To forgive and forget  

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Last week's bomb blasts have shook the nation and it is still shaking what with the fear of another attack hanging in the air. Its still not clear who actually did it. At this time, there's one question that arises. Are we giving the deserved punishment to the terrorists whom we catch? The answer is a big NO. Our lenient laws coupled with corrupt politicians with an eye on the vote bank ensure that these hard core criminals live a luxurious life in prison. Debates will go on about what to do with them. One or the other party would object to their execution. And then one fine day, a hostage drama unfolds and the next day the terrorists will be freed.

Its high time we brought in stringent laws atleast to deal with terrorists. They shouldn't be given even a trial at a court. Just hang them as soon as they are caught or just shoot their brains to hell. There's no point in that old idea of Indians forgiving and forgetting. This has gone on for too long. Its time for some serious action.

PS- It was disgusting to watch the opposition parties(which now includes the left also) blaming the government after the blasts. Blaming the ruling party for any petty reason has become a fashion of late. Instead of giving some constructive inputs on what to do at this hour of crisis, they went on with their usual excercise of 'making hay while the sun shines'.

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