Mumbai Meri Jaan: Terrorism Unleashed  

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Lets play politics
Lets play the blame game
Lets spend time in classifying Hindu and Muslim terrorists
Lets fight our neighbouring states
Lets stand for our Manoos
Lets fight for the in'human' terrorist's 'human' rights
Lets cry foul against the army
Lets call the brave, dead policeman a 'fake encounter specialist'
Lets be hungry for more 'breaking' news
Lets cry and crib as they strike
Lets condemn and then give a damn
Lets be proud that we are 'soft' on our enemies
Lets forget it at all the next day hailing it as the 'spirit'
Lets be responsible journalists giving tips to terrorists
Lets play the politics foul
Lets let the terrorists rule
Lets keep the public fools
Lets close our eyes to the teary pools.

Another day. Another terrorist attack. They've now come in a new avatar. Showing their faces and telling us, "We are not afraid of you". To think that these guys just came coolly in a boat, alighted at the gateway of India and strode through the busy roads before the attack just shock me. Its an irony that the Gateway of India ended up as a gateway for these bloody terrorists. Tomorrow it can happen in my own backyard. The last few days the media as well as the government was focussing on the homegrown terrorists. Political parties were vying with each other to brand them as Hindu and muslim terrorists. Now, today, we saw the faces of terrorism. Who the hell cares if he's a Hindu or Muslim, who the hell cares if he targeted a hindu or muslim. We only know they are inhuman and those who are targeted are mere humans, not the face of any religion.
As I type this, the ordeal in Mumbai's Taj hotel, Nariman house and Oberoi hotel are not yet over. There are explosions being reported every other minute from one of these places. We already have lost some of our finest cops like ATS chief Hemant Karkare, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and additional commissioner Ashok Kamte. More than 100 other innocent lives were lost. The sight of the terrorists(am trying hard to keep out the obscene words that are coming to my mouth now) hijacking a police van and driving around terrorizing the maximum city was shocking to say the least. I wonder how these people could carry out this attack so precisely without the intelligence agencies ever getting a clue about this. The amount of the ammunition they possess is just unimaginable. They underlined their lack of humanity with that attack on the hospital.
My heart goes out to the brave men who laid down their lives in defending our nation. Now I really do hope our hallowed 'human rights' activists dont call them fake encounters like they did after the death of Inspector Sharma in the Batla house encounter. Please don't talk again on behalf of the men who took the life of our own brothers and sisters. And atleast give some respect to the men who defend us. My prayers goes out to the families of the 100 human lives which were taken out by these barbarians. Atleast now, yes, atleast now, the Government should show the balls to strike out hard and kill off the terrorists without the farce called a 'fair trail'. Only the fair deserve fairness. The cleaning up has to start now and if some special people taking the high moral ground tries to disrupt this cleansing, we have to wipe them off too. Lets stop being soft. Who cares for the useless "we are a peaceful nation" tag when we have our citizens dying everyday on the road? Burn the tag, stop condemning and do the damn thing.

PS- Where is the caretaker of Mumbai ,Raj thackerey today? Does he and his men act only when people speak hindi in Mumbai? Wont they raise their swords even if 100 Mumbaikars are killed? Where is the 'son of a regionalistic barbarian'? Hiding under his bed? Shivsainiks and MNS guys, if ever one of you happen to read this, this question is for you- why don't you guys just go and hang yourself? Now, you have no right to talk of Mumbai or Mumbaikars.


your crusader Praveen

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The best thing we can do is to show resilience and show these fellows that life will go on even if they terrorize the city. their motive was to create mayhem and by staying together and united instead of playing the blame game we can show them that they lost the battle.

11:02 PM

Hope peace and sanity prevail soon amidst all this mindless acts of terror/violence.

A wonderful article again Praveen. Kudos... And yeah - where is Raj Thackerey???


11:36 PM

Someone has to tell Raj Thackeray that 200 additional NSG commandos from Delhi(North Indians) are being sent to Mumbai to fight the Terrorists... And that he can safely stay holed up in his house..

12:18 AM

Nice article Praveen, very detailed. I was too angry and worried and I didn't know what to say.

I am watching ndtv and ibnlive, and ultimately what matters is, we Indians are one and will stand together in action and prayers against the traitors and terrorists.

4:41 AM

You speak for all of us too, Praveen, as you air this on Blogoshpere.

Indeed where is that "son of the soil"?? Not a word uttered.. but you can be sure that once the operation is done with the barrage will start. My one hope is that no media will give coverage to ANYTHING he utters then.. or any of those policticians who simply sat in their secure homes and cowered and watched.

Salutes to the NSG, the MarCos, the Polic, the ATS, the RAF, and all of those staff of the hotels and everyone who made it easier for thehostages... and assisted those in charge of the operations.

Our hearts go out to those who lost their near and dear ones to this tragic and horror laden day and night.

6:58 AM

the worst thing in such situations is the criticism coming from opposite parties..they just don't care about the situation...this shows how much they care for the country!!

7:22 AM

The audacity of this attack is appalling. But I suspect this has hit the ruling class where it hurts the most. The places where they hang out, not the ordinary people. We may seem some deft action. But its upto us to save our asses. We have to awake from our numbed slumber.

10:05 AM

Superb post Praveen...
The blame game has already begun..

I salute the spirit of all those cops who tackled the situation head on!

And the spunky mediapersons who are giving us live updates..TIMES NOW's MAHRUKH is one gutsy lady!

There was again a rumour of a blast at CST, Metro cinema and Parsi dairy in Mumbai..

its amazing the way young minds r manipulated and brainwashed..

some terrorists r still hiding but they cannot rob Mumbai of its spirit and enthu..

1993 bomb blast, the serial 7/11 train bomb blast and now this one..

Mumbai will bounce back again!

Proud to be a Mumbaikar, Proud to be Indian..

3:03 PM

LOL Raj Thackerey doesnt give a shit about anything as long as his ass is safe. He demeans the Mumbai-itte unity. And furthur, why the crap are people like Advani giving anti-Congress speeches now?? Is this a time to propogate your political party ideologies? It breaks anyones heart to see Taj, Leopold, Nariman House in such a condition.

3:03 PM

The scheme of incidents happening in Mumbai are terrible. This is perhaps the worst attack the country has ever witnessed!

I wonder if we as a nation can ever prevent such henious acts of terrorism despite so many government agencies who are entrusted to do precisely that!

And yes, Raj Thackeray? Why ever would a politician come out of his cosy cover during such incidents?
Have you not known these cowards long enough?

4:50 PM

My sincere condolences with the families of those who have lost dear ones, my heart also goes out to those who are suffering.

Salutes to those who are fought it out there! Just hope we learn's high time we did...

6:24 PM

I've absolutely no idea as to what all is happening in our country.Couldnt believe my eyes when the news channels disclosed video clippings of the terrorists, heavily-armed, venturing into the CST in Mumbai with not even a tinge of fright in their faces.The fact that they've become dare enough to come and open-fire the mob in the midst of such a bustling city is the most alarming of all.
And as u said in ur poem, 3 cheers to our media personnel for providing live, time-to-time, detailed info about the operations of the NSGs.That,to a gr8 deal, should have helped the perpetrators to be warned against each n every movement.Really, I do not have words to express my frustration,anger and helplessness against all these.I just pray to give courage and resilience to all mumbaikars, especially the families of those numerous innocent lives killed and injured.My salute to the 3 brave officials Hemant Karkare,Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte.I hope,atleast now, our govt wakes up to retaliate against this filthy terrorism rather than giving fake promises like "We assure u to take all possible measures to make sure that such dastardly acts will not be repeated in the future".

8:28 PM

Very thought provoking and true.The real sons of our country go unnoticed as they lay their lives fighting for her.Those who make noise are only empty vessels.

8:59 PM

It got me thinking. Hope peace prevails soon :)

1:07 AM

The audacity of these rascals to show their faces and say "we ain't not scareD"
Losers,all of them!

The post summed it all up,Praveen..needn't I say anymore.
May peace strike soon

2:44 PM

There is no weapon good enough to dent the spirits and courage of Mumbai.. The city will spring back to action soon,,since the siege is now over. As India and the world mourn for Mumbai, lets hope, as Indians, that there is an underscore to the list of terror trails in our country.

And for the politicians who can now start the blame game and carry on their rotten tactics, this could well be a time for introspection...

Oh, hahahaaa thats too tall a hope, no?

3:22 PM

All I want is that the politicians stop blaming each other for this. It's really sad to see political ads in this grave time when we all need to just be united against terror. That's what we need...
sad times.

7:42 PM


You spoke for all of us..
Proud to be an India..

Wer is the bloody raj thackarey and his Guys..


9:28 PM

True to the core. This is not a time to flaunt the peaceful nation that we try be. Its high time for some action. And regarding Raj thackerey n his MNS goons, I really do hope that the media would not give more publicity to his moronic ideology anymore! but guess, everythingz gonna be back to square one pretty soon...and thats the worst part of it all!

9:34 AM

You hit the bulls eye.
I dont think our politicians nd govt is gonna do some serious actions other than giving big big speeches. And its really doesnt matter also, many have lost their lov ones, and ppl realising once again, that they are not safe any where in india. But yes things are getting normal in mumbai, not coz we r not scared, but coz we cant do anything for it.

12:26 PM

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