Iran and starless ADs  

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Listen all you AD gurus and AD superstars. Train your ears to what is happening in Iran. The government there has banned sportspersons and film stars from acting in ADs. The reason given is that ADs promote consumerism in soceity. Just think what will happen if this rule is implemented in our India. Cricketers and actors will be crying hoarse. Among the filmstars, Shahrukh will be the one who is going to be affected the most. As AD hungry he is, he's starring in commercials ranging from cars to ladies' bath soap. We'll be back to watching those famous ADs from the good old doordarshan days-a la "Vicco turmeric, nahi cosmetic...vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream" or the unbearably dull ADs by government agencies-remember the ones about tax payment or tha famous mala D ads? Also we could get more ADs like the Hutch pug or the airtel 'expressions' AD. The AD gurus will be forced to put their creative hats to use as they have to make an impresson without the help of stars. The quality of advertisements will go up once the stars are out of it. Have you ever noticed that the ADs starring the stars are mostly done to project the star and doesn't warm your heart like the raymond ADs starring unknowns or the Hutch ad starring the pug? Hope to see more such ADs coming out from Iran in the near future.

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