I am the law  

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Make way for me
Act shy for me
Here I come to get you
guess, who am I?

I go mad at the modern
Its a fad I picked up at the godown
Here I run to beat you
guess, who am I?

short skirts, go to hell
rock shows, shut up well
late nights, not at all
Now dont shout that I didn't tell!

Still thinking, who am I?
I am hip, am happening
I am in the news, am everywhere
I am the custodian of Indian culture.

I can slap you, I can rape you
No one questions, no one answers
I make the rules, I define morals
No one dare question, cos I dont have an answer.

......Now, one question from me to these custodians of Indian culture. What is Indian culture?

I know I would never get an answer from these cultureless organisations like Ram sena, Bhajrang dal and the rest. The scenes from Mangalore were shocking to say the least. And still the perpetrators walk free. Hope 5 years down the line, we don't have to see a local taliban in Mangalore.

PS-Heard that the chief sucker of Ram sena Pramod Muthalik was arrested.

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Great verse... the angst is intense, not just here, but among all who are truly Indians, not coloured in party hues!!

5 years you say... the way the culture-police is building up, who knows...!

Why did they arrest this chap so late? Only after there ws a hue and cry???

7:49 AM

Yeah... so pathetic ain't all dez so called "god-fearing" fanatics?? disgusting vermins f de society...n yea praveen, i sure hope we don get to have a taliban in here.

8:46 AM

really nice creativity[poem]:))....mang attack is on news everywhere..so sad:(

9:24 AM

loved the last line bro...

9:47 AM

superb... hehe

9:47 AM

Pramod Muthalik was arrested but for some other legal cases against him not fr the Mangalore pub incident..to say it was shocking wud b an understatement

Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, MNS...all these parties deserve to b banned..hw can these goons talk abt moral policing wen they themselves hv a criminial record, wen they themselves dont respect wimmen

12:15 PM

Good one. :) It's really sad that such things still happen, and we are supposedly on the path of becoming a developed nation! :\

1:32 PM

How more sickening can things get? I'm appalled!

2:39 PM

i heard it on the tv toay tht the CM has ordered the closing downs of pubs in Karnatka, he says pub culture wont be tolerated there. cuz this promotes such events. now someone explain me how r the closing down of pubs gonna stop such badnaming of Gods..

4:54 PM

Pramod Muthalik was shown today on NDTV making an inflammatory speech about Malegaon, which the ATS is probing.

This kind of work is also taken up by the DYFI in Trivandrum. It happened in CCD.

I like these lines, which is perhaps among the saddest truths here, "I can slap you, I can rape you
No one questions, no one answers"

7:22 PM

Apart from my latest update, go here too...

And your post... Lemme try to answer as a "custodian"...

- Babua, humein is culture-vulture ka bahut samman karte hein. Dekho babua - ih Taliban jo tha, woh in striyon ko apne apne jagah pe rakhta tha. Bas... Hum bhi wahi kar rahe hein! Ho sake to... Hum sati ko bhi waapas laa denge! Achcha... Jai Ramji ki...

Very intense words there bro'... Keep it rollin'.


9:40 PM

@usha m'am
5 years..i just said like that..now dont scare me:D.Th y arrested him only bcos thr was so much spotlight on the issue..else he wud've walked freee

god fearing fanatics spoiling the god's name!!

@ brocasarea
thnks man


yea, i came to know abt the actual case only today...now we'll see him walk free morrow
abt banning..we can go on dreaming abt things like that happening in our dear India..hehhe

even in underdeveloped countries, such things rarely happen.

wait for more...i expect something more!

that was in rajasthan..guess all politicians r going mad

DYFI in TVM...no words for them..saw that attack at CCD..shame on those f*****s

awesome reply..i wont be surprised if i hear words similar to this from our moral brigade

11:32 PM

A incisive censure, Praveen

Good one :)


8:44 AM

I still don't understand the fact why people calling themselves as the members of Shri Ram Sena would do something violent like this. What the women did is secondary, but these morons had no right to assault them!

Keep the great words flowing! Cheers!

10:45 AM

I agree ...very well written ... i hate these people who
have no better thing to do once they in power than create such tamasha. there has to be a limit of tolerance of stupidity ..how long can we let them decide our pub life when we know what happen in their farm house parties ... talk about women , morality and booze ..

4:06 PM

@devika m'am

the name is just a mask to shield their wrongdoings

yea, they can do anything..but they won't allow others to do the same..sad state indeed!

4:43 PM

powerful! good writing..

1:35 AM

Tagged, again!!

12:03 AM

wow it was a great poem, i m not a big fan of poem usually but i ll def like this one. It s sad what happened, i still can t understand, it really pissed me off, like u need a pair of balls to drink in a pub now! sorry for the lg

2:21 AM

i like it

2:13 PM

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