The art of taking credit  

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Taking credit for the hard work done by others is really an art which requires a skin hard enough to make a buffallo head to the veterinarian with inferiority complex. Imagine a 1st standard student taking credit for his kid brother passing LKG with flying colours and saying-"He passed because I didn't give him the TV remote." Its the same with the congress now. Yesterday, they went into a self congratulating overdrive when they claimed the Chandrayaan and Slumdog's 8 oscar wins among its achievements. And, how did they connect all these achievements with the Government? With this simple statement-"conducive atmosphere with emphasis on good governance contributing to an achieving India". Conductive atmosphere? What the heck? Did Sonia Gandhi's men work on the acoustics in A.R.Rahman's studio while he was recording the 'slumdog Millionaire' soundtrack? Or did they work on maintaining the temperature during the launch of Chandrayaan? I got the answer from a comment in the TOI site- "This movie is a Congress product. If they haven't created the slums by their inefficient rule of over 50 years, how could this movie be made?"

It takes a huge amount of shamelessness to come out with statements like this. The scientists of ISRO or A.R.Rahman won all these accolades not by going to press meets and blabbering non-stop. Its through years of hard work when no one even noticed their work. And, when suddenly these men became world famous and did the country proud, we have some selfish men who cares only about the next elections and the money they can amass from the next hawala deal, coming down like vultures and snatching away the glory from them. Its like a tree taking credit for a king's victory in battle saying that he rested underneath it on the way to the battle. Its not even remotely related to whether the king would've won or not. Same with congress, Oscars and Chandrayaan.

Then there are others who make statements about things in which they dont even come into the picture. Kerala communist leader Pinarayi vijayan's idiotic remarks on some war happening in some corner of the world is the best example. His party even organised protests against Israel. Many wouldn't also have forgotten the Kerala hartal the day on which Saddam Hussein was hanged. It was as if Bush would shake in his shoes and pee in his pants when he sees these uneducated political posers take out a rally and organise hartals. This streak of coming into the limelight using issues totally unrelated to oneself is common nowadays. Just look at the list of statements in recent times on world issues by local politicians, it can sometimes make you laugh.

PS- Hope the health minister doesn't take credit for India's test tube babies :P

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LOL! Did they really say that? Slumdog's win is their achievement? My oh my! At this rate there's a possibility that your last sentence might turn true.

11:25 PM

LOL.. good one...nice example- "He passed because I didn't give him the TV remote" :)

12:28 AM

This laughable stuff though true. It is they who sowed and so they reap! Be it awards or votes!

2:01 AM

LOL. these people are sick and they get sicker each day !! Even when the US president visits our nation, we have had strikes and hartals! They just need attention and these vultures would go to any extent. Slumdog and your atmosphere, my foot ! The movie was made my a firang after all !!

2:17 AM

hahahaaa Praveen, huge amount of shamelessness to come out with such claims? You said it man! Thats the qualification to be a politician.

An average politician like Karunakaran has put even the toughest African Rhinocerous to shame with his "tholikkatti"... We can see more about this Praveen, you may need an everyday blog, updated 5 times a day to keep tab on all whats coming ouut of their mouths..

1:11 PM

rotflmao.... :)) :)) !! test tube babies!! :D

1:56 PM

Hehe! That comment said it all! Heights!

11:21 PM

Hehe! That comment said it all! Heights!

11:23 PM

If the comment about Slumdog being a congress product can be true, I don't think I'd really be surprised if the Health Minister takes credit for the test tube babies...

Well written!

9:59 AM


v shud really learn the art of taking credit from our inept politicians..

very well written :)

do chk this:

12:35 PM

oh did they really said that ...

test tube babies ..yea, he can take credit if he anywhere in his speech urge people to donate sperms ...I just wonder if he does so many protests will be against him ..on the name of Indian culture..

5:06 PM

yes, they did say that!:D


they've sowed much more

yeah, I remember the strikes everytime a US pres visits

hahhahaa///Karunakaran...I need to start a separate blog if I plan to write on men like him :D

@agent vv

yeah!!Heights of shamelessness

Thanks for the visit and the comment :)
do come back..

read that blog..hehe...hilarious

Yes...Indian culture protests are here to stay:P

1:05 AM

;D ;D ;D

Taking credit... I guess that's how bosses survive in the corporate world too!

Brilliant post! One of your best..!


8:26 PM

;D ;D ;D

Taking credit... I guess that's how bosses survive in the corporate world too!

Brilliant post! One of your best..!


8:26 PM

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