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Ghatam Giridhar,Ganesh,Kumaresh

Ghatam Giridhar,Ganesh,Kumaresh,Keith Peters(Bass)

The weekend that just got over was enriched by two exceptional musical nights. First one was on saturday, the violin concert of the brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh, accompanied by such great artists as bassist Keith Peters and flautist Ravichandra. The second concert was on Sunday-Hariharan's concert. The concerts were held as part of the ongoing Bengaluru Ganesha festival. Missed the santoor concert of Pt.Shiv Kumar Sharma and his son Rahul Sharma on Friday.

Day 1-Ganesh/Kumaresh Violin Concert
The venue for all the concerts was the same-APS college grounds, Basavanagudi. We reached there well before the scheduled time and were welcomed by the vacant seats. The evening started off with a sanskirt recital praising Lord Ganesha by some renowned scholar(forgot his name). He went on explaining the meaning of the slokas in Kannada. Yes, it was like listening to the Japanese translation of a Chinese song. But, that was my thought before listening to it. Once he started explaining, me and my friend managed to understand most of what he said. Hmm..Guess, our Kannada knowledge is improving. So, after 1 hour of sanskrit and Kannada and some Vinayaka Puja that was happening near the venue, the artistes strode on to the stage. The brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh looked almost alike. They started off with a mellow piece. Don't expect raga details and all from me. My knowledge of that is zero, only thing I know is to enjoy carnatic music. Next was a vocal performance by Ganesh of a song written by Adi Sankara praising Lord Vinayaka.

The real concert started with the uptempo 'adbutha', a part of their 'Swar Utsav' album. Infact, it was the only album that I've heard of them before this concert. It was a concept album based on the 'navrasas'. Each of the songs concentrate on one 'rasa' each. 'adbutha' had the audience in raptures. Flautist Ravichandra did a breath taking solo in between the song. Ghatam player rocked the audience with his dexterity. True to the song's name, it took the audience by surprise. The next track was 'Karuna', a mellow track again with low sounding drums and the ghatam guy taking rest. The song created a kind of sorrow feeling all around. 'Shringara', the next track indeed sounded like a conversation between two lovers. To be more precise, two lovers having the same thoughts and speaking the same words. The two violins playing the role of the lovers here. Karthik's nice vocals were put to good use in this track also. 'krodha' was like a jamming session in full swing with the vocal recital of the 'chollu'. The 'thaniyaavarthanam' of the drums, ghatam and bass was great. A word has to be said of the bassist Keith Peters, A.R.Rahman's long time bassie. He stood his ground and delivered some killer bass lines. At one point, he played a nice solo too with some good slaps thrown in. The drummer Arunkumar also enthralled the audience.

Ganesh and Kumaresh matched each other note to note. Their endearing smile and matching expressions added to the sweetness of the violin. They proceeded on to play all the 'navrasa' tracks. By the time they ended the 2 hour concert with 'Ananda', they had made everyone happy with their sheer brilliance. And, I was all the more happy after I met Ganesh, Kumaresh and Keith Peters backstage and had a nice small chat. Also got their autographs on a piece of paper I had shamelessly taken from the ground and cleaned with my shirt.

your crusader Praveen

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etta.... jabri 'n' keith peters picture itille???

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hehhee...illadey..angerude koode ninnu photo eduthilla:D

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Oops Bengaluru's been I miss being there. Glad you all had a great time.

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sivamani inde snap kitti!! angerude koode snap kitila... pinne drum sticks sign cheyan patathila... remo contract!! :((

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too bad u missed this

nice...then y dint u get an autograph in a paper:D

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