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WANTED-Musicians with 3 to infinite years of experience to work with a reputed media group famous for their news operas. You should be having a good ability to manipulate people with your music. You should be able to produce apocalyptic as well as emotional tunes at short notice. Experience in composing for bollywood tear jerkers or saas-bahu serials will be an added advantage. You should be present in the studio 24X7 with whatever instruments you are using.

Don't be too surprised if you see an ad like this in some newspaper in the coming days. Its just a reflection of a growing and disturbing trend with respect to private news channels in India. These days, whenever there's a special report on some important issue in any of the number of news channels, you get to hear a soundtrack matching the mood of the news in the background. If you dont see the visuals and just listen to the sounds, you would easily mistake it to be from a movie. The narration by the reporter will also be like this. The reporter will acquire an eerie tone when describing some shocking events and that emotional 'bahu'-wala tone when describing sensitive issues. The aptness of the soundtrack sometimes put even Hollywood movies to shame.

Yesterday, I was watching some report on those filthy terrorists in some channel. And what I heard in the background gave it the effect of a Ram Gopal Varma movie. Is this what we call news? Isn't it better to watch a drama rather than this? These are the depths of sesationalism. Who gave them this whole idea of dramatising important news? Sometimes it looks plain stupid, especially the fake expressions of empathy on the reporter's face. They are experts at making mountains out of mole hills. Hours of constant blabber on some trivial stuff like the commisioner's missing dog or Rakhi's boyfriend end up making it issues of national importance needing urgent public attention.

Sometimes I feel good old doordarshan is better. They still show news as news. Yes, plain news with no extra frills, no music and no dramatic reporting. It still has the old dull look of a crow after taking bath. The expressionless news readers stare straight at you(fool, its not you they r staring at:P ) and delivers news without any change in the tone. Its plain boring, but an overkill of breaking news and news dramas sometimes make it look so much better. Its time the private channels realised this folly of theirs and put an end to this disgusting trend.

your crusader Praveen

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I so totally agree. That's why I've just given up watching the news. I stick to the old news paper system. The Arushi murder case was the last I could take - they had pictures of her in the background, a background sound track and the news anchor sounding shocked and haunted. I wonder if the real issue of the so-called confession (dint happen in front of a magistrate) even caught their attention.

3:01 PM

Btw..chk my blog..uve been tagged:)

3:02 PM

So true... Seriously! And not to mention 'refreshingly different' stuff a la Headlines Today. Heh heh...

Picture this- when the other news channles broadcast some serious issue, what does HT have to say? "GREAT KHALI LOSES WWE C'SHIP" blah blah blah... :D


11:42 AM

ya..the arushi murder case was a new low for media in India.
will take up the tag soon:D

headlines today is the worst channel in India today..they r so preoccupied with page 3 stuff

10:12 PM

I agree totally...Of late, the private news channels are more dramatic that any of the serials or sit-coms you have on any channel. It's absolutely farcical the way news is sensationalized and manipulated. I'd rather not watch at all, which I don't. As one of the respondents here has mentioned, the old fashioned newspaper is a better bet. Even an occasional peek is enough to put one off these channels.

As mentioned, the Aarushi case was an all time low. And yet, there are no signs that things will improve! *Sigh* Is this another price of democracy? One wonders...

2:43 PM

even I prefer newspapers. But I do a daily 10 minute round up of news in the channels, just to know what new depths they've fallen into:D

6:33 PM

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