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These days, if you take a newspaper in the morning and start turning the pages, every page looks like page 3. There are volumes written on glitzy parties thrown by wealthy wannabe celebrties. There are snaps oozing with glamour of mostly unknown people with random names like John, Jack, Rahul, Arshad, Jenny, Vidya etc etc. There are also some celebrity pics thrown in. I've always wondered who these people actually are? Because, these are not people you usually see in the news nor are they known public figures. But, these people's snaps are there on page 3 with their names given underneath as if they are well known people. I was thinking may be am not so informed on the glitzy party world. Then it happened. Recently, I saw the pic of a gal whom I know in page 3 of Bangalore times. Thats when I understood, you need not be a celebrity to be in those pages but you just need to have a fat pocket...Just think to what depths journalism has slumped.
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