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Been a lot busy this weekend. Watched 2 movies -Dev D and 'Naan Kadavul'. Dev D has brilliance written over every frame. Anurag Kashyap is certainly one of the best filmmakers of our times. 'Naan Kadavul', with some bad cutting by censors, ended up with some editing chinks. But still its another class apart effort from Bala. Am also damn happy that A.R.Rahman won another award-This time the best composer award for 'slumdog millionaire' from BAFTA. Now, the Oscars are left.

So many tags are pending for me now. Here am taking up the easiest of them all- Been tagged by Usha M'am and Sashu. The rule for the tag is that am supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from the first page of google image search,with minimal explanation.

1. The age you will be in your next birthday: God, from last year am getting this weird feeling that am a lot older now.

2. A place you’d like to travel to: Khardung La in Ladakh. The highest motorable road in the world.

3. Your Favorite place: Home. Regular readers and my workmates know how I take the first available opportunity to head home. (Not my home's pic)

4. Your favorite food/drink: Kerala Sadya and Sharjah Milk shake

5. Your favorite pet: I love dogs, but am scared of them. So I keep lions

6. Your favorite color combination: Red and black. All my T-shirts are black in colour. :D

7. Your favorite piece of clothing: T-Shirt and Jeans. Prefer black heavy metal T shirts.

8. Your all time favorite song: I hate this question. I don't want to choose from my 1000s of favourite songs list. But, since I had to, am going in for 'Dil se re' by A.R.Rahman. His awesome vocals, the arrangement and the breathtaking cinematography makes this is a classic.

9. Your favorite TV show: Not much of a TV addict. Just watch news daily and some music channels. I used to watch 'Headbanger's ball' Fridays on VH1.

10. Full name of your significant other: Still unknown. How can you name imaginary beings?:P

11. The town in which you live in: Bangalore

12. Your screen name/nickname: Crusader

13. Your first job: My present job itself- Design engineer.

14. Your Dream Job: Being in a world famous band like Iron Maiden that will still 'wow' audience 30 years after its inception.

15. Bad Habit you have: Uncontrollable anger. If I get angry, I'll tell anything in the face without
thinking about the consequences.

16. Your worst fear: Being cheated by someone I trust, a close friend or relative.

17. The one thing you’ll like to do before you die: Play a concert at the 'Rock in Rio' fest in Brazil.

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: A recording studio alongwith somebody who knows how to make use of it.

Not tagging anyone in particular. Anyone who reads this is free to take up this tag.

Your crusader Praveen

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man u jus keep comin up wit somethin interestin :) a nice and very difff post again :)

1:21 AM

i would love to visit ladakh...its one of my dream destinations too!!

2:08 AM

Well done tag.. :)

Hmm.. Anger huh? Now that sounds familiar :) :)

Enjoyed reading it all! And thank you for catching up with it!

7:42 AM

Great tag Praveen! May the 17th and the 18th come true very soon!

10:09 AM

ah! interesting, i never knew ( would i? hehe)u wer so into music! sounds awesomeeeeee!!! :)

11:15 AM

hmmm.. i wud really like to listen to some music of urs :)

4:45 PM

Your favorite pet --- satyam para, cupboard inakathu ettukaaliyeyum kattilinadiyil eliyeeyum valarthunnille?? ;)

5:28 PM

Good to know u better :)
PS: I'll b thre rooting fr u in Brazil :P

9:45 PM

@ VV
:D thnks

yea...its best if u go there in your own bike

@Usha M'am
anger...well, I don't get angry that often..But once I hate somebody, I just hate them for thats a prob.

thnks 4 the wishes man

@sashu fully drowned in music all the time..:D hehee

will send u when I get some of the tracks..

hehhee..ithokke nee engne arinju;)secretaaa

gr8 !!!

11:21 PM

Gotta do this tag myself.Sigh !

1. you call that aged, huh?
4. Sharjah shake. Phew! I thought I was the only person on earth who liked it.
14.Somewhat similar

12:20 AM

u love dogs but scared of them? :-o

awwwwwwww..... thats toooo much.. now i will meet you,atleast to make all my dogs pounce on u and lick u :D

10:32 AM

"I love dogs, but am scared of them. So I keep lions"

Waah waah! What a line! :)

Anger? Yes. :)

4:35 PM

good taking this one:)

11:02 AM

That lion is awesome! Did this tag.

5:43 PM

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