The Shining  

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********the shining************
The veil is gone
the pain is down
sown are the seeds
of a new life.

black been the colour
of my world till now
white is the heart of the man
who gave this glow.

finding my way home
with sure steps
my eyes do roam
for some starry gaze.

the ways of the world
wicked at best
fed before my eyes
like a showreel burst.

the sounds felt better
in my bygone dark era.
the scenes too much to bear,
in this colourful cursed world.

filled with envy
for that blind old man.
feasting on life,
like what I did yesterday.

I got this yesterday when I wrote things in my old hard disk of my home computer into some dvds. First time I looked at this, I was wondering whether I wrote this because I was not even getting an idea of what the hell these lines are all about. Then I gave it another reading yesterday evening. That was when it struck me that afterall it was me only who wrote this. This is about a man who he's seeing the world for the first time after he got his eyesight, thanks to a man who had donated his eyes before his death. The sights that he get to see in this bad mad world makes him think that life was better without eyes.

I guess this went to the band's dustbin. Maybe, that's why even I forgot about this.

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PS- Heading to Goa morrow. Old collegemates will touch down there from different parts of the country. Its gonna be a jolly good weekend. It already had a good start today with 'Dasvidaniya'. Had some tears on my eyes after watching that. Wish you all a happy weekend. See you on Tuesday.

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wow Praveen
its beautiful
deeply moving
i havent seen Dasvidayniya but its like the bucket list na
happy weekend..hv a blast :)

1:33 AM

:) nice.. me likes the lines.. and all the best with GOA trip.. poyi adichu polichittu varoo....

11:53 AM

That was beautifully written toucing poem. Do write more nd NOT TRASH it.I have seen many ppl teling "they wish if they were blind, so that they dont hav 2 c this day".Well the world is very bad indeed.
So u finaly watched dasvidaniya :)

3:06 PM

nice one mate!! :D

10:17 PM

Well sounds horrible but the idea is innovative... at least I can not give anything from my own body until I die... for me the dark is when I wont be able to see.... :)

4:22 AM

aaahh...must be njoying the trip.. :)
good good!! ENJOYYY!!! :D

9:00 AM

nice one mate! :) although sad it went into the bin!! :-s

11:14 PM

hey dude..good one...

btw I have Moved!!

this is the new space address

see ya thr..

cheers.. :)

10:24 AM

Nice one. :)

1:40 PM

Beautiful and poignant... Hope you do set it to tune some day.

Enjoy your weekend.

Will catch up with your other post soon. Been a tough three plus days. (no internet; BSNL is playing a nasty joke. Three days and counting...)


3:15 PM

its real good, i wonder how come did it go to the trash??

5:23 PM

Man those lines are sweet..Do you have any recordings of your old band songs ???

Hard disk troubles... Dude... I need one photo from a old 160 gb hard disk..but it wont even get detected in BIOS... wtf ??

Goa.. Please.. maybe u have...maybe u havent read my recent post on goa.. man.. Dnt make me jealous.. Have a nice time..and please please..put up some pics... !!.. Please !!!

11:15 PM

Looks like you did have a great time in Goa:)

And these lines are really good! I do hope you're trying to tune them into something the band can play? You should!

8:13 AM

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