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The Tag

Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

-Your oldest memories
Me, The biker kid

The life in Kolkata as a kid. I was the terror of the neighbourhood Bengali uncles. Our owner,a Bengali himself, used to stay upstairs. Whenever he had to come down, he would do so with utmost care because he never knew when a big stone or plate would strike him from nowhere. I used to chase him with sticks all around the compound and he was seriously scared. I guess, he was the only owner in the world who was scared of his own tenant. The first thing he asked me was "Keekkochi", which in Bengali means "whats your name"(I think so. Atleast, thats what my dad told me). And I thought he was telling me his name. From that day, I called him "keekkochi maaman"(keekkochi uncle). Another memory of those days was when I buried my grandfather's watch hoping that a tree bearing 1000 watches will spring up.

-What were you doing ten years ago?
I was in 8th standard, going through the worst year in school ever. I found it hard to pass in maths, often bugging sir to give me some grace marks and some how make me pass. Sometimes, I thought this is the end of my education. But, all this didn't stop me from enjoying my life with music(those were the cheesy boy band days), hanging out with friends etc. And yeah, that was the year in which I wrote my first poem, a malayalam one. That was a mushy romantic 16 liner describing a girl's beauty and my love for her, obviously one of my classmates whom I wanted to impress. Needless to say, it didn't find a place even in her dustbin.

Stuck in a 5 day job, where blogs, friends, ipod and chat are the only solace. Though I do enjoy the work with my head banging slightly to the heavy metal from my ipod. The weekends are spend movie watching, hanging out or by playing the guitar. Am now known as the biggest fool in town, a name which I earned with years of hard work. My foolishness had crossed such a level that they had opened an orkut community just for chronicling it all. And, am happy that am blogging a lot more regularly than I used to do.

Oh no! Monday! Why did you put this question? I just hate Mondays as much as the majority of you. Gonna be a boring day except for the lunch breaks, tea breaks and after hours.

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
Touring the world, with my old college band(then an internationally renowned metal band), a DSLR and a beautiful and loving wife for company. Hopefully some kids too. I would like to play at that small rock fest called 'Rock in Rio', nothing less.

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?
Myself with all the things I have at present, my family, my friends, my guitar, my music collection and a back up of this blog.

Am tagging

and whoever who is interested to take it

your crusader Praveen

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ut tym capsule is supaa cool..haha Guitar tats lovely...the pic is cute..
ah! u spent childhood in

will do it soon..

7:10 PM

hey thanks bro for tagging me.. i have done this tag already so. i will alter this a little bit and take this up ok..
and keekochi uncle.. you were a terror .. hehe.. and that 8th standard memory was kewl too.. bro way to go

7:41 PM

"when I buried my grandfather's watch hoping that a tree bearing 1000 watches will spring up."

Awww! So sweet and innocent! :)

Nice tag! I will do it soon!

8:16 PM

Hehe, maths was a dreadful subject. We being engineers should be defined as a paradox. Unlike most people, i was a poor student in lower classes, conditions improved in 10th and all. What about the autographs for us while touring?? ;)

8:46 PM

Loved the take on our earliest memories.. and the keekochi maaman.. ? Lol!

And of course that biker pic!! Have one of both my biker boys too..:) Nostalgia there...:)

Now, is that me in the list? So what is one supposed to do? [I need education on tagging too...:)]

I like the name of the tag too..hehehe.. Evolution..:) Purrrfect!!!

9:58 PM

Thanks for those load of compliments

hope 2 c that altered tag:D

hehhe:D..yes, long time back even I was innocent:D

yeah, even mine was the same case. Maths was a nightmare. from 10th, as if some miracle happened, I managed to score good...:D..yeah, autographs, am ready to oblige..hehe

well..Tagging means, you are given a set of questions or some random stuff to write about by one of your fellow bloggers. You have to write it and then pass them tag onto someone else..:D..simple..

and name of the tag..thr's no specific name for the I put one on my own

12:22 AM

Enne tag cheytha? :-o

5:50 AM

I was the terror of the neighbourhood Bengali uncles.
Valya athishayam illa!

Another memory of those days was when I buried my grandfather's watch hoping that a tree bearing 1000 watches will spring up.
Reminds me of the Union Bank ad.

P.S.: Where can I get to read your first poem? :-D

5:57 AM

i mean wat?? "hopefully some kids"??
some kids means?? :P

i know studying in 8th std had been a nightmare, same is here :D

11:38 AM

Cool tag!

The yesterday part is pure gold!

12:16 PM

nice answers

5:47 PM

keekkochi maaman!! hahha..that was a cool one..

thanks for taking the tag..enjoyed reading it too..

9:38 PM

entha athishayam illathe?..
hahah...Union bank fav ad..and wonder why I never thought about that..
first poem...secret:P

some kids meant "not a specific number" can vary anywhere between 1 to 5 ..hehhee

thnks man:)


and thanks for tagging too...I enjoyed doing it:D

12:54 AM


I enjoyed reading your tag! Especially the 'beating & chasing the Keekkochi Maman part! Lol!
I guess theres quite a number of things we have in common!

Good luck with your world tour with the old college band! I guess tru bliss comes from doing the most elementary things in life..... travel, music, nature ..... in the company of friends!



10:58 AM

yes, true bliss is in the non-material things in life..:)


11:43 PM

Done the tag!

12:16 AM

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