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Oh God! Another award. This time "Free Spirited and Independent" blogger award presented to me by the ever brilliant english teacher and plogger(poet blogger, a word I coined just now:D ), Usha Pisharody. Thanks a lot for considering me for this prestigious award.
And as with all other awards am supposed to give it to my own favourites. Am giving it to the same set of people to whom I gave the brilliant blogger award and butterfly award earlier. Congo Rats to the winners!

your crusader Praveen

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:) :) :)

Congratulations, Praveen.. and thank you too :)

7:18 AM

Congratz Man.. :) Whr s T Party 2nite???

7:50 AM

This is my first visit to your blog.Congrats!
I will go through all your previous posts...though it may take some time..
best wishes.
take care

10:10 AM

U r on a roll :)

and tx for the brilliant blogger award :)

11:43 AM

Congratulations praveen :)

1:43 PM

thanx for the award buddy

congrattz to ya!

2:30 PM

Thank you! Sweet. :)

4:53 PM

Congrats bro... :)

11:37 PM

Thank ya :P

9:28 AM

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