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It was the 20th of this month and I had just 600 rupees in my hand, to spend for the rest of the month. No, It was not a result of some hi-fi spending spree. I had some investment commintments for which I didn't plan out well last month. I was thinking of various possible ways in which I can survive the rest of the month. Thats when, someone send me one of the best forwards I got in recent times. Its a simple video titled "Value of 500 rupees". A select set of people from almost all strata of the soceity is asked one simple question "If I give you 500 bucks, how will you spend it?" You can see the common answers from the Gen-X crowd-Movies, booze, smoke, party. And then there are the downtrodden, the unprivileged class. A lady tells she'll spend it on education for her children and rest she'll save for future. In the next frame you see a man uttering "You can do nothing with 500 rupees". And then a poor kid says "I can take care of our home's expenses, clothes, food etc". See, how perceptions vary. And see, how we take things for granted. We have even someone saying he'll go for a branded underwear. The video ends with a masterclass statement "The price of someone's haircut=The price of someone else's school fees". It says poverty forces 70% of India's children to drop out of school before the secondary level. Aren't we lucky to be among that 30%. Still, why we crib? why we find fault in everything even after life being so kind to us?

This video inspired me no end and gave me the belief that I could safely survive the remaining 10 days of the month with 600 rupees. I realised how much money I wud've wasted if I had more on my hand. Now as I write this on the 27th of Nov, I have 180 rupees left with me, more than enough for me to survive this month. Who said forwards are a waste of time? I just learned a big lesson in life with the help of one.

PS-Wrote this just before the terrorists went on rampage in Mumbai. Was not in a mood to post this for the last 2 days. And yes, as I received my salary yesterday, I still had 40 rupees left with me.

Now tell me friends, what will you do if you get 500 rupees?

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There are big issues, and there are seemingly small issues. The closer the problem to you is, the greater are the perceived proportions of it:) And one such issue is this, the middle to month end woes, of a salaried employee...:) Especially one who cannot manage and prioritize and plan. Welcome to that club, even if it is an infrequent occasion that this happens.. :)

It has been wonderfully put across. Thanks.

Though, of course, in the face of what the nation went through, Rs 500, seems meaningless, if you have been gifted life again. Do excuse me, I did not mean to take anything away from you notion, just a random thought as to what we value, as against what we have.

Thanks again, Praveen. You voice is one that rings with conviction.

6:56 AM

I wud have let u borrow it if not for the salary.....
jokes apart, think if wat im gonna spend it on is absolutely necessary...... and spend judiciously!!!

9:17 AM

I had received the same forward and had discussed the same wi a fellow friend of mine. It had made me guilty to no extend for the extravagant life that I actually lead! Now I hv a better sense of value for money, I gather! :)

9:37 AM

with 500 rupees..I'll do as I do always with my money..I'll donate it to sumone less fortunate


10:32 AM

Evrytime I see this video, I tell myself- Life is beautiful! And I'm gr8ful to God for giving me all tht he has given me..

Sandeep had the same post sometime bac...I am copy pasting my comment :P

wow Praveen…wht an eye opener!
really moved me…
thre r so many living below the poverty line and we spend lavishly on a hair cut, on cosmetics, brands…

some serious food for thought!

1:55 PM

It's a very thoughtful post Praveen! Different people, different perspectives.

Made me understand the value of money a lot more. :)

If I get 500 rupees? First I'll divide the money into 3 parts - one for monthly milk for the doggies (these are the stray ones, I don't have dogs at home :(, second for biscuits for the doggies as well as the birds, and third for nuts for the squirrels!

Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing these beautiful beings happy! The wag of a tail, a little chirp is all I need! Thanks! :)

3:09 PM

u know if u asked me...i would agree with that poor little boy...500 rupees is a lot money....:)

10:26 PM

Yes, what u said is right..I wrote this before the mumbai attacks. but aftr the attacks, my whole peception of this changed. it seems less meaningful now..still I posted it..

It wud've been gr8, if U had got this money last month..hehhe

yes, it made me feel guilty too:D

you are just too good

good idea..copy pasting the comment..:D
yes,its an eye opener..hope more people sees it

I just loved the way u divided the 500rs..hats off to u!!!!

even I've to agree, its a hell lotta money:d

11:24 PM

A wonderful post bro'... What an eye-opener! It reminded me of one of the many debates I have been part of... 'Money Matters'

You put the message across beautifully...


5:51 PM

got the same forward some 10 days back and had similar thoughts...500 bucks is really a big sum!

2:53 AM

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