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The weekend started on a bad note for me when I arrived home on Friday earlier than usual and came to know that I forgot to take the house keys in the morning. I called up my room mates who were all busy working in office and they all said they won't be home before 10. So, I had 3 more hours and nothing to do till they got back home. The bike keys were also inside as I had gone by bus and so any thoughts of having a night ride through the city were shelved. Then a thought struck me. Why not head to the theatre? And, So I reached the nearby multiplex in Marathahalli. It was already 7.30 and all the shows had started by 7.15. Still I decided to try my luck. And so I luckily landed by chance to watch 'luck by chance'. Later I realised my slight ill-luck of missing some great opening sequences and a scene involving Aamir Khan. Anyway, it was a great movie with debutante director Zoya Akhtar making her super talented family proud. Her more famous brother Farhan Akhtar added one more feather to his cap with a controlled performance as the wannabe actor turning into a selfish superstar and then coming back to earth. Konkana Sen Sharma though gave a performance which was one rung higher than him. All the cameos from the stars were adequate. Shankar/Ehsan/Loy, as usual, did a great job with the music, which was supported by some awesome choreography especially in the song 'Baawre'. Am not going into a detailed review of the film.
Raghu Dixit Project
On sunday evening, we headed to the Koramangala indoor stadium for the regional finals of 'Campus rock idols 2009'. There were 6 college bands from in and around Bangalore competing for the top prize. We missed the first 2 bands. The rest 4 were not much to speak about that we even forgot the band names. The headlining act 'kryptos' did an adequately good job though the bad sounds were a problem. Especially the idea of having a rock concert in an indoor stadium is pure idiocy. The echos itself were cause for all the pandemonium. But, in the end it was all made up for by the Bangalore based folk-rock band 'Raghu Dixit project'. They came in their trademark black dhothis and colourful embroidered shirts. They also had 'chilangas'(the one tied to the legs of dancers-donnow the english of that. Someone please help me) tied to their legs and mics were placed on the floor to catch the sounds from those. It was a highly energetic performance starting with their popular hit 'Hey bhagwan'. They proceeded on to belt out numbers like 'Mysore see aayi', 'khidki' and 'gudgudiya'. Raghu Dixit's rusty voice was charming to the core. Special mention must be made of the guitarist and violinist who vied with each other in stealing the show. Raghu Dixit's metalhead like acts had the crowd in splits. All in all, it was an evening well spent.
'Raghu Dixit project'- the bassie in air
PS-When I got back home, it was sad to see those crying images of Roger Federer after his loss to Rafael Nadal in the Australian open. Hope he comes back in the next slam.

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Sometimes being unlucky is actually being lucky by chance right?

Imagine, you would have missed seeing that movie that day.. :) had it not been for the keys!

@chilanga... wl research!

7:51 AM

nahhhh...its ok if Roger dint win,Rafael is more cute and handsome than the former. ;)

9:44 AM

even i was sad for fed.. i wan my express to roll next time...

and luck by chance.. thats a talented family.. the akhtar family...

glad to know that u had fun at campus rock..

12:38 PM

Good reviews. Have to see LCB. Going to bang my head into walls for not looking closely at the Campus Rock Idols poster. I would have come if the show was in Koramangala of all places!!

2:11 PM

Overall a weekend well spent. :) Good. Rock concert in an indoor stadium? Hehe... :P

4:06 PM

I am surprised u liked "luck by chance" :D it juz was an average okie dokie movie by mah standards!!

it was really interesting to read abt de "single ghungroo" and "dhoti" clad rock band!! intriguing!! :)

4:48 PM

I watched the movie today after your review ..its good ..farhan is quite good ..and so are all other actors ...

its a shame that I havnt heard raghu dixit ...:-( ..please let me know when he is playing next ..

5:11 PM

I'm a great Frahan. I'll check this movie in the weekend

Keep Blogging!

6:31 PM

@usha m'am
now am happy ...that the english teacher also doesn't know the english word for chilanga;)

@archana comments for that..hehhe

@chriz will roll soon at rolland garros

hope u have atleast noted the date and place for iron maiden concert..if u miss that am gonna bang your head onto some wall

yea..indoor stadium..real insane

hehehe...I loved luck by chance...maybe our standards differ..:D..
and do checkout the band's music in myspace..awesome

yea..surely will let u know about any upcoming concerts.
u can checkout raghu dixit's music at

@biju mathews
do check it out and keep coming back to this place:D

10:55 PM

Hmmm... May be ll watch it. Been told its good...

And aah; tht final... Pity.


1:16 AM

I havnt read any reviews of Luck by Chance so far. Gotta catch it this weekend !

5:04 AM

thanks for the review....:)...was planning to watch it this weekend...

u liked that "ninna poojege" song by raghu dixit?...

9:26 AM

i hav already seen it, its a good movie, specialy whn u can see so many people who can "ACT" come together.

12:46 PM

ive heard its a gr8 film..

u know sometimes sudden, impromptu plans prove 2 b lucky :)

11:54 PM


Federer crying was the best part of the Australian open...second only to Nadal's victory

9:25 PM

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