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"India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country as well as Mr.George.W.Bush. I am proud of its rich and wealthy people. I shall always strive to be worthy of them. To US and Bush, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness"
-the Indian national pledge rewritten by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Please don't get ready to shred me to pieces. That was not meant as a sign of disrespect to the nation. I wrote it just after seeing Manmohan Singh's "Indians love bush" comment. I never expected this educated and respectable man to make such a stupid comment. Its no secret that the majority of Indians hate this mass murder machine which goes by the name of Bush. And just because the US congress passed a nuclear deal, Indians are not gonna kiss his hand and sing his praises. This comment, coming from India's prime minister is an embarrasment for all of us. His love for US is well known. Thats his personal choice. But, why stoop down to such a level and embarass a whole nation? Just think about it, We, as a nation of peace loving citizens(inspite of terrorism and religious fundamentalism) declaring our love for Bush in an international forum. Such a shame.

If the Bush comment was not enough, Manmohan was ready with another comment-"India won't support Iran's nuclear program". Don't forget that this is a statement from a country which was planning for a gas pipeline with Iran. It was from 2005, when India first voted against Iran at the IAEA that relations began to sag. All these statements coming a few days after the nuclear deal went through, is a clear indication of where matters are heading. US will dictate, India will obey. Never have we surrendered our pride before anyone. But what Mr.Singh is doing is just that. We always had independent views on foreign affairs. But, going by these recent developments, we might not have an independent view even on internal affairs. It would be good if these people remembered the time-proven fact that US is never a reliable ally. Its just like giving milk to a snake. You never know when its gonna turn around and bite. But, as an Indian, I really do wish something good happens out of the nuclear deal.

Just beforeyou start blasting me, read this 2006 newspaper report-
US Concerned Over India-Iran Ties Says Rice(source-spacewar.com)

The United States is concerned over India's ties with Iran but will not ask it to sever links with the Islamic republic in return for American civilian nuclear fuel and technology, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday. "The United States has made very clear to India that we have concerns about their relationship with Iran," she told a Senate hearing on the controversial US-India civilian nuclear deal. "We've made clear to them we have concerns about the pipeline. We have made clear to them that we have concerns about their initial" reservations about bringing Iran before the UN Security Council over its nuclear program, Rice said. "So, of course, we have concerns about the relationship with Iran," she said. Iran, which Washington accuses of trying to build a nuclear bomb and being a state sponsor of terror, is nearing an accord with India and Pakistan for a natural gas pipeline project costing more than seven billion dollars. Despite its initial reservation, India voted for a referral of the Iranian nuclear program to the UN Security Council. Several Senators during the hearing Wednesday expressed concerns over India's military links with Iran, including New Delhi's reported training of Iranian naval personnel. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, citing a defence journal report, said it was "very disturbing" that India provided training to Iranian naval personnel at Kochi, the headquarters of the Indian Navy's Southern Command, under a three-year-old military cooperation agreement. Rice said two Iranian warships had just paid a port call on the Indian southern city and there was no military training involved. "There have been Iranian ship port calls in India. The assertion, we understand, that they train Iranian sailors is not right. There have been and probably will be Iranian port calls in a number of countries in the world," she said.

Hope now u got what I meant.

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Your crusader Praveen

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do people hate Bush or America .. ? bush is not a dictator atleast the last time i saw ... and Indian politics and foreign affairs policies .. well they have always been cowardly dear ... the pride u talk of unfortunately was given up completely the day we forgot about the attack on out parliament the symbol of our country and its governance

4:55 PM

nice post though .. good that you highlighted the sycophant-ism

4:55 PM

I totally agree. Anyway, the nuke deal itself is an embarassment. Kalaam's told us that we have lots of thorium reserves in our country and should develop our own nuke capability. If we'd done that, ten years from now, the world would be buying nuke technology from us. But no, we have to go eat out of America's hands. Rice recently commented that even if India conducts one nuke test, the deal will be affected. Are we a sovereign nation anymore? I wonder if the constitution will remain relevant in the wake of such blatant declaration of love to another country. I mean its as good as paying tribute to the crown in the pre-independance time right?

5:29 PM

Bush is still a dictator, same is the case with almost every american president. Their policy of attacking any othr country which doesn't dance to its tunes has earned them so many haters. well, this comment by manmohan was the last nail in our pride's coffin

yeah, read about rice's comment yesterday. Did the congress fight so much for this?? shame on them

5:43 PM

My first impression was his fight with Kimi Raikkonen was fair. After cutting the chicane, Lewis let Kimi back into the lead. That’s the normal procedure. Nothing wrong there. From the outside, it looks like a good clean fight. I mean, it did look like Kimi didn’t give him any room, so cutting the chicane was the only option right?

Want to comment?

5:49 PM

hehhee.e...thts funny..what exactly did u read?

5:52 PM

A body of billion people ruled by an Italian and a Sardar... The 3 powerful ppl in the world have names like B*sh, D*ck, C*lin [read: Colon]...

Bush says- "We are fighting evil..." Bush warns- "In this war against terror, the other countries are either with us... Or with the terrorists!" (Whaaat a laagic! Sooperrr!) America always plays the role of an Overseer, and no one can question...

Good post bro'... Hope it sinks inside everyone. What our Honourable Prime minster said took me by surprise too... A rude one at tht... Ah well...


6:37 PM

i tend to largely agree with u on the disbelief surrounding Manmohan's expression of Indians liking for him...As a representative of a billion people, he should be more careful about what he says..

Now this is where we i dont agree with u...i dont understand why we have to overtly support Iran in their ambitions of becoming a nuclear weapons state..bcos that clearly is not in our interests and a country with such a poor track record as a democracy will only become another pakistan(w.r.t proliferation of nuclear weapons to unstable regions such as north korea, libiya etc...remember the A Q Khan case)

one more thing is that Iran cannot entirely be considered our friend ...they vote year in year out at the OIC AGAINST india whenever the Kashmie issue is brought up..to put it in lay terms they are reasserting pakistan's claims over Indian administered Kashmir...not once have they spoken up in favour of india...

now this being the case i dont understand why we have to bat for Iran when they dont even move an inch for us...or is it the sympathy that generously flows around in India for muslims and muslim countries..

p.s. i am not against any religion or itself followers..:)

10:35 PM

hehhe..loved tht comment..tht Italian is one person I hate the most in India. And then comes her stupid son, who's being hailed as the next Indian PM. Have these people ever heard him talk sensibly?
coming to Bush, am lost for words:D

I kind of agree with some of your points on Iran. But the problem is that the current position that India is taking against them is just because they are being asked so by the USA. Is this what independence stands for?
Also, Iran cannot be written off so lightly. The pipeline with them is a dream project which can help india greatly. Also, there's no proof as to whthr Iran is actually producing Nuclear weapons

12:50 AM

Hey...the stand that india has taken against Iran is not new and hence cannot be seen as one dictated by the US. For e.g. India has always taken the stand that another nuclear weapons state in the region will be destabiliatory.. and much more so in the case of Iran which has sworn to erase nations off the map of the world...(imagine nuclear weapons in the hands of these despots...scary..)

and abt the pipeline project..the impression that one get's is that Iran is not serious abt the project..the reasons being that they are rather unwilling to get third party verification of the gas fields, quoting four times the market price for gas etc..

now this is what i read between the lines.. iran wishes to use this gas project as a tool to improve ties with India knowing fully well India's apparent political compulsions for engaging with muslim countries..and from there they hope that india will bat for them at various world bodies...keep dreaming iran...

11:14 AM

lets juz finish it off with "SCREW YOU BUSH!!!"

p.s. wats with the new layout???

10:22 PM

that gave me a new angle on Iran's interest in India. Now I've really started thinking in a different way on iran. But I still stand by my opinions on India's inept surrender before the US..

yeah..screw him and all those sychophant Indian leaders
ps- Hows the theme?liked it?:D

10:26 PM

Dude am trying out the same theme on a test blog... The dates are showing for me. But I'm facing problems with the widgets...

10:58 PM

@ eborâguebi

Look London, talk Tokyo? :D

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Donnow y dates are having problems with me..did u do anything special to show the dates?

widgets, wats the problem u r having? for the recent posts and comments widgets, u have to do certain tweaks..
visit here-http://www.eblogtemplates.com/setup-recent-posts-recent-comments/

or r u having probs with 3rd party widgets?

ps- loved tht comment u gave to tht crazy guy eborageubi:P

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I'm having trouble with some of those 3rd party widgets... Guess nothing can be done abt them.

Ul lose the current widgets tht u ve when u change templates, rite?

Another thing (silly, as it mite sound) is tht... well, I wanted the 'Posted by' thing to be different. U cant change it... I prefer something wacko like 'Doodled/Scribbled etc. by'...

And the date thing; yeah... I got it fixed. A long process... Can I ve ur email address? Ll mail it...

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u'll lose the widgets. But I had copied all the codes of the current widgets in a txt file..so just had to copy them. Nevr tried ti change the 'posted by' stuff:D
If u want to put new 3rd party templates or just the codes of old one, its easy

btw, my mail id is blazeofglory2007@gmail.com

2:26 AM
The Army Guy  

Indian POlicies always have been cowardly... or should I say ..always more accomadationg for others... we dnt know how to take a stand.. which is the first step towards making a great nation...

10:42 AM

happy to have opened up new thought lines...hey i am not a big fan of Bush either...:)

p.s. sent u an invite on gtalk..

12:29 PM

doesn't have the crusader touch lyk the last one.. but its k... CHANGE IS INEVITABLE!! ;)

3:19 PM

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