Muthalicage in Moralore,Hail Yeddyulence!  

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chaddition v - the condition of receiving loads of pink chaddis in your mailbox everyday.

Muthaliage v - On the road marriage to your girlfriend without any pre planning.

Muthalicage v - On the road marriage to a stranger. This can happen if u stand too close to a person of the opposite sex, in public. Eg- Thankappan was muthalicaged to supermodel rakhi while he was begging on MG Road last saturday.

Moralore n - An Utopian state ruled by King Muthalik. Men and women in this place never have seen each other in ages. There are separate roads, hotels, shops, buses etc. for each sex. No kind of celebrations are allowed and everybody has to get in their homes by 6 PM. The curbs on the light life are extended to evenings, afternoons and mornings too.

Yeddyulence v - Silent approval and moral support given to antisocial activities and activists by a person in a responsible position.

The above words are the latest additions to Pravster's concise dictionary.

Lovearia Hua

Are you madly in love with someone? Are you facing stiff opposition from your family members against this relation? Do you have a future father-in-law who says 'I'll marry her off to a beggar rather than to u"? Then here's your golden chance to fulfill your dreams, an once in a lifetime opportunity. Just fix up a date with your partner on Valentine's day somewhere in urban Karnataka. Or simply catch a bus to one of these places, get down and walk along the road holding hands. Your saviour will appear from nowhere with his shiny bald head. Pramod Muthalik, the king of the masses and the protector of Indian culture is here to help you. Now, you don't have to fear anything. You just have to obey what him and his 'sena' says. You'll be taken to the registrar's office, free of cost. The garlands and the flower petals for the occasion would be exclusively from Muthalik's 'romantic' garden. According to him, they are even arranging for some video cameramen to capture this momentous occasion in your life. Your marriage will be solemnised with the blessings of 'head priest' Muthalik. After the marriage you'll be given a gift packet containing Muthalik's Valentine limited edition perfumes, free entry & free drink passes to high profile pubs in Karnataka and a stick to beat up young girls who frequent the pubs. Also the groom with be provided with a lifetime membership to the Ramsena and the bride will be inducted into the newly formed sitasena, for which they are currently on a frantic search to add new members. The National Women's commision member Nirmala Ventakesh, who conducted the Mangalore pub incident enquiry has agreed to be the CAO(Chief Attacking Officer) of Sitasena.
Now you may ask, why this godsend gem of a human being is doing all this for you. Yes, he's got a reason. Muthalik, a 5th standard drop-out had a crush on a 4th standard girl. Once, on a Valentine day they went to a local pub and was drinking 'foster' lassi. Little Muthalik slowly held her hand and asked, "Will you be mine? Here's my gift to you-a pink saree." There was a loud sound of a slap. Foster lassi was poured on Muthalik's head. He saw his hairs also flowing down along with it. From that day, he was bald. The girl was actually not in love with him. She just wanted to visit a pub. And thought the ugly fellow next door will be a perfect companion. Poor little Muthalik mistook it. From that day, he decided to be a gay and started a gay's association. Since it was unacceptable to be gay in India during the pre-dostana days, he named it after a God and fooled everyone. The sight of a couple drove him mad and he thought marrying them off can spoil all the fun considering the increasing divorce rates in India. He's also developed this habit of cross dressing and prefers pink chaddis. He's now ecstatic that he's getting so many pink chaddis to last a lifetime for his whole sena. Latest reports are that he has demanded some extra accessories along with pink chaddis.

your Crusader Praveen

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I think there are so many other ways to protest. This Chaddi campaign make me sick. I guess its the work of the Congress party!

10:48 PM

Hahahahah! ROTFL! Just can't stop laughing! Great job brother! :D Nice history too behind the entire thing! CAO...OMG! Too good! :P

10:56 PM


Praveen, you are the Utter Limit, in coining new words.. :D!

Loved this ROTFLOL post :D!

11:17 PM

ROFL!! That was really something mate. This is what I was thinking, it should actually be a boon to lovers who're facing opposition from their families.

11:26 PM

LOL. This Muthalik guy is getting a lot of 'publikitty' this way !

12:45 AM

@twisted elegance
hahaha...thts one of the most baseless comments I ever heard. Such morons like Muthalik should be given 'soiled' pink chaddis.

thnks a lot:)

@Usha m'am
hehehe:D thnks 4 tht compliment

yea..the positive side!

bad publickity i must say

1:12 AM

Hahaha......o mine, u said it,nd tat too the best way, let this V-Day rockkkkk, the PINK way.. :)

I thought bnglore wil b more urban the cmin dayz, bt its going to the 15 century path with some monsters lecturing ppl abt wt u can do nd wt u cant...

10:33 AM


12:33 PM

hahahaha.. very nice.. very nice

8:48 PM

LOL!!! nice dig..i hope that sena gets vanquished!!

1:32 AM

Outrageously hilarious! Frickin' stuff... :D Get it published somewhere.


3:27 PM

I liked the concept of pink chadis ...but hated how people made it a cheap stunt ...all the abuses attrubuted to girls were uncalled for ...In india they sadly dnt have humour and habbit of peaceful protests ...

Your article is hillarious ...

5:14 PM

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