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thts my 'insane biography' cd-with their autographs

Motherjane is back. The uncrowned kings of Indian rockdom is back in action with their new album "Maktub". And as with their music, the launch of their new album also is a fine example of innovativeness. In the first phase, its being launched on the web on 27/09/2008 at 8.00 PM IST. According to Sooraj Mani, the vocalist, who has posted the first message as part of the release yesterday on the official motherjane site-"You will be amongst the first to download, review and buy this album at values determined by you!". Hats off to the idea which was originally suggested by a fan. They might be following the footsteps of the band 'Radiohead' which released their latest album for free download on their official site. In any case, this is a first with regard to Indian music industry. And we could be witnessing a revolution here.

Their last album 'Insane biography' was sold out. I had a hard time procuring a copy of the original cd and atlast got my hands on one during the 'rock in India' concert this March. Luckily for me, got it autographed by all of them on the same day itself. If the sales of the 1st album is anything to go by, this will also be a record breaker. Am waiting to get my hands on the original cd. All the songs from the new album are already familiar with 'motherjaniacs'(a word I coined to denote die hard fans of motherjane, like me). They been performing these songs in concerts for the past one year. I wish they also release the reworked versions of the songs from the first album, especially the classic 'Mindstreet'. Will do a review of the album only after the official release. Am staring at that countdown clock running at the motherjane website. It now reads '189 hrs 36 mins 27 secs' to the album release.

Go to to read a walk through of each song on each of the coming days leading to the album release. You can also listen to a sample of each of those songs on the coming days.

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will check it out thanks for the info

1:31 AM

Just curious about this - how does the 'prices determined by you'system it some sort of online bidding?

Otherwse I'm not really a rock enthusiast (only a bit of the psychidelic stuff)...but post Rock On, nice to know about the Indian rock scene.

2:55 PM



7:57 PM

have u heard their 1st album?

am not sure about that statement.i guess its somthing like 'pay if u like'. not online bidding in any case. anyway, those who want to support the cause of indian rock will buy the cd.
and well, about 'post rock on',
yeah aftr the movie released, more and more people are taking interest in the local rock scene. a good thing indeed

thnks 4 the info. I really dint know thr was such a name. Thats y i specifically said in the blog that 'motherjaniacs' is a name coined by me:D

9:48 PM

As a fellow Janehead I rejoice! I was afraid that this would turn into another Chinese Democracy since they were like releasing this since a long time now!

11:08 PM

hehhe...thr was never a question of it being like chinese democracy.
bcos already all these new songs r popular with the fans. it was just a question of wen it will release.

11:11 PM

Hey Guys...Maktub is a must buy album...if u missed out on then launch, please check if theres a recording being released...its mind blowing...awesome...truly international the way AKSHAYA KAMALNATH dont have second thoughts about this album...just get to your nearest music store and grab a piece...its a ear candy...try buying it online...u'll really like it...if u dnt get back to me and i'll give you back your money...satisfaction gauranteed... keep smiling :-)

10:13 PM

guess u r a 'janehead' like many of us here.
the 'maktub' album launch was awesome.will be writing a post on that soon. tht guarantee u gave to akshaya was cool:D.
hope she'll buy it

10:51 PM

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