Bushoes & Should terrorists be defended?  

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Bushoes n - A pair of shoes used for throwing at a notorious personality
Bushoesed v- a situation were unknown people throw shoes at you. This applies only if you are a notorious/famous personality.
Bushoese v- the act of throwing shoes at a notorious/famous personality
- latest words added to Praveen's concise dictionary(source-yours truly himself)

Just got back from the short vacation in Goa. After 3 days of no news, no newspapers and missing that Sachin ton, I was happy to get my hands on the newspaper today. I was happy today because of the George Bush shoe throwing incident. The video made me laugh no end. The Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi is now a real hero. 3 salutes to his bravery. My only sadness is that both the shoes missed hitting his face. Credit should be given to Bush's quick reflexes. Maybe he been practising this move for a long time expecting such backlashes after what he has done to the world. There are questions being asked like 'would he have done the same to Saddam?' To those who ask that, I have only this to say, 'Enjoy the moment and don't think too much'. But, there are reports of this guy being given some serious torture by the authorities. Hope he comes out alive. At the same time, in a matter of one day a newly launched game based on this incident is becoming a rage on the net. You can aim and throw shoes at George Bush. Go to www.kroma.no/2008/bushgame/. Make sure he doesn't get away this time.

Should terrorists be defended?
I also read a news about Shiv sena activists ransacking the house of Mahesh Deshmukh, a lawyer who agreed to defend Mumbai attack terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amin Kasab. Its an attack which should be condemned with the highest words and also with some hard punishments. But, what made me think more regarding this is another matter. The matter of providing a defense lawyer to guys like Kasab who are proven terrorists with not even an inch of doubt. This question is perplexing me no end-why should we provide a chance for explaining themselves to terrorists like him? Its understandable if the Govt is providing a lawyer in cases which are doubtful. But here we have guy who was shot at and was caught while doing the act. Why should we give him a chance to defend himself. There maybe a law in the country that every person who's caught should be given a chance to defend himself. But should we always follow it diligently? Can't we make excpetions atleast in such serious cases? Laws are meant to protect innocents and punish criminals, not to protect criminals. Who wants this farce called a 'fair trial' to be given to such cruel monsters as Kasab? Another famous lawyer Harish Salve who had yesterday termed Kasab as a prisoner of war. I wonder how such eminent personalities can be so stupid at times. Its also a shame that there are lawyers like Desmukh who are ready to defend enemies of our country.

My humble suggestion is this(Warning:This may sound disgusting. But I can't help it because this is just the way I think)- Extract all possible information from Kasab by using all techniques ranging from hypnotizing to heavy torture. Once we are sure that there's nothing more to be got from him, lets start with the punishment. Cut off his hands, legs and ears. Pierce one of his eyes. Cut off his tongue. Then treat him well so as to keep him alive. Then put him in a solitary cell with a small light source to rot for the rest of his life. He should be kept alive gy all means. All terrorists should be given similar punishments. At the same time, shoot the video of the above activity and mail it to all the pseudo human rights activists with a title-'Eat this'. Yes, I can be too disgusting at times.

PS- Post on the Goa trip and pics will be up within some days. Will reply to your comments on my previous posts soon.

your crusader Praveen

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OMG..it was really funny...i simply loved it..however, Bush downplayed the incident and joked abt it..

as for terrorists, I applaud ur suggestion..im with u...

I don't think Kasab deserves a fair trial..and wht else do u expect frm these useless Shiv Sainik retards

2:43 AM

LOL..that was truly hilarious..bushoes,bushoesed and bushoese..wilddd imagination

3:38 AM

Then what would be the difference between us and the terrorists Praveen?

A human being must be treated like a human being; we might just consider the last choice of a lone-cell in the extreme case, but...


4:27 AM

I dnt hate america, bt i was more than happy to see that journalist deed, coz i feel someone should hav done it long back....

Regarding kasab , the so called "face of terror", i fully agree with u that there is not doubt he should b punished without any lawyer to defend (i am wondering hw those lawyers can defend his actions, its sort of agreeing to wht he did). I think everyone in the country wants that, are we asking for more?????

10:11 AM

whoa!! boi..that was something..cant think of a comment rite now..the last paragraph blew my mind totally.hehe :P ..almost petrified...will come back and comment..phew!!!
(disgusting?... eh? scary i say!!)

2:18 PM
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11:41 PM

God! Really don't know what to say! The first bit was hilarious...but the second bit just shook me!

As for Kasab, I really don't think there is any justification for such a barbaric act. It's really upto the Government to decide now...he would anyway lose the case, I guess.

11:58 PM

God! Really don't know what to say! The first bit was hilarious...but the second bit just shook me!

As for Kasab, I really don't think there is any justification for such a barbaric act. It's really upto the Government to decide now...he would anyway lose the case, I guess.

12:00 AM

hehhee..bush is a real comic figure:P
yeah, shiv sainiks r retards indeed

:D thnks

@scorpio genius
"A human being must be treated like a human being"- BUT, is he a human being? can he ever be considered human?

@devil incarnate
yeah, indeed shud've been done pretty long time back..anway betr late than never

sorry 4 being scary:P..hehhee

second bit shook me too:D

1:54 AM

The bush game was awesome. But I think bush so much better than our PM who is still only talking and doing nothing. He was a proud American who went after the people who attacked the country. What have we done?

good torture technique :)

12:25 PM

He killed scores, yes true, but we cant behave like animals to him. As I said he could be locked up in a lone cell, dark if u want ;), but the other options of mutating him.... well, i may have agreed with u a couple of years back brother :)

and kudos to the journo who did the Bush thing!!
here is a game for you...


make sure you hit him in the face :)))

3:44 PM

Loved the new additions to dictionary :-) After watching the documentary "No end in sight", I can underline that it is a pair of shoes Bush bought for himself with his deeds.

A court procedure is the most trustable (may be only one too) procedure in India. If, for that procedure, we need a defense advocate, why should we not do that? Now suppose, with our agitation, we kill him without trial. One thing we all forget is, though Kasab is a Pakistani, he had Indian local aids. Who will prosecute them? Kasab was only a tool in a big instrument box. And, we hear that a part of this box in India too. Shouldn't we find them and try them in court too?

9:06 PM

@twisted elegance
no one can be compared to manmohan..that cat like speech and response from him was disgusting

hehhee..I dont think I'll change my opinion on this even as an 80 year old..

yeah..i agree with what U said..thts what I said in the post..extract all possible info from him and then kill him

1:57 AM

eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth...hamurabi eh? hehee:)))

Cheers Praveen;)

3:55 AM

Pity those shoes missed Bush... Damn!

Hilarious post bro'! :D

And well... I believe in Human Rights. But I don't believe in letting a terrorist go scot free under the banner of "Rights". Period.


6:43 AM

Nice one on Bush...

The dictionary additions are most informative and entertaining!

I am not sure about the torture techniques though.. :)

And as far as legalities go, I don't there is another legal system in this world that beats ours as far as redundancy and providing loopholes is concerned. Just a layperson's viewpoint!

8:19 AM

just have thought of another word to the mix.

Bushoetaker. This can be used for a person who is being bushoesed. :p

Parveen, I hope you will like this addition.

PS: I have added these definitions to my blog. But if you want I can remove that post.

1:15 AM

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