Mudcakes-Will You eat it?  

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Mudcakes-Will You eat it?Today afternoon, I had a heavy lunch. I've this habit of reading newspaper at our reception after lunch. Today's reading session proved to be a shocking as well as a depressing affair. Am talking about a report that I saw in today's paper about the situation in Haiti. There, due to hunger and poverty, people are actually eating mudcakes. Yes, you read it right. Cakes made out of mud. They even have to pay for this mud. After making the mud into small shapes, they dry it. In the evening, the whole family eats it by adding some salt. Its not tasty, its not healthy. Still they are eating it. Just to fill their stomachs. I found this news totally unbelievable. How could anyone even think of surviving by eating mud? It was also disturbing to read having eaten stomach full of food and also having wasted some food. These kind of news make us realise just how fortunate we are. And still we complain.

PS- This deep crisis happened because of some stupid decisions of the government. In the 80's, the Government of Haiti eased import restrictions and this resulted in cheap foreign food products spreading all over the country. Though the customers were happy, the economy started to crumble since the main driving force was agriculture. With the advent of foreign food, their own indigenous products couldn't find any buyers. And with the rise in oil prices and the crumbling economy, the downfall of Haiti was complete. Infact, its one of the worst affected countries in the world.
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