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Bangalore is in the grips of aero mania with the Aero India show starting in Yelahanka Air force base yesterday. F-16s, MIGs and their smaller counterparts have caught the imagination of people from all over India, who are flocking to see the shows. But on Sunday evening, another air raid siren will dwarf the combined sound of all these mean machines. It comes not from high power aircraft engines but from an exceptional human's powerful vocal chords. Yes, you guessed it right. The unmistakable air raid siren from Bruce Dickinson is here again to wow us on February 15th at Palace grounds. Iron Maiden are currently on the last leg of their more than an year long world tour titled 'Somewhere back in time', named after their famous 80s album. The tour which started in Mumbai in last February has covered previously unknwon rock destinations like Costa Rica and Columbia.

The memories of that day almost 2 years back when we all came down from Kerala for our first international rock concert are still fresh in memory. That day with Iron Maiden was pure heaven. And, last year India got its first day long rock fest titled 'Rock In India'. Megadeth, Machine head and Indian heavyweights like Motherjane, Junkyard Groove, Millennium, Pentagram, TAAQ and many more gave us a fest to remember forever. Though the sounds and scale of the fest were nowhere close to the previous year's Iron Maiden edd fest, it did leave a mark. This year, its back again with Iron Maiden and 10 other bands. The list of the accompanying leave a lot to be desired. Except Parikrama, Synaps and Kryptos, rest of them are unheard of bands. Its certainly a disappointment.
The iron maiden edd fest 2007 ticket

The lousy Ticket design for Rock in India 2009
Got the tickets to Rock in India this monday. The design of the tickets are no match to that of Eddfest 2007 though they have increased the rate by 100 rupees. But who cares..In the end, its all for Iron Maiden. \\m//

Now, about my Valentine's day plans. Not been a big fan of this day because I never got a reason to celebrate. All my one way loves usually break up atleast one week before the Valentine's day. Don't get confused by the word break up. It actually means that I come to know about the gal's 2 way love affair with some other guy just one week before the valentine's day. So, each year the Valentine's day comes and goes, alongwith it redifining my eternal single status. In a way, its better than spending a day and shelling out thousands of rupees for listening to utter nonsense. See, I always try to look at the positive side of things so that I don't feel bitter about something. Anyway, this Valentine's day is gonna be a happening one with the Kingfisher heavy metal blogger's meet at Stone's pub in Indiranagar. The agenda of the meet is to listen to Iron Maiden songs, sip beer(sprite for tetotallers like me) and discuss blogging. In a way, it will turn out to be a pub bharo campaign as metalheads from all over India are gonna be in Bangalore for the Iron Maiden concert. If ever Ram sena tries to barge in there, it will be the last pub attack in their life for sure. So, this is gonna be the first Valentine's day that am going to do something worthwhile.

PS- Those who are free in the morning can join this protest march against moral policing in Bangalore. Visit-

your crusader Praveen

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Oru beedi kutti poolum valikkaatha iyaalu eviduthe heavy metal aanu. Rock stars inte maanam kalayum. Minimum kurachu hashish, kurachu cocaine, kurachu marijuana, ithonnumillaathe engane head bang cheyyum. :P

9:18 AM

:) Have a headbanging time, Praveen. And remember to wear pink :) Lol!

11:19 AM

Heh heh heh, Rock away... ;)

And please come back with good news - Ram Sena's last tune has been strung. ;D

Oh yeah - Happy Sri Rama Sena day... ;)


3:30 PM

Nice post buddy - was a great blogger meet last evening. See you at the concert!

3:50 PM

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