Farewell to Bush: a message from hell  

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This is George Bush's last week as the President of America. He leaves behind a legacy of invasions, inhuman killings and a mountain of stupidities. So, as a farewell to him am posting a few lines which I wrote some years back when Saddam Hussein was hanged by the US government. This song is in the form of a letter written to Bush by Saddam from hell.

******From hell, with love*************
... a message from Saddam to Bush...

I looked death, right in his eye
The black cloth din't block my sight
Your men of false valour dint scare me a bit
Their valour clouded by darkened veils
As they abused a soul on death's bed.

How fast the journey here was, I forgot
Its not as bad as I thought
The life down here in Satan's lair
with less of the bloody unfair..
Than bear your words in that tiny cell.

The irony of it all, I laugh at
You butchered them in millions
While I was trying hard for a thousand
Yet, It was your own rope that took me here.

Waiting for you, my cruel friend
Praying for you, for a scary end.

You are busy building a legacy of homicide
When will you be here, by my side
Am busy counting the dollars, for my deeds
Wondering who's gonna count for you, Mr.millionaire.

The fading hope warns me that you would never come
But, this is the place you could call real home.
The satan here is scared of taking you
He knows his throne's beckoning you.

PS-For your kind info, am in no way supporting the dead dictator. The idea is just that his crimes pales in comparison with that of the Bush administration and yet, its they who executed his death sentence.

PPS-The PS was needed because, of late I been a target of anger and harassment which arised out of misunderstanding. Not in blogs, but in real life. Can't post more details right now as it can invite more trouble. But, I assure you that story will appear here in this page one day for sure.

PPPS-Was not able to access net for the past 4-5 days because of a virus attack. So couldn't read many of your blogs or reply to your comments. So, gotta get back to all that soon.

your crusader Praveen

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A hell he has created for sure, and he certainly is answerable to more than one of those he sent to the gallows. More innocent lives too!

Hopefully under the new President, America will find humanity and humanism worthy again!

9:09 AM

ha virus attack - I'm currently nursing that monster on my c drive virus :(
I like Bush bashing so much so that I even hailed Laden for being able to evade him and nothing else.

12:11 PM

Time will show what Bush has in store..

The poem has all the retribution he called for...yet, one can't say for sure..

because we seem going into the dark ages...looking at happenings around the world I feel so...

Pray and hope things better...but do they better if we ourselves do the same things that the world is doing ?

Change has to start with oneself...Oh! I am going into my lecture...let me stop :)


12:15 PM

V need more heroes like Muntadhar al-Zaidi...George Bush is universally disliked..he has never been mentioned with respect and admiration..hes a bloody dog!

Americans r confident tht Obama will turn the economy around..the hopes for the new President are extraordinarily high..

1:37 PM

i have started respecting bush now... i am not making a joke praveen.. seriously... will write a post on him soon..

and the poem was sad in one way and funny in many ways...

2:29 PM

loved the pic!!!

3:02 PM

hell bent.. hell bent 4 money!!

3:04 PM

Ha ha, I like the pic. :-D

You have a way with words.

Real-life harassment? :-o

3:28 PM

he's answerable, atleast to God..

and thanks for those truck load of awards

hehehe..even I was a bin laden fan sometime back until the idiots turned their eye on India..

yeah.things r getting worse each day that all have begun wondering whr's the flexure point from where the trend will reverse...
and yeah, its ok..u can lecture freely here.:)

lets hope that those big hopes will make obama perform better..

shocking!am waiting for that post from you..

hell bent for leather,my brother:P

real life harrasment:P...secrett

12:30 AM

seriously a gr8 pic,,, and an even better poem.... !! kewl work macha!!

4:24 AM

Hi Praveen,

I am going off the topic from Bush and the world outside...to our world of blogs...at some point it is needed...

The flexure point of breaking the common thread lies 'within' oneself, i think...

But I myself am wondering if the common thread is for the common good..then perhaps I need to change myself..adapt myself to this world....But I wouldn't still know if its of any use..

Perhaps, give it a bit more time :)


8:35 AM

thats like one of the funniest picture I've seen in ages !! :D

"Waiting for you, my cruel friend
Praying for you, for a scary end"....LOL, I had fun reading this !! Only wish if the poems in our school days were atleast half as fun as this.

10:05 AM

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Awesome piece of work!

6:35 PM

Bloody brilliant...

And yeah, good riddance to America's Bush (pun intended) ;)

Take care bro'.


2:05 AM

hey u know what..saddam prob murdered more ppl than u think and the ones u claim that bush 'killed' were casualities of war...
i was and i am a strong opponent of the iraq war but what happened in iraq( the kurdish killings etc) actually pales in comparison to what the american troops did in iraq...
guess u hate bush more than saddam...u ought to hate them both!!!

7:38 PM

lol...he sure is going there..[even our so called "leaders"]

9:30 AM

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