The Elysian fields-III  

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Read Parts I and II, if you haven't

Part III
Though its been many years since Jay's last journey, I can still hear the gunshots after the ceremonial guard of honour reverberating in my ears. Sometimes, I see him sitting beside me and playing with Sam, only to wake up from sleep with a start. Sammy has grown into a handsome young man. He joined college last year. He joined an arts college and is specialising in English literature. The reason for him choosing this course is still unknown to me. After that tragedy, he has always kept to himself. In school, he had very few friends and talked only when it was necessary. Things didn't change much even as he entered college. I never asked him any questions on his behaviour as I thought this will only add fuel to the fire. I decided to play the waiting game and let things happen when they have to. He always spent his time with his books. He talked more to those pages than to me, though I knew I still had a high place in his heart through some of his words. Its just that he chose not to express his affection externally. I am sure that he has some parts of that sweet little Sammy left in him somewhere. I hope one day he lets him out.

Sam funded his college education by taking tuitions at home. I loved it when all those chirpy school kids came to study at his class. I think he was reconnecting with his happy childhood through them. We lived a decent life with the pension amount of Jay's service. Though, I sometimes wonder whether we are receiving the price of his life every month. The nation and all those who came to the funeral that day may have forgotten him. But, for us, who lost something precious that day, there's still not a day which passes without his thoughts. During that time, Sam got some new friends. Some of them used to frequent our house. They kept on talking for hours over the coffee and snacks which I served them from time to time. Because of my not so great educational background, I never understood what they were talking about. All I could grasp was something about an organisation they all were working in, which aims to do some service to the public. A portable computer, which they called the 'laptop' was their constant companion. All day they were drawing plans, studying about certain localities and discussing on various issues related to it. I was happy that at last my son has got into something that seems to capture his whole interest. He has begun talking to me more these days.

Last Sunday, while I was cooking, he came into the kitchen and told me-
"Mamma, atlast I found my destiny. For the first time in my life, I've a feeling that am making good use of my life. Am a lot more happier now that I've found many friends who happens to have identical thoughts as mine. I guess am coming back to life."

Should I say, I was happy to hear this? With a heart filled with joy, after many years, I told him,
"Sammy, This was the moment I waited for all these years, to hear words like this from your side. Your daddy's blessings will be with you all the time. I want that Sammy of old back."

He just smiled and left without saying anything. Only later would I realise that it was the last time I would ever see of him.

Final part coming up morrow...

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Really a wonderful story praveen, to be frank I wanted to leave a comment in the second post, as tears were rolling in my eyes and the eagerness to read the next part made me to jump the third one.. now I cant wait... for sunday..gr8 effort...awesome story.. One doubt...Do all soldiers have a sad ending ...

4:39 AM

Okaayyy! The twist in the tale begins to reveal itself.. have my own ending thru' the progress, but shall wait, as ususal, a little impatiently this time though!

Good going, Praveen!

6:00 AM


9:20 AM

damn..i cant read the final part today :((. Id let u know my id..u should mail it to me...sighh

10:10 AM

oh cross fingered i hope Sammy doesnt turn out to b human bomb..
plz dun make him a terrorist...

11:30 AM

waiting for the last part... :-) the climax does seem to reveal itself.. :-) I hope its not the thing which everyone is expecting...

12:56 PM

hmmm interesting..not as I thot...twist hei bahut isme..

1:21 PM

hmm...i hope its not going the way I suspect...

5:32 PM

Very well written Praveen! Waiting for the last part...let's see which way it goes...can smell not sure though...will wait and not be a mundrikottai! LOL! Will comment after the last part! :)

8:59 PM

the lines tht touched me :)

'He talked more to those pages than to me'

'Though, I sometimes wonder whether we are receiving the price of his life every month'

2:50 PM

No, all soldiers doesn't have a sad ending..but things like these do happen in a large number

do tell me the ending that u imagined, once I finish this.


sure..will mail it..or u can read from our company blogs:D..

wait n watch:D

hope it wont be;)

picture abhi bhi baakki hai dost!

lets see:D



12:10 AM

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