Goa-The land of beaches II  

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'Are you Mexicans?'
On Day 2, the alarms chimed and for the 1st time in my life, I rose up energetically at the 1st bell. Not surprisingly, the rest of them had also woken up. I guess everyone then had a silent wish for every morning to be like this. The sand from yesterday's beach sleep was still stuck in our trousers. After everyone finished their bath, the bathroom looked like a mini beach. Only the bikini gals were missing. After a quick breakfast and a hilly ride, we raced to Aguoda fort. The atmosphere was windy. The hard sun beating up on us forced us to buy those big country hats. It was a funny sight as the five of us walked along with similar hats. One guy who passed along asked us, "Can you pose for a photo?", as if we were representatives of some rare tribe. Still, we obliged him. We are not ones to miss a chance to pose. Donnow where that snap will end up. Another team of foreigners laughed at us seeing our looks. One of those guys asked, "Are you guys from Mexico?" We replied, "Yeah, yeah, we are Mexican tourists". I understood what he meant when I came back home and did a google image search for 'Mexicans'. Try it. You would understand. The Aguoda fort is a picturesque fort facing the sea, on top of a hill. Near to the fort there's Aguoda jail, where we cudn't enter because of the wrong timing of our arrival. After the fort, we spent a short time at St.Francis church. Its an imposing structure which tells stories of yesteryear grandeur.
a little gal and her father fetching water

Now it was time to eat and we had one of the heaviest lunch in recent times where the vareity of items was enough to rival the menu of a king. We proceeded to the interesting part after the lunch-the beaches. Day 2 of the beach trip started from Colva beach. But, sad to say it was a big disappointment, partly because of the time being just 3PM. After a short bath in the beach we got out bored. Yes, lack of babes and the real hot sun drove us out. Next stop was the nearby Benaulim beach. We were surprised to find one the calmest beach we ever encountered. There were only a few people there. But the serene atmosphere drove us in. A mother was making her cute kid play on the sand castle she made. The kid was kicking and rolling on it and the happy mother was busy taking snaps of those wonderful moments. Another small gal and her father were walking towards the beach. She had a small cup in which she collected water from the sea. Then they walked back. After sometime I saw this same scene again. I was left wondering where
this water was going. But it was a scene worth a million bucks.

Next stop was baga beach and I have to say it was the most lively beach we came across. The shacks near the beach were filled with music and the aroma of tasty food. After another sea bath, we got into one of the shacks and had a game of pool. The wild dancing at a nearby shack made us stop our game and go there. The singer was doing a good job with some old classics from eagles, beatles etc. He made the biggest mistake when he came to me after seeing my ACDC black T shirt. He asked me if I can sing a song. Knowing the repulsive power of my vocals and considering the fate of the audience, I politely refused. But he persisted and my friends were eager to throw me into the ring. Fed up, I decided to make them suffer. The singer promised to sing along with me. I started with the Beatles song 'she loves u'. When I saw the lyrics scrolling faster than my own singing and also the singer himself being ignorant of the song, I stopped the song. Then I switched to the crowd favorite 'summer of 69'. 'I raped the song', would be an understatement. The happless audience still gave me loud cheers and clappings. Thanks to their kindness in leaving me unhurt. After dinner, we went to the famous Anjuna beach. We planned to get into a nearby nightclub and then was disappointed to know that only couples were allowed. As we sat there dejectedly, we saw drunken gals and guys coming outside on 4 legs. We went back to baga beach and spent our time in the shakcs and beaches till about 4 AM.

During the last day, there was a small sadness hanging in the air. The thought of parting and going back to routine work were on our minds. Still we enjoyed whatever time was left in the day at the beaches. We parted with a decision to meet up the next time in our own Kerala at Wayanad and Alappuzha. Hope it happens soon.

You can view the complete collection of snaps here. Some more to be added soon-
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Goa-The land of beaches

PS-Going home morrow for a long vacation of 10 days. Will miss many of your blogs.

your crusader Praveen

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wow the konkan railway..it simply rocks..and i luv it...

hey nice pics too

btw plz change m blog url too


7:39 AM

I cant stop laafing :P

" a little gal and her father fetching water" This a such a beautiful pic..v v beautiful

3:02 PM

nice post dude.... gr8 pics :)

8:13 PM

looks like u had a ball of a time in goa...i guess after months of tiresome work these escapades should have been pure bliss for u..:)

p.s. i refuse to buy ur arguement that u provided for entering the ladies restroom...u cheeky boy!

9:46 PM

Wow... You had quite a time out there buddy. Very happy for you!

I have never been to Goa. Must go there sometime...

Will definitely check out your album.

Have a great time at home. Christmas and New Year Greetings to you and all your family.

Peace. Take care. Be well.

6:45 AM

cool again

9:16 AM

Seems like you guys had a great time in Goa! Good!

Do have a great vacation! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!



10:15 AM

The second picture is beautiful..
Goa is mindblowingly b'ful indeed..

Merry Christmas!

10:18 AM

wow....nice pics.... seem 2 have enjoyed the trip to the fullest.. :)

10:48 AM

wat a picture post :) loved it

4:14 PM

dude heard that Army deployed at the beaches is spoiling the entire mood there? guns on beaches reminds me of playing Beachead(if i remember correctly) andn ot holidaying in Goa !!

1:55 PM

Ah! that was good to read! The endless tours of beaches, the swims, the cameos captured of others on holiday :)

Shall be going across in Feb. My brother is there, at Dabolim :) :) I guess the fun might not be of the same intensity as you guys had, lol, but surely it is time to look forward to :)

12:52 PM

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