How bad can the press get?  

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I was shocked after reading this article by Ajay on how one of Kerala's biggest mediahouses 'Malayala Manorama' played a stellar role in providing another roadblock for the Vizhinjam shipping terminal project. Its a must read article. Am saddened by the fact that the media which is expected to be a corrective influence are themselves playing the spoilsport. To fulfill their own selfish interests, medias like manorama are jeopardising the development of the state and the country. The basic standards in journalism are being broken by cooking up stories, false reporting and many such unhealthy practices. There's also selective reporting when they purposefully stay away from covering events which are not supporting their secret sinister causes. Seems like those ideals like media's commitment to the betterment of society have been sold to some street hawker who came to buy old newspapers. We have to stay away from newspapers like this. Please educate your friends and relatives on this.

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PS-One of my collegemates finished a 21 day trip around India some days back. He has covered places like Kargil, North-east etc. It was a small discovery of India in 3 weeks. I was surprised to hear about this trip since this been one of my dreams and its great to see someone actually ahving fulfilled it. And he did it all alone with awesome planning. Kudos to the guy. He has chronicled his travels day-by-day in this blog - One step closer to freedom

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What can one say! Malayala Manorama has exhibited their real standards, by conspiring to torpedo a landmark project for the state. Sad, but this is how bad things could get.

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The extent to which the press can go to promote or demote a cause they are associated to or not is truly despicable! They are a very powerful lobby body that can make or break things! And we, often get caught up in the whole quagmire of information that we hardly realize is usually cooked up!

Thanks for the introduction of the other blogs here! Truly wonderful reads! I haven't gone thru them full though, will need a lot more time, but I certainly will!

1:52 PM

dint check your fren 's page.. will check it sometime soon bro

9:32 PM

Thanks a lot for sharing all those Praveen!

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