The Race  

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*****The Race******
Life's a heady highway, they say
Be in the race, else you pay.
People scramble to get ahead,
Of the nearest familiar head.

I lay there, on the divider
the glory of the open sky all over.
Wondering aloud on the mad fuss,
No one cares, else they miss the bus.

Why so serious?, the joker asked,
Hiding his sorrows behind the paint.
Why so happy?, the human asks,
Dipping his smile in sorrow's palette.

I have smiles to give,
hills to play, dogs to chase.
rains to dance in, grass to roll on,
And a family to share it all with.

They have careers to make,
bills to pay, goals to chase.
They also have the family to ignore,
And smiles thrown outta door.

They call me, a loser in life
They laugh at me from the finish line
I laugh back and say, you left 'life' behind.
Yes, I, life, was having all the fun
while you ran for that extra dollar..

PS- The snap was taken during last week's visit to Palakkad. Yes, I would like to do my life's race in this one. A slow bumpy ride enjoying the simple pleasures of life.. :)
For more snaps from my Palakkad sojourn, head over to my photo blog

Weekend info- If you are a rock fan and if you are in Trivandrum this weekend, Hotel Taj in Vazhuthacaud is the place to be. 'Break on through the other side', a tribute concert for Jim Morrison, the legendary vocalist of 'The Doors' is happening on Sunday evening. The event is being conducted by Magic bus, the event managing company. Prominent rockers of Kerala from bands such as Motherjane, Avial, Rage, Chaos etc will be there to entertain you with Jim Morrison's immortal songs. Yes, If 'Roadhouse blues' rings a bell for you, then head over to Taj... Am heading to TVM morrow evening :) Wish you all a happy weekend..

your crusader Praveen

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travel, photography, music, concerts, star hotels... I envy you man. ;)

3:57 AM

nice to know u r slowed down enuff in life to smell the flowers along the way. few ppl do that :-)

the concert sounds awesome. Taj is a nice venue for it too. too bad i cant make it. enjoy urself!

10:34 AM

Damn it! I was in TVM last week and they cant do the show then! Always wanted to listen to The Doors live (cover band would do nicely!).

12:40 PM

And if you go hotel Taj, please say hi to my cousin. He works there. :P
I typed this and then I realised, 'No wait, he works in the Taj hotl in chennai.'
*slaps forehead*

Yanyways, wanted to say that i LOVE the pic. :)

5:17 PM

Loved that photo - rustic and romantic.Lucky you to be going to that concert,expecting a detailed post on it with pics et al ...Enjoy ..!!

10:49 PM

Good one - palakad seems to have inspired u a lot :)

7:31 AM

Good stuff! Paying a very heavy price, we run everyday, we realize it's heavy, yet we don't care to stay... sad. :( But wonderfully expressed, loved the Joker wala stanza! :) Keep going! :)

1:38 PM

star hotelil thaamasam onnumilla chetta ;0

yes..its gud to slowdown once in a while :D

bad timing man..concert was too good..detailed report coming up

@miss M
Its ok. Maybe next time when I visit chennai I'll pass that 'Hi' 4 u:)

thnks..sure, detailed post 'll be there

yea...U BET!

if we try hard enuf, we can slow down :D

10:16 AM

I have smiles to give,
hills to play, dogs to chase.
rains to dance in, grass to roll on,
And a family to share it all with.

Lucky U!!!!!

11:52 AM

Wow.. gr8 that u r getting time in between to do the things u love...
:( i will surely miss the concern, feeling so bad coz its soo near to my homeeeeee

6:18 PM

Nice pic Praveen. Which model is that ??? Scooters are nearing extinction, na ?? I just love them. Always felt more convenient to ride one of them, especially after shopping !

9:19 PM

Amazing thought! Loved the lines...

7:09 PM

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