Goofabhimani:when the media goofs up!  

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Goofabhimani n A newspaper/media house which loses its respect(abhimaan) because of a big goof up or blunder on the reporter's or editor's part.
(Latest word added to Pravster's concise dictionary)

Its not everyday that you get to see an established newspaper goofing up, right on front page. Well, Desabhimani, the malayalam daily's monday morning goof up became so popular that in the last 2 days, I've received atleast 10 forwards carrying this same stuff. Well, for the uninitiated, the report went like this- "Man creates world record by eating 68 dogs in 10 minutes". This rare news happened in one of those rare moments when the 'goofabhimani' editor was so excited with something else that he wouldn't even have noticed if a nude picture was on the front page. The actual incident is that there's a popular 'hot dog' eating competition in US and this man eat 68 'hot dogs' to create the record. Our poor reporter just copied it literally into malayalam. Am wondering, what the hell was the editor doing? Does this guy ever take a look at what is printed in his paper?

Infact, this paper is not new to the art of goofing up. If my memory serves right, this is the same newspaper which gave us that big breaking news last year- "All mobile incoming calls will be free from next week". Yes, this also resulted from another copying excercise gone bad. This time, they copied from a special anniversary issue of a national newspaper. As part of the anniversary, the newspaper had dedicated their first page to all the important news that happened in the last 10 years, one of which was the 'incoming calls free' news. And, our goofies in the newsroom just copied it without even giving a second glance at it. There was another big blunder last week from 'Malayala Manorama', the leading daily in Kerala as well as one of the masters of fake stories. This awesome find was made by blogger scorpiogenius. There was a news report on Planning commission Deputy Chairman M.S.Ahluwalia's comments on the budget. The only problem was the accompanying picture was not Ahluwalia's, but Nithari serial murderer Mohinder Singh.

This couple of ultra blunders set me thinking on some possible goof-up scenarios in the future. Some of those shocking possibilities-

1. You might one day wake up to the shocking news that 'Gandhiji is still alive'. Ofcourse, our newsmen would've confused himself when he saw a 100th anniversary special supplement on the 'salt satyagraha'.

2. New local bank named HSBC opening in Chavakkad junction. Reporter confused by HSBC's tagline 'The world's local bank'.

3. Smaller one wins in the fight of Tata sumos. The oversmart reporter inserted the word 'Tata' and overlooked the fact that it was a news item on Japanese sumo fighters.

4. Orkut stops sale of 'donuts'. A 'net-savvy' reporter misconstructs orkut's trademark server down reply, 'No donuts for you'.

5. Pop music played for the first time in holy vatican. A slight mis-reporting on the honourable pope's latest sermon in Vatican.

6. Maneka Gandhi plays cricket with right handed animals. original headline- Maneka Gandhi 'bats' for animal rights.

Lets brace ourselves for the goof up onslaught, courtesy the newspapers.

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I almost had a stomach ache laughing when I read about this hot-dog episode. And Deshabhimani being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons have made me merrier! :)

Do you know what happened to the poor reporter?Is he sacked?

This seems to be a very poor fortnight for the newspapers.. Attacks from all over in blogworld, bloops.. They must consult an astrologer. ;)

PS: Thanks for the linkup :)

3:17 AM

Oh Praveen, the Ahluvalia link I got from this site..You may want to read this; hilarious!!

3:33 AM

What else can you expect of a commie newspaper???????

10:11 AM

ROFLMAO!!! the 6 points u made are toooo good!!

but yes its scary and irritating when media makes blunders like these. honestly, what are/were they thinking????
simple answer: they AREN'T thinking :P

1:18 PM

Gosh! Tht's a BLUNDER..But it happens..

lol@shocking pissibilities :P

Even a reputed newspaper like the Times of India issues timely corrigendums

3:45 PM

Hahaha.. o mine, that was a gr8 one..
i have seen this happening many times, that too by leading news papers...
Seeing wt xtent ppl can go to make a Breaking news..

6:30 PM

I guess you missed this one from Surya TV


11:14 PM

LOL, nammude naadinte oru gedi-ye !!!!

2:51 AM

LOL!! you sure do have an active imagination!:D

they actually published Mohinder Singh's pic?:O

pop music one was the best!:D

The kind of news reports that come out these days ..a schoolkid could write better:/

4:45 PM
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12:02 AM

Oops, Praveen, just read your previous post on the Manorama. Please delete my comments and thanks for the support!

12:05 AM

Sorry for the late reply to comments. was out of station

No idea on what happened to the reporter. I guess nothing wud've happened cos if they were to fire him, they will have to fire one every week, considering the fact that they goofup so many reports..

shoddy journalism :D

yea...xctly...they weren't thinking at all :D

TOI has a long history of such blunders, the latest being a conspiracy theiry on how bermuda triangle caused that brazilian plane crash.

@devil incarnate
thr's no extent to which they cant go :D

ayyo..tht was too good

paragathi :D

yea...chkout tht blog link to see mohinder's report :D

@ajay pp
done :D

11:23 PM

Its sad how media often makes mistakes these days.

12:07 AM

Ha! Ha! Very humourous... a nice read indeed. Will visit often...

P.S. Thanks a bunch... for your comments on my post @ BlogAdda (Tangy Tuesday picks) Appreciate it!

12:08 AM

ROFL..ROFL.. thats funny.. but y dont u try writing to the editor about his excellency? ;)

the possibilities u came out with was funny.. hope it doesnt happen,making the company come down to roads. :)

its been long that i have visited blogs.. so how r u doing,praveen.? :)

2:15 PM

Journos in Kerala by far are an arrogant lot. Especially the ones with the left. Being a writer/editor (albeit in a totally different area) it boggles my mind that people people miss these obvious mistakes. Unforgivable really!

12:39 PM


puthiya thamasha arinjille? Dont know to call it a joke or tragedy.. :)

9:01 PM


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4:48 PM


5:31 PM


5:50 PM

my dear chinese frends...I dont understand any of the things u post under the comment section of this post...Please publish this in english :D

8:22 PM


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5:07 PM


4:40 PM

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