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Another season of tags comes knocking. The first tag is from multimenon

Here it goes

1.What have you realized recently?
That am getting older by the day. This year's birthday gave me an awkward feeling that am not young anymore. But thankfully that feeling passed on after sometime and I was back to my cheerful self.

2.Have you given your first kiss away?
No. I even put up posters and announced free offers like "10 hugs and a chocolate" with a kiss. But, some offers just bite dust without people even noticing it. And sadly this was one of them. By the way, the offer is still up for grabs. All pretty ladies can apply.

3.If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
Am not taking any names here. There are lots of people that I want to take with me.

4.Where is the place you want to go the most?
Till last year, it used to be rio de janeiro, sydney, mexico etc. But now after coming to Bangalore, am missing my home a lot. So I would like to go to Trivandrum and spend time at my homeland.

5.If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
Not one, the list is endless. Want my old college band to become an international phenomenon and then we can spend our time touring the world and playing concerts like hell. It would be an exhilarating feeling to see lakhs of fans screaming for you and singing your songs alongwith you.

6.Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
Yeah, I do. Saw a brilliant rainbow some months back, here in Bangalore.

7.What are you afraid of losing the most now?
Whats the point in being afraid about losing something. Its better to be happy that you are having it with you now. Just get the thought of losing it outta your head.

8.If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Which fool will give me $1 million?

9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I would be telling before I write this.

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
That I wrote as a separate tag sometime back. Its here, a pretty long list.

11.What type of people do you hate the most?
people who fight in the name of religion, terrorists, lots of politicians, people who tell you one thing and thing the opposite in their mind...many more to add.

12.What is the one thing you can’t live without?
lots of things are there. parents,friends,music etc etc.

13.If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Yeah, I love frankness.

14.Are you a shopaholic or not?
Not much of a shopaholic, but sometimes am crazy about music and movie cds and books.

15.Find a word to describe the person who tagged you
his blog name would suffice.multimenon, the multi-talented.

16.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
I am happy with what I am now.

17.What’s the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
heard that Himesh is gonna act in more movies.

18.Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
Love, I need but I do need money atleast for a stomachful of food each day.

Now on to the second tag by akshaya.
I have to name my top 5 addictions.

1.MUSIC and my ipod-A.R.Rahman,Punk floyd,heavy metal,rock...I can't leave without these.
2.Guitar-though I been lazy recently in practising, I can't live without it.
3.Blogs and writing
4.My bike-addicted to speed
5.Food and drinks-coffee,tapioca n fish curry, chicken curry etc etc.

Now I've to tag some people..those who are interested can take up..
Akshaya - the 1st tag

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Guitar? superkewl..erm I was thinkin Rampal;)..ok will tk up the tag soon.

12:32 AM

have you really been to rio de genero? well well well, how did u find'em? learned some football tricks? how r the brazilian chics?

1:21 PM

oh i guess i got it wrong...u WANT to go to Rio to enjoy all the stuff i mentioned??
Am i right mr. crusader?

1:23 PM

rampal:P..hehehe..too much;)

no no, I never been to rio. Its just that I love the colourful culture of the country that I got to see from some documentaries and movies. And yeah, am a die hard fan of their soccer team:D

4:27 PM

heard that Himesh is gonna act in more movies..LOL!! I am shell shocked after hearing that!;-D

4:40 PM

yes, its true...get ready for karzzzzzz now:P

12:45 AM

poor old grandpa crusader;)..is that y u r trying out this new look:>

11:27 PM

heart is still young:P
and dont try to brand me as an old guy.hehhee

1:01 AM

Did the tag! Check it out!

5:11 PM

I didnt know i was tagged??? Ok i ll post mine soon

4:17 PM

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