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October 15 2008-A momentous day in the history of blogs. Today, thousands of blogs the world over will discuss the same topic-Poverty. Titled 'Blog action day', this is an initiative to 'change the conversation' to shed light on this global problem and arrive at various steps to alleviate poverty. Am posting this song on the big issue of farmer's suicide in India. I started writing this last year and left it after four lines. Yesterday night I completed it.

Every year thousands of farmers in India are ending their lives because of high debts and extreme poverty. There were many cases of whole families committing suicide. Widespread industrialisation, lack of help from Government, unexpected natural calamities and the worsening economic conditions have almost made it sure that agriculture is on the way to its graveyard. Hope the Government reinvents its agricultural policy and save the fast diminishing breed of farmers. I dedicate this song to all those men who died on the very land they used to cultivate.

*****The Final Harvest******
Staring at the twisted noose
hanging from the shattered roof
My sturdy hands go numb
Am I doing something dumb?

My first smell was that of the soil
On which I had a life of toil.
My first steps were on this land
which always gave me a helping hand.

The rub of the green used to go my way
everyday was meant to make hay
Songs of harvest were on my lips
Worry was nowhere to be seen a bit.

Then, one fine day, it all dried up
the streams were flowing empty
as was my child's stomach
the crops were waiting death.

the land of green is a thing of past
skyscrapers mock at me from there
Highways zoom over from nowhere
Where should I go, am unaware.

Silently I cry, helplessly I plead
But no one here to pay heed
For they are all gone, my family,
Four lives taken by poverty.

The fertile land which bore me
Now smells of innocent blood.
As the noose tightens around my neck,
I know for sure I was never dumb.

As the world sheds millions of tears over the crashing markets and the falling billionaires, lets all shed a single tear for these unforgotten men who doesn't have the bank balance for the media to go after them. Afterall, without people like them, we can never dream of having a hearty meal.

Check these heart rending images of poverty from another blog action day blog


your crusader Praveen

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nice poem. speaks out the truth of our state

10:54 PM

hey u shud strt performing again..beautiful message, brilliantly conveyed..and we do need these kind of songs wid a social message.

1:00 AM

such a niice post praveen...

Its very sad tat these days economics is so bloody important.

no money no just some scraps of paper rule our small world..

5:51 AM

Well said, but then... we are all very good at standing on the soap box and shouting out all that is wrong with the world. And while that does help in creating an awareness and getting like mineded people together, the "Action" still needs to gain momentum, all over...! Especially on the part of those who Rule.

Sad but true, the streams dry out, and so stomachs stay empty...

And the harvest become horrendous, when it is the very harvester who becomes the harvest!

This one stirs the conscience...
Keep up the good work, Crusader!

6:55 AM

hey nice pictures and i went and saw the blog action link... lot of souls have written too.. pulling me to write one.. cool.

10:57 AM

very well written :)
They r truly the unsung heroes of India
chk this

12:10 PM

true that without people like them, we can never dream of having a hearty meal.
a very noble posting :)

12:21 PM

A sensitive topic. This is one of those things that is always at the back of our minds but we never seem to bother much unless something grave happens. I loved the poem, very emotional and touches somewhere.

I remember, we staged a play in school, showing three situations. A celebrity dies, the country grieves for him, an ordinary man dies, his family grieves for him, but a farmer dies and he dies a lonely death without anyone to shed a tear.

This was the first poem that brought tears to my eyes, and I don't say it to flatter you, it is the truth. This reality is staring us in the face, and we are trying to runaway from it, but for how long? Till all farmers die and we have no food to eat?

There's a suggestion,I'd like to give here. As bloggers, it's wonderful that such an initiative is being done. But what next? Is there any way we can help them? Let's find that out and see how we can do our little bit to help save those precious lives. :)

7:27 PM


hopefully,aftr sometime...hehehe:D

indeed this paper rules over everything

yes, action is the thing that is missing most of the time. Even if somebody sets out to do something there will be thousands of detractors..
with 'blog action day' some brilliant ideas have evolved which plans to eradicate or atleast lessen poverty by bringing together NGOs, governments of different nations and others who are interested. It has brought the issue back in focus again. Hope something comes out of this.

yeah..write one man..though the day is over

read that..Good one. Pinpointed almost all the reasons for this tragedy.


thts a nice idea for a play. U directed that?

the words u said r the best compliment I can ever get.

We could setup an all India blogger's club for charity where bloggers can contribute in some way to matters like this. Contribution can be monetary or in any other form. It can even be ideas that can bring in changes. It would be helpful if we can work in tie up with some NGO as most of here dont have any experience in how to go about it.

10:25 PM

Thanks Praveen!

No, I didn't direct the play, the teacher did. The basic plot was mine, and I helped in the scripting process. It wasn't a great success though. Perhaps, this plot is more suited for a documentary, than a play. I can visualize it as a short film, "My Experiments with Death", reflecting on the Gandhian philosophy of an ideal nation. I am trying to find out information on NGOs working with farmers. Will keep you posted on that front :)

10:33 AM

The poignancy of it all... Bravo! *applauds*

3:05 PM

you should make that short film once you learn the tricks of the trade. and yes, keep me posted on that.

thnks man:)

10:34 PM

a very telling picture!

7:26 AM

nice blog man

9:15 AM

@kochuthresiamma,thulasi kakkat

11:43 AM

Hello. And Bye.

5:18 AM

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