Ode to my Idol: Jai Ho Rahman  

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Yesterday, I tried hard to come up with an article after Rahman won the oscar. I couldn't do it because words been strangely deserting me off late. I tried writing a song dedicated to him yesterday night. Words were still hard to come by, maybe because no word in the dictionary is enough to describe this man. Its written from the perspective of a die hard fan.

*****Ode to my idol*******
You came as a small wish
in the dream of a kid.
He listened, all in wonder
at this new world opening up.

The wish stayed on, getting bigger
Yes, Its not a passing phase for sure.
He plunged in, full length
into the vast ocean of music.

His emotions always had a tune
He laughed, He cried
He thought, He wrote
All with a song for company.

Your music also grew, spread wings
widened its boundaries
to the remotest corners.
He also grew up, learned new things.

The seven notes were not enough for some
You made those seven look like a million.
The world swayed to those.
The heavens hailed those.

Amidst all those, you never flew up.
You held your feet firmly on the ground
And taught him to do the same.
Fame never was a bane for you.

Your achievements were his own.
Your losses were his own.
He swelled with pride
And screamed with joy.

Today, as you stand there
On top and smiling at us.
I smile back with teary eyes,
basking in the reflected glory.

PS-Am not at all satisfied with the above lines. But still posting it because am unable to come up with anything better.

This is just the start for the maestro. The world still has not listened to his old classics. And, there are the many more upcoming releases with which he's sure to rewrite history. Jai Ho Rahman!!! Your fan till death.

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I identify with the following lines:

Your achievements were his own.
Your losses were his own.
He swelled with pride
And screamed with joy.

Replace HIS and HE with HER and SHE respectively :P

10:29 PM

Take a bow, Mr. Rahman...

Someone rightly said - A thing of beauty, is joy forever.


A tribute is a tribute, dude. Well written!


11:06 PM

Its quite human to run short of words when u try to laud the one whom you idolize.But you have expressed it very beautifully.

12:58 AM

Rahman is a once in a lifetime genius, and his fame enveloping the globe has not surprised me a bit.

From the days of Roja, Yodha and Gentleman upto Slumdog, Rahman has not created even one mediocre work. Perhaps the fact that he has received the Oscar for one of his lesser masterpieces shows the greatness of this humble gentleman!

I feel blessed to live during times of Rahman and Sachin!

3:15 AM

I wrote a huuuge comment. I dont know if you would receive it once you moderate it cuz I got an error message.


3:15 AM

nice :)

1:17 PM

Nice tribute! :)

2:13 PM

i wonder y r nt u satisfied with those lines.. they r beautiful :)

n Rehman, boy, he is a legend!!

8:29 PM

Lovely lines...bro...

9:02 PM

A beautiful tribute, I'd say, to a great man! :)

11:01 PM

man...... tooo gud!! :) ARR Rocks!! :)

11:31 PM

Beautiful .... :-)
we all are happy with his win ..he deserved every bit of it ...

5:07 PM

Watched it live too!

Jai Ho! AR!

4:35 PM

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