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******why is it so**********
Why is it so
that the god hid his oneness
why is it so
that he left the world to fight

The fallen mosque, the broken temple
the looted church and the slain monk.
Lost are the sacred idols of yore,
buried under the communal debris.

The clouded conscience of the spiritual merchant,
selling lessons of religious hatred,
to those learned unwise souls,
Their god is fraud, he preaches.

missing the oneness of it all
training eyes on the dual.
caught napping unknowingly forever
As the ages die and religions rise.

Another song that I wrote last year. Wrote the last 2 stanzas about 3 months after I completed the first two. The image is of the famous Buddha statue at Bamiyan in Afghanistan after its destruction by the Taliban. The symbol of world's most peaceful religion lying in tatters under attack from one of world's worst regimes ever.

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nice one dude..:)..but i dont really subscribe the "oneness" that u prescribed...we can be believers of diff religions and still co-exist...anyways homogenity does not gurantee society free of strife..

p.s. i blogrolled u too..:)

5:59 PM

thats really sad state... wonderfully written

6:30 PM

Beautiful... Let me know if you set it to tune, bro'.

"The clouded conscience of the spiritual merchant,
selling lessons of religious hatred,
to those learned unwise souls,
Their god is fraud, he preaches."
--- loved these lines... How telling!

Would like your opinion on these two;


I feel this fighting and stuff... There has been some misinterpretation of text. Yes, I agree, not all religions speak of non-violence. But there has to be levels of tolerance in us humans! Humanism, is the need of the hour...


6:52 PM

And dude, I 've mailed u a link to sort out your date problem.

6:53 PM

Wonderfully written..nt a bit of exaggeration or fantasy added..the real plight of this world now

11:53 PM


Oneness can be interpreted as tolerance too dude. Abstract thought. And well, Universalism is an idea too. Which was why Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had the Universal temple(s) built.

11:59 PM

yes, we can believe in our own religions. but we all should realise is all these gods are one..only then conflicts can be prevented. but its too much of an ask in the modern world

thnks man

i wrote it for the band. but we didn't tune it.

read those 2..comments r thr in ur blog.
and also thnks 4 the mail..am gonna try that soon..


12:06 AM

Great meaningful poetry...donno how it will be as a song...dinno u write songs! I guess ur hitting at co-existence and I wonder if its possible any more.

1:02 AM

used to write lot of songs for my band back home..now tht has reduced..write one or two inbetween

1:11 AM

very nice way to bring out the emotion.
Yes i too think tat we have lost the emotion of oneness and togetherness and hav become rock like in such emotions but it can't be called apathy as we still do hav emotion for wrong things.. for fight for war for cheating for cruelty.

very well written praveen!!

2:57 PM

first things first: I like the new look :D (im visiting ur blog after ages)

if ive understood ur poetry right, God did not leave us 2 fight..v ourselves fight in the name of religion, God, caste, creed, color etc etc..

v discriminate, v segregate..

terrorism is synonymous with India now..today its delhi and Malegaon, tomm it'll b mumbai, day after it'll b Kerala..then B'lore and Gujrat again..

3:47 PM

Hey Praveen

Beautiful words. They speak so much for themselves. I think God didn't leave us to fight. He just left us alone to see what we do and we fought.

Loved the third stanza, great work!

Keep writing :)


4:32 PM

where ya working bro?

9:07 PM

xactly. we have emotions for all the wrong things.

yes.god dint leave us to fight. But the all powerful that he is, he could've done something to educate these mad communalists about the oneness of god..hmm..maybe he does have some purpose in that

"He just left us alone to see what we do and we fought."..thts a nice way of describing the whole thing..

working in infosys

10:08 PM

thanks :)

11:26 PM

hey well written...so much of sad state of affairs of our world compressed in those few lines..

4:14 PM

@ mathew

9:58 PM

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