Who's bad? Gambhir or Watson?  

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Aussies have done it again. 'Provoke and trap', the Aussie strategy has worked again. The latest casualty in this well set trap is Gautam Gambhir. Yesterday, Shane Watson provoked him with an outstretched hand and some real nice words while he was taking a run. He returned the favour as he ran back with a slight elbowing, which he himself termed as unintentional. He was again targeted by Simon Katich. Now, what we see today is that Watson was let off with a small fine and Gambhir was banned for the next test match. This is another case in a long line of ones where the victim is the one who is punished. And by some strange coincidence, these victims happen to be Asians.

Aussies are real bad losers. The moment they find that they are losing their grip on the game, they let out their ugly side. Many might not have forgotten the Monkeygate at Sydney. Gilchrist, one of the few Aussie players I used to respect, showed his 'true colours' with some uncharitable comments against a man who is considered as the embodiment of fair play on the field. After retiring, he found himself out of the limelight and this was the way he discovered to get himself back there. Another hidden agenda was popularising his book. Now, he's at it again with more such comments on Sourav Ganguly. I pity these guys. Ponting, before coming to India for the current tour, was bragging about the Australian brand of attacking cricket and made fun of India's old school game. Once the real game started, the tables turned and Indians played attacking cricket whereas Aussies went into ultra defensive mode. Then they went into 'attack' mode, not with their bat or ball, but with their behaviour. As usual, the best performing player was targeted. But, unexpectedly they got a taste of their own medicine. And, the administrators with that 'Hate Asia' agenda didn't like it.
the McGrath-Sarwan spat

I don't understand, why this partiality? The Australian team was bowling at a slow over rate. If my memory serves right, this was the reason for which Sourav Ganguly was banned for a few tests some years back. Then, why did they not take action against 'Punter' Ponting? There are numerous such cases where they have gone scot free and we've got punished. BCCI's monetary clout been troubling them for a long time. Now this is the way these jealous guys get over this frustration. Though the Aussies appear tough from outside, they are real cry babies inside. They'll taunt you with expletives of the highest order. If you give one back, they'll cry foul. Remember that famous Sarwan-McGrath spat? McGrath asked Sarwan, "How's Lara's 'u know what'?". He just replied "Ask your wife". Quite a funny retort. But McGrath got really angry. If you can't bear with it, don't do such things in the first place. But these guys never understand. They neednot. Because, they have the match referees and the administrators at ICC to help them by punishing the victim.

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your crusader Praveen

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THE GREAT WINDIES had their fall but they never took to sledging...

now the aussies are on a fall.. and they could not take it that easily...
a very good post.. just not because i am an indian, but after reading gilly's comments on bhajji, ganguly and the most respected"tendulkar", i really feel sorry for the ossie kids..

grow up kids.. or drink milk and sleep.. thats all we can say to them

9:49 AM

Typo during the start..its TEST match,nt TEXT match :)

Btw,you got all the validities thr..I was way to shocked when I read in the newspaper that Gambhir has been banned frm the next match..due to "elbowing" Watson! Wtf! Aussies have been doing this since long..and actually they're plainly scared of the fact that the 206 scorer might beat their team black and blue! They're doing all this intentionally,which is so damn cheap!
The Bhajji stuff in which it was "so called-ly" said that Bhajji was teasing Symond by doing tht monkey action was so damn funny..when Bhajji came down on 10 ka dum,then he confessed that he was actually scratching his arm pits and the shutterbugs caught that picture to be a mocking action on Symonds.Rotfl!
Aussies make me laugh..
And don't worry..Gambhir is gonna appeal..sab theek ho jayega! :P

10:51 AM

Spot on Praveen..

This is Aussies,sledging and provoking players is a part of their game plan and they are executing it very well.They wil do anything to win a match.Now Gambhir will miss the 4th test(he is the highest run scoreer in the series)thats what the aussies wanted..

Anyway BCCI is going for appeal in the case of Gambhir,lets see what happends..

In the case of Gilchrst,i lost the respect to him after his comments..

2:09 PM

Taste of their own medicine for sure! What Shane Watson did was completely uncalled for, just shows how desperate the team was to get Gambhir packing! As Sunil Gavaskar said, these match referees really seem to be biased against Asians! Now that the BCCI has appealed against the verdict, hopefully Gambhir gets to play the final test. A win here would be the perfect answer to all that is happening on the field and off it!

8:05 PM

To suffer injustice is just as terrible a crime as to perpetrate that injustice, it is believed, isn't it? But then the shoe suddenly is on the other foot for the one who reacts to injustice... and as you mention, time and again, on the Cricket Field, it is the "Asian" who gets the rough end of the stick!

That particular snippet from the match was screened endlessly, right through the match [at which point, as you must have noticed, the commentators just laughed lightly, and joked!!!!] and later on the different news channels with captions ranging from the utterly unbelievable to laid back judgement!

All said and done, there is just one question I'd like to ask - Will the Ozzies ever learn? Especially to behave? And stop running to "mommy" ICC, everytime they lose nerve...?? They cannot take the heat and they escape each and every Bl**** time... !!! Some tactics these! The "bodyline" tactics of the English, years before is silly in the face of this assault.. oops, Mental Toughness!!! :P

My son was just quoting from "Three Mistakes... ", Chetan Bhagat's book, of how Australia is 20 million strong, population wise, and India is 1 Billion, with a growth rate of 2 %, pa.. so we actually create an Australia every year, and still get creamed, most often by their tactics. Not anymore; and I like the gutsy way our players are paying them back in their own coin!!!

Great post, Praveen! I do look forward to reading from you!

10:01 PM

Dude... you just spoke what I had in mind. Especially the McGrath-Sarwan face off. There are a number of other instances too... Ashes- they sledge Thorpe by asking who his wife was sleeping with (his wife had been cheating on him). But when Sarwan makes a reference to Jane, tempers flare? Thts like calling bluff..!

Sometimes I hate the BCCI- especially with the way they have been treating the ICL. But it is when they rally around the Men in Blue like they did back in Oz early this yr, tht I feel this powerhouse can do something to teach the Aussies a lesson. For eg, they made the ICC agree tht India shd be the co-host the next WC and not Oz! :D

Coming back to the topic... Well, this gora-ko-milga-upper-hand policy has gone a bit too far now. I have always hated the Aussies (thanks to a childhood rivalry tht I still maintain!); all this has given me enough and more reason to continue despising them...

Ponting has been made to eat his own words... The "daddies" in Blue did made his 'blokes' look like amateurs. I hope it ends tht way... Nothing wd please me more than seeing those dingos from Down Under yelp back to where they came from. (And to those who think tht comment was 'racist', p*ss off!)

Sorry monsieur 'Gilchurch' (how a fan once addressed Adam)... Shaking hands is not everything. You guys are just like the oneday outfit you wear- YELLOW! (and GREEN too! No wonder you freaks proudly don the baggyGREEN)

Now THAT'S a good one on ya, mate!


Hey buddy... Hope you doing well. Was held up the past week. Catch u soon.

Tc. Peace.

11:59 PM

I do agree with most of what you say. But Gambhir was really dumb to do a deliberate physical contact. He should have let his mouth and bat talk instead of resorting to a physical contact. He deserves a rap for being dumb. I remember Dhoni once saying, if you sledge, make sure you ain't caught. The problem with our players is that they can't sledge properly.

10:28 AM

Gilchrist said something against Ganguly?? When?? What??? Hmmmpff X-(
Angere swasthamayi retire cheyanum samathikoole %$^$@&$%**

11:32 AM
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11:32 AM

I hate the Aussies. Their looks, uniforms, their attidue everything .. cry babies all of them. they adulterate the game, yet somehow play safe. nice one !!!

12:57 PM

windies played cricket in the right spirit unline aussies

loved tht comment:D...drink milk and sleep..hehhee

thnks..mistake corrected
bhajji scratching his armpits..thats a new info for me...haha//and quite funny

we'll sorely miss him

hope he gets to play the final test
and yeah...we'll surely win, wtever happens

loved the quote..one of the few things I liked in '3 mistakes of my life'..
bodyline, though a negative tactic pales in comparison to wat aussies does on the field..

BCCI..even I dont like much except in the cases where u mentioned, where they stood by the team. At all other occasions , they are just showing their money power. also, they disrespect our former cricketers like Kapil dev.

lovely comments on aussies and gilchurch:D

hehehe..agree a bit on that. He should've done it away from the camera's and umpire's view..

Gilchrist said tht Ganguly dint play the Nagpur test during the last series because he feared India might lose the test because of the pitch conductive to fast bowling. Dada was the captain then and he dint play because he was injured.

I hate them to a lesser extent than u i guess;)

4:39 PM

Come on..its natural..everyone does it :P

10:13 PM

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