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a 'welcome' message at Sangama

It was an uncharacteristically early rise on a cold saturday morning for me. But the purpose for which I was sacrificing my morning sleep made me energetic. Yes, me and my roomies were heading for a trip to Mekedatu, Sangama and Chunchi falls. Five of us ser out in 3 bikes braving cold winds at about 6 'O Clock. The Kanakapura road had little traffic. So it was perfect for a zip-zap-zoom ride. Though it was bumpy and pot holed at many places. Kanakapura was a much smaller town that what I expected. From there, the road to Sangama passed through many a villages. At many places we really doubted if we were travelling on main roads or through some small 'gali'. There were some dry crops laid out like carpet on the roads to separate the chaff. Cows, sheeps and goats were roaming freely on the roads that sometimes we had to ride on the non existent foot paths. We saw the board to Chunji falls on the way but we decided to visit Sangam and Mekedatu first. There were a couple of really dangerous hair pin curves along the road which are said to have caused many accidents. So, after a ride of 100Kms and 2 hours, during which we spent a lotta time photographing and resting, we reached the Sangama.
the bumpy ride to Mekedatu after crossing the river

posing to glory

Sangama is the meeting place of rivers Arkavathy and Cauvery. What greeted us was the big red board screaming 'Danger!' It gave us scary description of the danger posed by crocodiles and strong under currents. Also, the board was dedicated to the memory of someone who lost their life at that very point. Can you ask for a better welcome message? Anyway, the really shallow water didn't seem much of a threat. After walking through the water for sometime, we settled in a small island under a tree to eat the bread, biscuits and chips that we carried with us. At some distance from there, we saw a sculpture of some Goddess with only the head portion above water. To get a closer look, we had to walk barefooted through waterbed covered with stones, broken beer bottles and all. Near this sculpture was another full lenth sculpture of a Godess with the hand severed. We guessed this might have come there after it was immersed in the river after some festival. We couldn't find any other possibility.
the unwanted sculpture in water at sangam


From Sangama, we proceeded to Mekedatu. We could've taken a bus but we decided to go by bike. For that, first we had to cross the river in the bike. The 2 others did well whereas I sank my poor unicorn deep in the water on both onward and return trip. We had to pay 50 per bike just to enter the the Mekedatu road. The road was not tarred and it was one of the bumpiest ride we ever had. For about 4 Kms, we had an enjoyable ride along the river through the dusty road. The first look at Mekedatu from the top took our breath away. It was a long rocky gorge, through the centre of which the river was flowing rapidly. The same river which was silent and calm at the Sangam was unleashing all its fury at this place and it had changed its colour too considerably. The rocks were shiny as well as slippery. At the other side, we could see mysteriously shaped holes on the rocks. We went down along the rocks to the farthest and lowest point possible until we could touch the waters. We realised how dangerous it was only when we looked at couple of snaps at home and also read reports of many lives lost at these places. After a pretty long stay at the place, we decided to return. As we were getting out I was in for a surprise as I met Panky and his gang getting down from the bus. But unfortunately, we had only time for a Hi n Bye. Hope to see the awesome snaps from his camera soon.
looking down upon U

Mekedatu-the narrow gorge

We crossed the river again and set off to Chunchi falls. It didn't have much of water to speak about. Its best to visit the place during monsoons. The sculpture like rocks and the sheer size of it made up for the lack of water. There are a couple of really dangerous points at the top, which can deceive you. We realised it only when we had a look of it from the bottom of the falls. After another eating session and an hour of rest, it was time to bid goodbye. The sun was starting to go down as we started our bikes. As we rode on through the villages, the cattle were heading back home after a day of worriless grazing. The sights and smells of the villages were one to savour for a long time. The picturesque mountains seemed even more beautiful under the rays of the setting sun. As darkness fell, a full moon came into view. It guided us for the rest of the journey till Bangalore.
Time to rest on the rocks, by the raging river

Travel info- silkboard-BTM Flyover-Bannerghatta road-kanakapura road-deviation to left from Kanakapura-Sangama-cross the river-bus/bike/walk to Mekedatu.

2 hours journey from Bangalore. About 100 Kms. Very few shops along the road. So better to carry food and water. Roads are dangerous at some places. Also don't venture too much into the waters. Rocks are slippery at many places.

your crusader Praveen

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awesome wonderful place.. the posing to glory picture was way too sooper cool.. man i wanna go there...

11:04 AM

enda ammo!! jabri hands in pocket look is damn cool... kick ass pix...

6:54 PM

Hi Praveen,

was transported to my college days for a while...

Nostalgic memories of those youthful days...

we were a cool lot :)


the font size is too small for me at this time...i'll come gain to read during the day :)

9:27 PM

Wow... Someone's having a whale of a time! Awesome snaps big guy...


10:20 PM

looks like u had a great time...hope to visit some of these places when my training schedule gets completed...

6:31 PM

please dont get into the water there a lot of crocodiles there in january a person was dragged inside and after 4 day sthe half eaten body was let out its a very dangerous place and in chunchi falls there are alligators infesting the area

10:48 AM

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