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Mohanlal, an actor of unparalleled brilliance in world cinema. We all have our own favourite roles of this man. And his roles in films like Kireedom, Bharatham, Chitram etc will be in most of those lists. But, there is one film which doesn't find mention as often as it deserves-Sadayam. After years of watching Mohanlal and most of his movies(don't count the trash he's acting in off-late), his performance in the movie Sadayam has remained a top favourite of mine.

Directed by Sibi Malayail, Sadayam is a deeply disturbing film. It starts off with the sounding of a verdict on a high profile case of a man killing 4 people including 2 minors. He's sentenced to be hanged till death. The convict, played by Mohanlal is taken to the central jail. For the first 20 minutes of the movie, he doesn't speak a word. But he conveys a hell lot with just his expressions alone. With just a tilt of his head or a deep look with his eyes, he speaks a thousand words. You will get confused on what he's really thinking inside, the brutal happiness of a seasoned killer or repentance of having committed a crime. And this is at the start of the movie, when you don't know the nature of the crime he did or the situation in which he committed it.

caution-small spoiler alert...but this wont spoil the movie experience..
Mohanlal plays Satyanath, an orphan who is a very good painter. Nedumudi Venu, his care taker lands him a job with a small advertising company. In his locality, 2 prostitutes are also staying. He's concerned about the 2 little girls and their elder sister staying along with their prostitute aunts. He helps the kids in their education and also helps the elder sister to land a job in the company in which he's working. But circumstances forces this girl to end up as a prostitute. Satyanath kills both the guys responsible for her state. Then he proceeds to kill the 2 little girls also, possibly to save them from prostitution.
spoiler over

The story by M.T.Vasudevan Nair is depressing, but its a refreshing change. Same goes with the eerie background score by Johnson. But what really catapults this movie to the league of a classic is Mohanlal's incomparable acting in the scene were he kills the girls. I still rememeber watching this scene some years back, when I was in school. The expressions that comes on his face and that controlled dialogue delivery team up to give you a scary experience. The way he moves that pointed blood stained knife over an unfinished canvas and the slightly smiling face that he puts up is enough to shock you. He just blazes through this role like an epitome of acting perfection. Am sure, no other actor would've done justice to this role, in the way Lal has done. Don't see this as the ramblings of a blind fan. You wont believe it until you see it.

Another actor who makes this film worthier is Thilakan, playing the role of a doctor who comes to check the health of Mohanlal in jail. He opts for the post to oversee the proceedings of Satyanath's death sentence. He finds this as a way to avenge his son's death(one of Satyanath's 4 victims and the reason for the girl becoming a prostitute). During the first half, he's picturised as a ruthless cruel man who is hell bent on seeing his enemy's blood. But during the second half, when he learns the actual truth of why Satyanath killed his son, a big transformation happens in him. He wants to save Satyanath somehow. Thilakan has portrayed these different shades brilliantly.

Altogether, this is one movie which should be on the 'must see' lists of any serious malayalam movie buff. If you want to see what acting perfection means, then you dare n't miss this.

your crusader Praveen

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Sadayam is an awesome movie! Nice review!

10:39 AM

I have heard abt Mohanlal but I don't understand Malayalam films :((

11:50 AM

You know I am making a note of all the Pick-this-flicks on your blog. So the next time I go to the DVD store, I can lay my hands on these wonderful movies.

Good review...haven't seen much of Mohan Lal, but I know that he is a great actor. Your explanation of the scenes gave me goosebumps yaar! Beautiful. :)

12:39 PM

where have u been??

sorry for my not commenting mode, u know the reason.. :0
shall b back soon.. :)

n a lnguage prob here, i guess ill look for subtitles first b4 dld ing the movie.. :)

7:22 PM

oh n btw, check out the jazz vids on the blog..

7:22 PM

I seem to have missed this one.
Will watch.

PS:No one can beat mid career Lalettan.He rules, na he ruled!

12:10 AM


try to get some subtitled dvds ..Malayalam has produced some of the best films in the 90s..But please dont see the new films:D

good..do watch all of those:D

i been here only..just that I left for home on a short visit..

yeah..he ruled..really sad to say that..and yet, ther's no replacement yet for him

12:38 AM

Hey man... Bet you had a good time at home!

*Sorry, not even close to being a movie buff in the first place! :D Feel free to delete this. Just popped in to say hello... :P And chk my page when u can boss.*


12:46 AM

I hav seen that one, not his best, bt ys its one of those rare performances. It was quite touching one. I love all the mohanlal movie of 90s, he was the best, he is still gud, bt his roles r not so gud like before. I still feel "thoovanatumbikal" is the best of all mohanlal movies as my personal favourite, though there are lot of other ones.

1:52 PM


@devil incarnate
aah..thoovanathumbikal..the various shades he portrayed..truely awesome!

1:34 AM

Have seen this movie.. and it is one that has haunted me since. You brought back some goosebumpish nostalgia, it comes, each time I think of it.

Brilliant portrayal by both, Mohanlal and Thilakan.

Sorry, late due to unavoidable circumstances, :D!!

And thank you, for bringing back those memories of a good film.

5:07 PM

Its a favorite of mine. 'Deeply disturbing' movie is right

3:58 PM

Does anyone know that MT Vasudevan Nair got the national award for best script and screenplay for this movie? Truly it is a masterpiece from him!!

I have seen this movie so many times and it still remains fresh as ever for me...

2:22 PM

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