Rama!Kya hai yeh drama?  

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O Lord! R u hearing this? Last year, the Indian government said there was no one called Lord Rama and so there was no Ramsethu. Karunanidhi even went a level higher and asked whether Rama was a civil engineer to build such a bridge. After such absurd comments, yesterday there was another WTF comment from the attorney representing the Indian Government in this case-'Lord Rama destroyed the Raamsethu himself to prevent the lankans from crossing over to India.' This statement is a clear contradiction of the Government's earlier statement that Rama never existed. How can a man(or God) who never existed build and destroy a bridge? Eventhough, they took back that statement about his existence later, this incident is a clear indicator of how the government is trying to fool the people by distorting history and facts.

The UPA's current renewed interest in the Sethusamudram project is connected with the farcical trust vote that happened two days back. This sudden interest is a favour in return for karunanidhi and his men's votes for the UPA in the trust vote. Just like Shibhu Soren being escorted straight from his prison cell to the ministerial palace. Shame on you filthy politicians. You are India's cancer.
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