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One of my blogger friends in office Veerasunder have come up with a useful online software which helps us to make a timeline of our life. Here is a 'not so serious' attempt at creating one for my life. Do try this tool out. Its real fun.
PS-Use the scrollbar at the bottom of this timeline.

The nuisance comethAugust 3rd of 1985 will forever be remembered in history as the day which altered the way the world functioned, forever. On this day, the first cries of an eternal noisy nuisance silenced the rest of the world. When he opened his eyes for the first time, the sun dimmed its headlights in reverence. All this happened in a little place called Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala.
( 1985 - 1985 )

The nuisance walksWhen he first set foot on the land, the globe started spinning in the opposite direction. Because of this, flights which started in Delhi, landed in Delhi itself after a 2 hour journey. This scientific phenomenon happened in Calcutta(now kolkata), where he spent 3 years of his life.
( 1986 - 1989 )

The nuisance goes to schoolHis dad got transfer to Nilambur in Kerala. And by now, he had already mastered the ABCD book. In LKG, he amazed everyone with his alphabetic knowledge-A for Ass, B for Bitch, C for. He studied there in Good hope school till 1st standard.
( 1989 - 1991 )

The nuisance discovers RahmanIt was on a rainy day in grainy Doordarshan that he heard the starting tune of \'Chinna Chinna Aasai\'. The next week he made his Rafi addict Dad to buy the cassette of \'Roja\'. A.R.Rahman had made a mark forever in his heart.
( 1992 - 2009 )

The nuisance in primary schoolHe lands back in his place of birth, Trivandrum. Primary school education in St.Mary\'s school, Pattom. From 1st rank in 1st standard, he makes steady progress with 2nd rank in 2nd standard, 3rd in 3rd and 4th in 4th.
( 1992 - 1995 )

The nuisance haunts PalakkadHe was more than happy to be admitted in Vijayamatha girl\'s high school, where he passed the junior masters in the \'art of appreciating beauty\'. The first in a long line of one way love affairs happened here. It was a sweet classmate with that heavenly voice who stole his small heart. Later, he came to know that she threw away the stolen heart when she saw that there\'s nothing valuable inside.
( 1995 - 1997 )

The nuisance comes of ageThose high school years in Christ Nagar school still counts as some of the best of his life. He proved good in all sports that the benches actually caught fire with his warmth. To mask his failure in sports, he tried his hand in music. The classical violin just was too hot for him to handle.
( 1997 - 2001 )

The model nuisanceIn plus 2, he joined in Model school, Trivandrum, famed for its \'outstanding\' students. He bunked every single day of those 2 years, coming to the class just to give attendance. He joined the chorus asking the film industry to release atleast 14 films a week, for his morning and afternoon pleasure.
( 2001 - 2003 )

The nuisance goes to collegeHe crosses the gates of SCT engineering college, TVM, singing the song \'enakkoru girlfriend venameda\'. 4 years later, he wrote and sang the hit song \'where have all the girls gone\'. In between, he had THE best 4 years of his life and there he met many of his closest friends.
( 2003 - 2007 )

The Nuisance becomes a bloggerHe started his blog \'crusadertvm\'. He receives bouqets and truck load of brickbats for his no holds barred blog. His promises his friends that he would never use the F word in his blog, after a particular post filled with those angers many.
( 2005 - 2009 )

The Nuisance goes to STONEAGEHe picks up the guitar by the end of 2004. And in 2006, he teams up with his juniors to start the band \'STONEAGE\'. This part of his life is called \'rocking,banging and rolling\'. It was pure fun and energy for almost 2 years in college fests, competitions, festive shows etc until a job offer robbed the band from him.
( 2006 - 2009 )

The Nuisance goes to office This part of his life is called \'hunting for leaves\'. He enjoys the 4 months training in mysore in the foodcourts, multiplex, the hostel and in the grounds. He sets foot onto infyblogs. He joins the PLES IBU in Bangalore and continues blogging merrily and working in between. He also creates a records for the maximum number of leaves availed in a short time.
( 2007 - 2009 )

To create a timeline of your life, go to http://veerasundar.com/timelinr/

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Sounds neat! Will check this out! Thanks for the share bro'...


Got dc the day before (whilst chatting)... And cd log in only yesterday. BSNL... Very reliable... ;)

1:11 AM

hey dude.... a very nice post... and WTH.. .is tat u wit GOD (ARR)?? :O

1:42 AM

Neat and interesting to see yourself in that graph/timeline :D!!!

8:02 AM

Ah! diz z real fun! i liked de nuisance's timeline anywz!! hopin to be a bigger nuisance wi time, i sure hope :D


BSNL...heheheheh ;)) cudnt hv agreed more :P

8:49 AM

awesome software....
"art of appr beauty"..!!!..i want that degree too!!!.....

9:23 AM

Good to know you, Praveen :))

Was reminded of many "heros" in CET, 1986-90 :))

And my own brother -- He sings well, occassionaly conducts programmes..in Madras now :)



10:22 AM

thats a good time line..
lengthy though..
nice idea...

the guitar and arr got my attention..

rocking indeed

12:11 PM

Really cool! Will definitely try it out sometime. :)

6:23 PM

hail BSNL..but my experiences with them been OK:D

yea..thts me with ARR...hheheh:D

@usha m'am

admissions starting for the degree from next month:P

time itself is a nuisance sometimes;)

@devika m'am
Honoured to be compared with such old guys...and nice to know about ur singer brother

yeah..a bit lengthy..but this is actually a shortened version by my standards:D

do try it out

12:18 AM

Masttttt yaar!! :D
btw,what r u doing with a.r.r. at ur side?
why? when? for what? :P :)

8:56 AM

praveen, you are tagged!!


9:59 AM

nuisance! hehehe
Lovedddd the post..so innovative and witty!

a- ass, bi bitch c. hehehe

oh and thts the reason i never see the f-word! hmmm :P

12:06 AM

hey hey, the guy with you in that infy pic, i guess he ragged me when i was in s12. Is he the one who changes his hair color often.

12:59 AM

Lol! This is a great post with a good concept! Very well construed!

4:18 PM

just posing for a snap;)..2 yrs back

will take up the tag:D

yes..i never break promises except under unavoidable circumstances

hahhahaha...he's my best friend raja..
yeah, he used to change color often


6:32 PM

Nice to see someone from 'tiruvanthoram'. Blogrolled u!

1:08 AM

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