Starving Billionaires  

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I guess most of you must have heard about the inflation rate of 1,70,000 in Zimbabwe. The iconic image of a zimbabwean beggar boy clutching a big heap of zimb dollars been ciculating on the net for a pretty long time. What made me think about this again was that disgusting scene of Indian MPs flashing crores of rupees yesterday in the Lok sabha. If India was having the same inflation rate, to create the same effect as they created yesterday, they would've to bring in truckloads of money inside the parliament. Still they wouldn't be having enough to buy a tomato from the market. For your info, tomato costs 3 million in Zimb. If we go to Zimb now, we can fulfill that dream of living as a billionaire atleast for one day. Remember eurotrip? :D
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I wouldnt say India is in such bad state like Zimbabe. Inflation which was triggered off by oil prices was a common scenario in many countries. However things are not so worse like zimbzbe where Robert Mugambo, the dictator has no idea of the economics to run a state.

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