere :P

2:04 PM

Nice synopsis. Well written! Yes, even I read about the remake with Darsheel, in the lead! Am waiting for that too!

4:12 PM

I guess I'm gonna try searching any one of the movies now... although I;m too lame for that :)
will see if I can get the original one or the chinese version

11:22 PM

am keeping my fingers crossed till the hindi one releases

get it soon


I got the dvd. Problem is it doesn't have subtitles:(

even I cried for TZP:d

Ya..its touching to the core

good to see someone liking the same movies as mine too..
about the story, yes, it was planed to be a single part short story, but I ended up with this.
I liked your idea of not having soldiers at all. But if India only thinks that way, then there wont be any solution to the prob. If all the countries had rulers with the same mind as you, it wud've been great. and dont tell me about those pseudo intellectuals..a group of ppl I hate the most..

and yeah, malayalikal elladathum undu:D


Its easy to get..children of heaven is fairly famous worldwide

2:19 AM

U hv got me all eager now :) am sucker for such movies...n now u hv got mah filmy-buds all ticking!! :)

thanks for this post! adored it :)

10:51 AM

Intriguing! I wonder if it will ever come this side,and if I will ever find a way to see it...:)

I guess a torrent file is the surest bet now :)

As always, Praveen, your reviews make one want to see the film!

1:59 PM

Hav seen Children of Heaven.. It's Damn gr8.. Bt nt this singapore flick!! I downloaded Children of heaven via torrent buddy!!! Jus a month back!!

9:42 PM

hmmmm....hope i get my hands on it...btw ... i think children of heaven is being repeatedly being telecast on HBO...

10:21 PM

Something's waiting for you here...



10:50 PM

wow yaar...i wont miss this one for sure...will start looking around for Children of heaven from today....thats too simple n too good a story to be missed...hope the hindi remakers dont overdo the emotions and make a mockery out this....n lets hope that they dont keep adding useless senti songs after every frame! cheers!

11:29 AM

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